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On this day
Don R ComptonFebruary 201013Death
Lillian KleinbrinkFebruary 199627Death
Alta Vonda CoffeyFebruary 199033Death
Rachel Jane SperryFebruary 198934Death
Kitty Clyde LeeFebruary 198934Death
Harry Tracy RigginsFebruary 198538Death
Amie Floyd FitzhughFebruary 198439Death
Gillis Monty BrownFebruary 198439Death
Lester Mae MegeeFebruary 198439Death
Abbical F “Abbie” WalkerFebruary 198043Death
Mary Della EmersonFebruary 198043Death
Annie Clementine StimpsonFebruary 197944Death
William Willard Seary Jr.February 197944Death
Mildred Louise RigginsFebruary 197944Death
Maude SkipperFebruary 197944Death
Maude May AkinsFebruary 197845Death
Emily Anstice DunbarFebruary 197845Death
Malcolm Patterson StackFebruary 197746Death
Leslie Bond RigginsFebruary 197449Death
Shandy Allen StewartFebruary 197251Death
Bruce Randolph McGeeFebruary 197251Death
Minnie E TraversFebruary 197053Death
George Dewey BillingsleyFebruary 196855Death
Dwight Francis MillerFebruary 196558Death
Ada Virginia BlankFebruary 196558Death
Gilbert MegargeeFebruary 196063Death
Mary M WoodcockFebruary 194578Death
William Ernest RassmanFebruary 193093Death
Caroline Sarah ColemanFebruary 192895Death
Charles Levon MinyardFebruary 192796Birth
Sarah A Setzerbefore February 1920103Death
Homer Lee DaughertyFebruary 1917106Birth
Pearl L BackFebruary 1909114Birth
Harry H SternFebruary 1907116Birth
Lucian CrowderFebruary 1903120Birth
Ruth W RodgersFebruary 1900123Birth
Ada B HollandFebruary 1900123Birth
Marie E ShawFebruary 1900123Birth
Susie M WittFebruary 1899124Birth
R Vaughn HesterFebruary 1899124Birth
Lillian B AblesFebruary 1899124Birth
Thomas L NooeFebruary 1899124Birth
Bessie LeflerFebruary 1898125Birth
Essie LeflerFebruary 1898125Birth
Maude Viola ChristianFebruary 1898125Birth
Dovie MaxwellFebruary 1898125Birth
Joseph M CarnealFebruary 1897126Birth
Lesa May AcuffFebruary 1896127Birth
M Kathleen GuytherFebruary 1896127Birth
Lillie Bell NooeFebruary 1896127Birth
Myrtle MooreFebruary 1896127Birth
Eula Lurlene “Dink” McMillanFebruary 1896127Birth
Hoke Adley ShemwellFebruary 1895128Birth
Irma K ShawFebruary 1895128Birth
Guy Gardner WarnerFebruary 1895128Birth
Edward Eugene McMillanFebruary 1894129Birth
Myrtle Mae HightowerFebruary 1894129Birth
Mary Helen RichardsFebruary 1893130Birth
Lillian TrumboFebruary 1893130Birth
Allen Eaton CarterFebruary 1892131Death
Julia Mae HuffmanFebruary 1891132Birth
Thomas Findley TraversFebruary 1891132Birth
Melissa WittFebruary 1891132Death
Kittie C DavisFebruary 1891132Birth
Mary DavisFebruary 1891132Birth
Martha Francis “Fannie” SmallFebruary 1891132Birth
Effie I McGeheeabout February 1891132Birth
Give F AcuffFebruary 1890133Birth
Sara Elizabeth “Annie” ShemwellFebruary 1890133Death
Ethel Briscoe CarpenterFebruary 1890133Birth
Nellie WilmarthFebruary 1889134Birth
Nora B. BurkhartFebruary 1888135Birth
Mary Steven CarrickFebruary 1887136Birth
