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On this day
Nancy Sue CampbellFebruary 25, 20156Death
Ronald Finley GreeneFebruary 25, 201110Death
Zelma Irene StewartFebruary 25, 200813Death
Dorothy Grace LongFebruary 25, 200516Death
Tommy Ellis CarnealFebruary 25, 200417Death
Robert Joseph FarleyFebruary 25, 200417Death
Jennie Pearl GreeneFebruary 25, 200219Death
Allen Gene WrightFebruary 25, 200120Death
Elizabeth Cecil HarrisFebruary 25, 199922Death
Kenneth Lloyd BlakelyFebruary 25, 199625Death
Bertha Leona “Bertie” CowelFebruary 25, 199229Death
John Engram SummersFebruary 25, 198536Death
Cathryn Inez AveryFebruary 25, 198437Death
Raffie Matilda “Roxie” ShemwellFebruary 25, 198239Death
Sherrill DriskillFebruary 25, 197744Death
Birdie Golden ReeceFebruary 25, 196655Death
Clarence BlackerbyFebruary 25, 196655Death
Carlie Harris DavisFebruary 25, 196457Death
Andrew Jackson LantripFebruary 25, 195566Death
Barney S ShamwellFebruary 25, 195566Death
Oak Mullen McCulloughFebruary 25, 195071Death
Laveta KlockeFebruary 25, 194180Birth
Martha Hewell “Mattie” HesterFebruary 25, 193982Death
Billy Ray ThompsonFebruary 25, 193091Birth
James Austin GlantonFebruary 25, 193091Death
John Lindsay EvansFebruary 25, 192893Death
Luther Stanley WhitleyFebruary 25, 192695Birth
Lucille HarrisFebruary 25, 192497Birth
Edwyna LovelandFebruary 25, 192398Birth
Thomas Douglas “T D” PaxtonFebruary 25, 192398Birth
Isabelle B HustonFebruary 25, 1921100Birth
Thelma Paris WoodFebruary 25, 1920101Birth
Mary A “Mollie” DawsonFebruary 25, 1920101Death
Ann Elizabeth “Annie” SollersFebruary 25, 1918103Death
Myrtle Viola MillerFebruary 25, 1916105Death
Charles Roby HicksFebruary 25, 1916105Birth
Lorretta H BaughFebruary 25, 1915106Birth
Woodrow Robert Albert BallardFebruary 25, 1913108Birth
Gaither CarltonFebruary 25, 1913108Birth
Nancy C MoodyFebruary 25, 1913108Death
Douglas William Wooddy Sr.February 25, 1911110Birth
Margaret February 25, 1909112Death
Harriet TroutmanFebruary 25, 1906115Death
James Willard CarlsonFebruary 25, 1902119Birth
Ules Scott GeorgeFebruary 25, 1901120Birth
Francis Laura “Fannie” DeBerryFebruary 25, 1900121Birth
Vera Ann BurnettFebruary 25, 1898123Birth
Chester Lee HolcombFebruary 25, 1898123Birth
Mary Elizabeth BennettFebruary 25, 1897124Death
Tressie I ShaverFebruary 25, 1897124Birth
William J “Willie” CooperFebruary 25, 1889132Birth
Robert Cornelius “Coot” Jones Jr.February 25, 1889132Birth
Earl ShawFebruary 25, 1883138Birth
Sallie Truda GreeneFebruary 25, 1881140Birth
Wallace Harvey WrightFebruary 25, 1880141Birth
FrostFebruary 25, 1879142Death
Disia Etta GreeneFebruary 25, 1875146Birth
Owen Evans BennettFebruary 25, 1872149Death
David W HillFebruary 25, 1871150Birth
William Obadiah “Obe” MegeheeFebruary 25, 1870151Birth
Marie PontonFebruary 25, 1864157Death
Samuel MathewFebruary 25, 1855166Death
Henry C HarrisFebruary 25, 1853168Birth
Margaretha Elilsabetha DingeldeinFebruary 25, 1853168Death
Sarah Margaret McMillanFebruary 25, 1853168Birth
Priscilla Gover SewallFebruary 25, 1843178Death
Delilah ParkeFebruary 25, 1843178Birth
Charles Abner McGeheeFebruary 25, 1829192Birth
Robert L EllisFebruary 25, 1825196Birth
Bennet NooeFebruary 25, 1822199Birth
Nancy Anne Baytop ScottFebruary 25, 1816205Death
James R HooksFebruary 25, 1811210Birth
Garnett Lee Mangum + Beulah Inez SchwabFebruary 25, 1921100Marriage
William Bradley “Willie” Willis + Ina DriskillFebruary 25, 1917104Marriage
Claude Emmet Bogue + Frankie Oral HollandFebruary 25, 1916105Marriage
John William Gorrell + Anna Margaret “Maggie” ShemwellFebruary 25, 1896125Marriage
Cannon S Acuff + Ida M SchemerhornFebruary 25, 1885136Marriage
Jerome Cooley + Idotha SmithFebruary 25, 1846175Marriage
Hugh H Edwards + Neomiah HarkinFebruary 25, 1836185Marriage
Elza Roach + Katherine StillFebruary 25, 1818203Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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