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On this day
Doris Marie PowersMay 24, 20222Death
Virginia May SchulzMay 24, 20204Death
Gussie Helen PruittMay 24, 20204Death
Daniel Oliver KnaussMay 24, 20168Death
Lloyd Martin LowensteinMay 24, 20159Death
Jerry StophelMay 24, 201410Death
Scot Alan RustMay 24, 201014Death
Helen C LeeMay 24, 200915Death
Jacqueline A LangletMay 24, 200816Death
Lorene CookMay 24, 200816Death
Leatrice Joy MontgomeryMay 24, 200618Death
Alice WebbMay 24, 200321Death
Benjamin Bowling KempMay 24, 200222Death
Homer Franklin “Jack” AldridgeMay 24, 200123Death
Pauline ReedMay 24, 200024Death
Donald Dean McBethMay 24, 199925Death
Phyllis J PowerMay 24, 199727Death
John Ray GallagherMay 24, 199430Death
Susan Scott LeonardMay 24, 199430Death
Thomas Elbert Austin Jr.May 24, 199232Death
Flora Kathleen CherryMay 24, 199133Death
Elea Louise WilkinsMay 24, 199034Death
Lola Alice PowellMay 24, 198935Death
Charles Vernice HanksMay 24, 198539Death
Jollie Dan “J D” AtkinMay 24, 198440Death
Charles B HallMay 24, 198341Death
Thomas Jefferson Sims Jr.May 24, 198242Death
John George ArvanitesMay 24, 197945Death
Jason Lance ShemwellMay 24, 197846Birth
Zula Montey ShemwellMay 24, 197252Death
Joseph Leo “Joe” McClellanMay 24, 196856Death
Floyd Francis Fields JrMay 24, 196361Death
Mary Letha CruseMay 24, 196064Death
Charles Homer KingMay 24, 195767Death
Henry Roads WeeksMay 24, 195668Death
Clyde MullenMay 24, 195470Death
Roger Dee LooneyMay 24, 195272Birth
Adonis Hinchey Jr.May 24, 194975Death
Edith Virginia DowellMay 24, 194777Death
Dr. Samuel Davis YoungMay 24, 194777Death
Daisy Zella WentzMay 24, 194579Death
Sharon Kay ShemwellMay 24, 194579Birth
Aye E ClarkMay 24, 194579Death
Stephan David TroutmanMay 24, 194282Birth
Maniza Jane StagnerMay 24, 194183Death
Richard Lee BlattMay 24, 194084Birth
Mary Adeline JemisonMay 24, 194084Death
Mary Alice May 24, 193886Birth
Donna June PattersonMay 24, 193886Birth
Douglas Lee PruittMay 24, 193589Birth
Benjamin A ParhamMay 24, 193490Death
Winnie May HendricksonMay 24, 193391Birth
Edward Casto SelbyMay 24, 193292Birth
Peggy Jean MillenMay 24, 192896Birth
John Webb SmithMay 24, 192896Death
Arthur Franklin McMillanMay 24, 192698Birth
Betty Jean ChristensenMay 24, 1924100Birth
Leland Homer ShamelMay 24, 1924100Birth
Colonel Henry Billingsley Jr.May 24, 1923101Birth
Shular Van JohnsonMay 24, 1923101Birth
Luella Dorothy WeistMay 24, 1920104Birth
Bertha StitesMay 24, 1919105Death
Elizabeth Ann SmithMay 24, 1915109Death
Floyd Orin StoneMay 24, 1907117Birth
Daniel Cicero WardMay 24, 1906118Death
Margaret TumicMay 24, 1905119Birth
David Alexander ShemwellMay 24, 1904120Death
Edgar KannierMay 24, 1903121Birth
David MushetMay 24, 1902122Death
Donald Dwight ColeMay 24, 1900124Birth
Julia Ann AustinMay 24, 1895129Birth
Sarah Leona AutryMay 24, 1893131Birth
Eron JohnsonMay 24, 1893131Birth
Julia BruceMay 24, 1892132Death
Felix Grundy AshbrookMay 24, 1890134Birth
Minnie Jane TroutmanMay 24, 1887137Birth
Rhoda DunbarMay 24, 1886138Birth
George Clark HerndonMay 24, 1885139Death
Jane V “Jennie” FosterMay 24, 1883141Birth
Joseph Wise BrownMay 24, 1882142Birth
Sarah E KittredgeMay 24, 1879145Birth
Mary Alice ShemwellMay 24, 1874150Death
Lucy “Arminta” BrownMay 24, 1870154Birth
Reuben M “Rube” McDanielMay 24, 1869155Birth
James Ross SkillernMay 24, 1868156Birth
Laura SandersMay 24, 1866158Birth
Mahala May “Ella” ShemwellMay 24, 1864160Birth
George Washington DaughertyMay 24, 1861163Death
Charles Henry BruceMay 24, 1861163Birth
Amanda BarnardMay 24, 1860164Birth
Susan Jane “Susie” BreezeelMay 24, 1856168Birth
John J HallMay 24, 1855169Birth
William Cullum “Bill” BakerMay 24, 1855169Birth
Michael A TroutmanMay 24, 1852172Death
Mary E Van CleafMay 24, 1846178Birth
Abel Pennington GilbertMay 24, 1844180Birth
Richard Strother DemonbreunMay 24, 1833191Birth
Nathan B JulianMay 24, 1832192Birth
James J DeyMay 24, 1802222Death
Jean MitchellMay 24, 1752272Birth
Richard Peter GreeneMay 24, 1711313Death
William Richard Holland + Ellen D RyanMay 24, 195173Marriage
Ray Leon Inmon + Jacquetta “June” GarrisonMay 24, 194183Marriage
Burt E Bruce + Bertie Eula BullockMay 24, 1919105Marriage
James Lawrence “Jim” McMillan + Mary Alice ConnellMay 24, 1888136Marriage
Edward Perkins + Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” FrostMay 24, 1884140Marriage
Samuel T Lee + Louisa AddingtonMay 24, 1846178Marriage
Felix DeMonbreun + Mary Ann CagleMay 24, 1809215Marriage
John Frederick Yaryan + Mary FreshourMay 24, 1802222Marriage
John Crook + Rebecca NashMay 24, 1790234Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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