The Shemwell Family

George Washington Reeves + Mary Arizona “Zona” Pruitt

2 children
Christopher Columbus “Lum” Reeves
Birth: January 8, 1903 29 28Arkansas, United States
Death: March 15, 1941Limestone, Newton, Arkansas, United States
Vernon Reeves
Birth: September 14, 1905 31 30Newton, Arkansas, United States
Death: April 25, 1990Arkansas, United States

Parents Grandparents

James Proctor Pruitt Sr and ChildrenMary Arizona “Zona” Pruitt
Birth: October 14, 1874 26 18Newton, Arkansas, United States
Death: April 14, 1948Dutch Mills, Washington, Arkansas, United States
Family group information
Marriage May 26, 1895
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by: Bruce Troutman