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Joseph Hudspeth + Anna Margaret Shemwell

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Marriage May 14, 1804
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Will book A. page 163 Warren Co. Ky. Written March 5, 1809 proved in April Court 1809. Inventory dated April 8, 1809 In the name of God Amen, I Joseph Hudspeth of the County of Warren and State of Kentucky being in a very low state of health, but of sound mind and understanding and calling to mind my mortality that it is appointed once for men to die, I make this my last will and testament that is to say first of all I resign my spirit into the hands of Almighty God who gave it and my body to the grave to be buried in a Christian manner--next I dispose of my worldy estate in the following manner that is to say after all my just debts and funeral "expences" are paid. I bequeath to my loving wife Anna one half of the plantation whereon I now live to begin at a cross fence that is opposite to Hezekiah Hollands including all the improvements on east side of said "fince" together with the part of my land that lies on the east side of a line to begin with and run north to Aron Williams line and south to my own land during her state of widowhood then to return to my son James and I ordain my wife Anna have one feather "bead" and it's furniture, one cow and calf, one sow and pigs, 6 puter plates, one dish and "beason" and one set of knives and tools. Likewise her saddle and bridle and twenty pounds of the estate to buy a horse, one ewe and lamb of my flock. I decree Polly Donham have one feather bed and furniture, one cow and calf one sow and pigs and one ewe lamb which she has received. Also I ordain my son John have one hundred acres of land where he now lives by him paying the State price fifty dollars, one cow and calf one sow and pigs, one saddle worth five pounds and three sheep which he has received in hand. I ordain my son Thomas have one hundred acres of land where he lives by his paying the state price and his lifting my bond to Samuel "Cottrell" for one hundred dollars for the improvement of said land, one horse and saddle, one horse and saddle, one cow and calf one sow and pig and three sheep which he has received. I will my son George have the balance of the four hundred acres whereof John & Thomas has a part of the state price to be paid out of my estate, one old horse down on Duck River with three white legs and a spot on the fourth knee, one sow and pigs, three sheep and likewise his freedom at my " decease". Item that my son Solomon have a sorrell filly with "blced face" now at home which he now claims and one saddle which he has in his possession. Item that the grain on the place and that in the ground remain for the consumption of the family. Item That the land whereon I live be equally devised between my son Solomon and my son James when Solomon reaches the age of eighteen. I will the balance of my person estate be sold at public "acktion" at twelve months credit and the maney divided between all legateees. I also make this my last will and testament and revoking all others as though they had never been made. I do "amy" my sons John and Thomas and my brother George Hudspeth executors of my estate whereon I have given my hand and "fixeth" my seal this 5th day of March 1809" Attest: William Harris, George Harris, Aaron Williams and John Whitsitt. Signed Joseph ( X) Hudspeth Warren County Kentucky Court Order Book E 2 Feb. 1818 On the motion of Michael Holland, guardian for James Hudspeth, and George Hudspeth, guardian for Solomen (?) Hudspeth, both infant heirs of Joseph Hudspeth, deceased, etc. direct land to be divided between the two children.
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