Kerna Elliot ShemwellFebruary 1887136Birth
Thomas A ShemwellFebruary 1886137Birth
Minnie E TraversFebruary 1886137Birth
John WilliamsFebruary 1885138Birth
James WilliamsFebruary 1885138Birth
Luella Mageeabout February 1885138Birth
Lester CrockettFebruary 1885138Birth
Jeanette R McGregorFebruary 1884139Birth
Ollie SlaughterFebruary 1884139Birth
John H BradleyFebruary 1883140Birth
Connie PowersFebruary 1882141Birth
Liza J ColeFebruary 1882141Birth
Robert L CunninghamFebruary 1882141Birth
Corrine Bruce VickersFebruary 1881142Birth
Stonewall J KnightFebruary 1881142Birth
Hattie Elizabeth ShawFebruary 1881142Birth
Maude CoxFebruary 1881142Birth
Florence F JonesFebruary 1880143Birth
Joseph W HooperFebruary 1877146Death
James Harvey BurrageFebruary 1877146Birth
ConnellFebruary 1877146Death
George CarrFebruary 1876147Birth
Carrie HudspethFebruary 1875148Birth
Ida M FrostFebruary 1875148Death
Martha J “Mattie” SullivanFebruary 1874149Birth
Fred “Freddie” NooeFebruary 1874149Birth
Mary Margaret CookFebruary 1870153Birth
Eleanor Buchanan BriscoeFebruary 1870153Death
Sarah Ann “Anna” FreemanFebruary 1869154Birth
Benjamin Franklin Riggins Sr.February 1868155Birth
Eddie M RallsFebruary 1868155Birth
Dora BakerFebruary 1867156Birth
Penick P ChristianFebruary 1867156Birth
Mordecia “Decia” ThompsonFebruary 1867156Birth
Margaret V “Maggie” BinghamFebruary 1865158Birth
Mathew Isaac PearsonFebruary 1865158Birth
Mary Elizabeth ShaneyFebruary 1864159Birth
Almira AcuffFebruary 1860163Birth
William MillerFebruary 1859164Birth
Eva Ann CramerFebruary 1859164Birth
Nercilla Ellen SpearsFebruary 1856167Birth
John William ShemwellFebruary 1856167Birth
Lucy E February 1855168Birth
Rebecca Eliza CogginFebruary 1855168Birth
James Winfield Scott PowersFebruary 1853170Birth
Emma A OvermanFebruary 1853170Birth
William Howard SlaughterFebruary 1853170Birth
Samuel B AllenFebruary 1852171Birth
Mary Ann SissellFebruary 1852171Birth
Henry Clay PowerFebruary 1850173Birth
Rebecca MondayFebruary 1848175Birth
William Lafayette ThompsonFebruary 1848175Birth
Henry Neese SullivanFebruary 1847176Birth
Warren D RobbinsFebruary 1846177Birth
Lucinda Matilda BurnettFebruary 1845178Birth
Margaret IrelandFebruary 1844179Death
Wylie R FletcherFebruary 1844179Birth
George Washington YocumFebruary 1842181Birth
Belfame “Bell” JohnsonFebruary 1840183Birth
Lewis C KnightFebruary 1838185Birth
Andrew Jackson ArmstrongFebruary 1836187Birth
Nancy Julia HarrisonFebruary 1833190Birth
Lucy Frances HiggersonFebruary 1832191Birth
Mary Elvira ShermanFebruary 1831192Birth
Robert A HesterFebruary 1831192Birth
Eliza F ValdenarFebruary 1829194Birth
Charles A WartmanFebruary 1823200Birth
Eva Elizabeth MeyerFebruary 1814209Death
Michael Hornabout February 1796227Death
Sarah “Sallie” BestFebruary 1760263Birth
John McCroneFebruary 1712311Birth
Othal Gene KeithFebruary 1, 20194Death
Margaret Joyce McGarityFebruary 1, 20167Death
Toney Martin ShemwellFebruary 1, 20158Death
Johnny Lee LeonardFebruary 1, 201310Death
