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On this day
Virginia Esther RaganDecember 7, 20202Death
Virginia Louise ReederDecember 7, 20184Death
Nita Sue HodgeDecember 7, 20166Death
Georgia Faye ShemwellDecember 7, 20157Death
Joseph Holt KillianDecember 7, 20139Death
Earl Glenn ShemwellDecember 7, 201210Death
Merle Shannon ShemwellDecember 7, 201012Death
Neddye Gayle HallDecember 7, 201012Death
Cecil David DavisDecember 7, 200913Death
Winona Marcel TroutmanDecember 7, 200616Death
June GoldenDecember 7, 200517Death
Charles Ferdinand Kennerly JrDecember 7, 200418Death
Peggy Jo ShemwellDecember 7, 200319Death
Minnie Mae FlannaginDecember 7, 200319Death
Wyman Lorans StevensDecember 7, 200121Death
Chester Lee KannierDecember 7, 199923Death
Harold FosterDecember 7, 199725Death
Lillie Mae DavisDecember 7, 199230Death
Irene B RobertsonDecember 7, 198933Death
William Caldwell TabbDecember 7, 198933Death
Ivan MetzgerDecember 7, 198141Death
James Alva HarrisDecember 7, 198042Death
Zeb KennerDecember 7, 197943Death
Scott Douglas ShemwellDecember 7, 196953Birth
Bertie Less CookDecember 7, 196755Death
Moses Wurth ShemwellDecember 7, 196161Death
Dr. Willis Jasper VestalDecember 7, 195270Death
Ernest Wayne CraftDecember 7, 195072Death
Kenneth Robert OliverDecember 7, 195072Birth
Rita Ann EarlsDecember 7, 194874Death
Tommy Neal StanleyDecember 7, 194874Birth
Naomi Carol SandlinDecember 7, 194775Birth
Rosa Anna BoydDecember 7, 194775Death
Ray Edgar ShemwellDecember 7, 193884Death
Monnie ReDoyce EmersonDecember 7, 193389Birth
Floyd “Chuck” BankheadDecember 7, 193290Birth
Robert Wylie RushinDecember 7, 193191Birth
Floyd PughDecember 7, 193092Death
Joe Vernon BlandDecember 7, 193092Death
Donald Claire GreenDecember 7, 192993Birth
Agnes Marie McQuadeDecember 7, 192993Birth
Inez Marie HewellDecember 7, 192894Death
James Bryan LeHewDecember 7, 192795Birth
Ida Mae PowersDecember 7, 192597Birth
Milous Greene ShemwellDecember 7, 1921101Death
Martha Jane “Marvy” LancasterDecember 7, 1921101Birth
Hugh Morris McBrideDecember 7, 1921101Death
Fay Elizabeth CuthbertDecember 7, 1917105Death
Ann Eliza WebbDecember 7, 1917105Death
Johnie ThamesDecember 7, 1916106Birth
Mayme Lucille WhitfordDecember 7, 1915107Birth
Carl McMillanDecember 7, 1911111Birth
Sallie Lennas ParhamDecember 7, 1909113Birth
Alice Llewellyn YoungDecember 7, 1907115Birth
Leta Belle GinnDecember 7, 1906116Birth
Jessie Lee SholeyDecember 7, 1905117Birth
Everet Ray HoughDecember 7, 1905117Birth
Richard Vaughn BellamyDecember 7, 1904118Birth
Lillis Rowena HogueDecember 7, 1902120Birth
Raymond Elbert ShaverDecember 7, 1900122Birth
Hubert H HuieDecember 7, 1897125Birth
Susan Catherine “Susie” CooperDecember 7, 1897125Birth
Eva Mae FosterDecember 7, 1897125Birth
Edward Lee ShemwellDecember 7, 1896126Death
Gracie D ChristianDecember 7, 1894128Death
Glover Clarence JacksonDecember 7, 1891131Birth
John S Jenkins Jr.December 7, 1888134Death
James Emmett AcuffDecember 7, 1887135Birth
Mary Lillian Louisa OwenDecember 7, 1884138Birth
Mary Emma GreeneDecember 7, 1880142Birth
Luis F ReinhardtDecember 7, 1878144Birth
Henry Vermon FitzhughDecember 7, 1875147Birth
Mary “Polly” BruceDecember 7, 1875147Death
Henry Clark ToddDecember 7, 1873149Birth
Ida J PenningtonDecember 7, 1869153Birth
Margaret Jane ParkeDecember 7, 1868154Birth
Lee Alice HallDecember 7, 1868154Birth
Walter William OwenDecember 7, 1859163Birth
Mary McMillanDecember 7, 1853169Birth
Manly ShawDecember 7, 1853169Death
Elizabeth J PoseyDecember 7, 1836186Death
Augusta Bowen ClevelandDecember 7, 1828194Birth
James AngellDecember 7, 1821201Birth
Augusta AdamsDecember 7, 1801221Birth
Mary GardnerDecember 7, 1756266Birth
Irvin Luther Riggins + Gertrude E “Gertie” TomerlinDecember 7, 1916106Marriage
Russel Segar + Asley A EdwardsDecember 7, 1876146Marriage
James O McGehee + Carrie Bettie E MooreDecember 7, 1875147Marriage
James W Vermillion + Matilda Jane LybargerDecember 7, 1873149Marriage
William H Galliaker + Sarah Jane BlakeDecember 7, 1865157Marriage
William Baker + Jane MilesDecember 7, 1865157Marriage
Eli Ambrose Troutman + Sally TaylorDecember 7, 1848174Marriage
James LaMar Blackburn + Susanna St ClairDecember 7, 1837185Marriage
Thomas Mumford McGehee + Elizabeth Mildred JeffreysDecember 7, 1812210Marriage
John Howe + Sarah Marietta KingsleyDecember 7, 1807215Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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