The Shemwell Family

Ira Louis Ellis + Lucy Evelyn Stagner

5 children
Shemwell and Stagner FamilyReva E Ellis
Birth: February 7, 1907 37 28Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Death: January 9, 1996Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky, United States
Shemwell and Stagner FamilyGeneva Ianthia Ellis
Birth: May 8, 1911 42 32Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Death: September 12, 1982Pulaski, Kentucky, United States
Verna Aline Ellis
Birth: May 14, 1916 47 37Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Death: August 8, 1996Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States
William H Ellis
Birth: November 2, 1921 52 42Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Death: October 19, 1963Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States

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Marriage April 12, 1906
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by: Brian Shemwell