Florence Loanda GaleFebruary 1, 201211Death
Donald Alton “Donnie” KerleyFebruary 1, 201112Death
Betty Jewel TilleyFebruary 1, 200518Death
Margaret Elizabeth TeagueFebruary 1, 200221Death
Minnie Lena KolbusFebruary 1, 200122Death
Durward AustinFebruary 1, 200122Death
Betty Lorraine GodwinFebruary 1, 200023Death
Arnold Sylvester GreeneFebruary 1, 199924Death
Kenneth Eugene “Kenny” CookFebruary 1, 199924Death
James E ParhamFebruary 1, 199330Death
Everett Dean ShemwellFebruary 1, 198736Death
Paul Millard PowersFebruary 1, 198736Death
Gertrude Belle StokesFebruary 1, 198538Death
Hoyt Spurgeon NewmanFebruary 1, 198538Death
William Thomas ShemwellFebruary 1, 198340Death
Charles William BuckinghamFebruary 1, 198142Death
Ilon HoustonFebruary 1, 197449Death
Nadine Eloise WassellFebruary 1, 197350Death
Lee Penry OwenFebruary 1, 197152Death
Wallace RicksFebruary 1, 196954Death
Arthur Benjamin “Art” HillFebruary 1, 196954Death
Lola Vae SchuckFebruary 1, 196756Death
Minnie C BuckinghamFebruary 1, 196657Death
Bettie Emilou ShemwellFebruary 1, 196657Death
Pearl TrammellFebruary 1, 196459Death
Hettie Boyd “Etta” LaymanFebruary 1, 196063Death
Victoria L ShemwellFebruary 1, 195865Birth
Howard Boyd LammFebruary 1, 195865Death
Randall Wain “Randy” AllisonFebruary 1, 195865Birth
Ellen Dent “Nellie” SharpFebruary 1, 195766Death
James Albert ShellFebruary 1, 195568Birth
Ida Selena GreeneFebruary 1, 195568Death
Franklin Daniel LockeFebruary 1, 195469Birth
George Lee Sloan Sr.February 1, 194380Death
Remonia Beetrice TraftonFebruary 1, 194380Birth
Clara Mary HollandFebruary 1, 194380Death
Lucy M GilliamFebruary 1, 194281Death
John F WilsonFebruary 1, 193786Death
William Clauson LancasterFebruary 1, 193687Death
Ellen Jane RicksFebruary 1, 193588Death
James Harold ErskineFebruary 1, 193291Birth
Willie Olevia McGeheeFebruary 1, 193291Death
Marion Joyce CrowFebruary 1, 193192Birth
William Harrison MillerFebruary 1, 192994Death
John Henry MooreFebruary 1, 192796Death
Thomas Jefferson “Tom Jack” MaxwellFebruary 1, 192796Death
Betty Jean McGeheeFebruary 1, 192697Birth
Donny Allen BrownFebruary 1, 192598Birth
William Alexander ShemwellFebruary 1, 1922101Death
Lt. Dhalma Ellis LurryFebruary 1, 1921102Birth
Mary Elaine BlakeFebruary 1, 1919104Birth
Harrison Wilson “Nirk” Vickers IIIFebruary 1, 1916107Birth
Louise JunglingFebruary 1, 1916107Birth
Latain ConnorFebruary 1, 1916107Birth
Louie StimpsonFebruary 1, 1913110Birth
Durward AustinFebruary 1, 1913110Birth
James Thornton CobbFebruary 1, 1910113Death
Otis LewisFebruary 1, 1909114Death
Ester Belle CarneyFebruary 1, 1909114Death
Eva Dell WhitlowFebruary 1, 1908115Birth
Orville Austin GreeneFebruary 1, 1907116Death
Thomas O ShemwellFebruary 1, 1906117Death
Rebecca CarrollFebruary 1, 1906117Death
Elizabeth ShemwellFebruary 1, 1903120Death
Clara Belle HollandFebruary 1, 1903120Birth
James WardFebruary 1, 1902121Death
Carl G SmithFebruary 1, 1901122Birth
Katherine SmithFebruary 1, 1900123Death
Omon Richard OwensFebruary 1, 1899124Birth
Grace “Gracie” CarnesFebruary 1, 1899124Birth
Mamie L HinchFebruary 1, 1895128Birth
Wilvia Rhoda MullinixFebruary 1, 1893130Birth
Presendia Lathrop HuntingtonFebruary 1, 1892131Death
Rachel Amanda DuncanFebruary 1, 1891132Death
Claude M CookFebruary 1, 1887136Birth
Emma Dee TraftonFebruary 1, 1887136Birth
Margaret Ernest ClardyFebruary 1, 1884139Birth
Charles Henry HoweFebruary 1, 1882141Birth
Seth Elmer BlackFebruary 1, 1880143Birth
John Robert YoungFebruary 1, 1879144Birth
Anna VerversFebruary 1, 1878145Birth
Choie Francis StichFebruary 1, 1876147Birth
Charles I RiggsFebruary 1, 1874149Birth
Sarah Alice MaswellaFebruary 1, 1868155Birth
Thomas Mumford McGeheeFebruary 1, 1867156Death
Jesse KeelinFebruary 1, 1861162Birth
Jesse KeelinFebruary 1, 1861162Death
Isaac Green YarbourghFebruary 1, 1860163Birth
Hepsibah G P CannadyFebruary 1, 1859164Death
Martha “Mattie” McGeheeFebruary 1, 1857166Birth
Sarah Elizabeth LamkinFebruary 1, 1857166Birth
Nancy Ellen BurrageFebruary 1, 1856167Birth
Emma Lucinda HolmesFebruary 1, 1856167Birth
Daniel L KerleyFebruary 1, 1855168Birth
Caroline Partridge YoungFebruary 1, 1851172Birth
John A LeeFebruary 1, 1850173Birth
Robert D GreeneFebruary 1, 1841182Birth
Elizabeth ParkerFebruary 1, 1839184Birth
Margaret E “Maggie” StocktonFebruary 1, 1839184Birth
John Thomas YarbourghFebruary 1, 1839184Birth
Rachel Amanda DuncanFebruary 1, 1835188Birth
James Edward DemonbreunFebruary 1, 1829194Birth
Dr D Coleman WhiteFebruary 1, 1827196Birth
Joseph Hiram ThompsonFebruary 1, 1810213Birth
Atsey Mae EthridgeFebruary 1, 1806217Birth
Daniel Durham HuntFebruary 1, 1797226Birth
Samuel J ShemwellFebruary 1, 1776247Birth
Jeremiah Green Sr.February 1, 1710313Birth
David Spencer Atkinson Jr + Laura Maryland Carpenter BlinnFebruary 194875Marriage
Estle Haskell McNutt + Eutha B TuckerFebruary 1921102Marriage
Holden Moody + Amanda L PresnellFebruary 1883140Marriage
Joseph Smith Jr. + Ruth Daggett VoseFebruary 1843180Marriage
Harrison Higgs “Harry” Shemwell + Martha SinnotFebruary 1836187Marriage
Hix Jones Ray + Ruth CaseyFebruary 1820203Marriage
Jimmy Milton Bratcher + Geraldine Mollie “Jerri” WeathersFebruary 1, 195271Marriage
Charles McClellan “Charlie” Shemwell + Vinita Francis PotterFebruary 1, 1922101Marriage
John Robert Young + Maude Lee NealFebruary 1, 1905118Marriage
Daniel Bedford Crowell + Margaret Laura “Maggie” ShemwellFebruary 1, 1894129Marriage
David Alexander Shemwell + Nancy Rebecca BreezeelFebruary 1, 1892131Marriage
William Alexander Brown + Elizabeth Ann ElamFebruary 1, 1886137Marriage
Corneilius Philip “Neal” McMillan + Susan Caroline MobleyFebruary 1, 1882141Marriage
Reuben M Smith Sr + Phoebe Melvina SmithFebruary 1, 1866157Marriage
William Benjamin Franklin Atkin + Nancy Emaline ShemwellFebruary 1, 1866157Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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