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On this day
Bonnie Jean LutesOctober 19, 20138Death
Mary Joyce ChristensenOctober 19, 20129Death
Mabel Marie BurrellOctober 19, 201110Death
Marion Clinton StrattonOctober 19, 200912Death
James E “Red” CraftOctober 19, 200714Death
Keith Stanton EllisOctober 19, 200615Death
Freda Jean WilesOctober 19, 200615Death
Jettye Irene MalloryOctober 19, 200516Death
Bonna Jean MoffettOctober 19, 200318Death
Virgie Levonia SmithOctober 19, 199526Death
Lella Elizabeth GreeneOctober 19, 198734Death
Willie MarvelOctober 19, 198536Death
Naoma BoydOctober 19, 198140Death
Virgie Mae ToddOctober 19, 198041Death
Wyle Benjamin CrossnoOctober 19, 197645Death
Birdie C SmithOctober 19, 197348Death
Ollie Myrtle SummersOctober 19, 197348Death
Frank Walton AdkinsOctober 19, 196952Death
Rudy Lewis BrashearsOctober 19, 196655Birth
Kristin Ann HallOctober 19, 196556Birth
William H EllisOctober 19, 196358Death
Don R ComptonOctober 19, 194873Birth
Ida M JonesOctober 19, 194774Death
Thomas L “Satch” BostOctober 19, 194477Birth
Jacklyn Lee “Jackie” HoweOctober 19, 193982Birth
Lyndal Joe DixonOctober 19, 193784Birth
James Andrew WhittenburgOctober 19, 193685Death
Lilly Jeanette “Jan” MorrisonOctober 19, 193685Birth
Elizabeth Anne BarnesOctober 19, 193487Birth
John G GriffinOctober 19, 193289Death
Billy Jean “Jeayne” PittsOctober 19, 193190Birth
Pernecia Jane “Necy” MegeeOctober 19, 193091Death
Nora Geneva SlaughterOctober 19, 192893Death
John A PoseyOctober 19, 192695Death
Willard Dale BackOctober 19, 192299Birth
Isabel Jane HarrisOctober 19, 192299Birth
Sylvester TabbOctober 19, 1919102Birth
James Durwood FordOctober 19, 1919102Birth
James Durwood FordOctober 19, 1919102Death
John BucknerOctober 19, 1918103Death
John Franklin BackOctober 19, 1918103Death
Naoma BoydOctober 19, 1918103Birth
Francis Nora “Fannie” MooreOctober 19, 1918103Death
Lester Glenn CarverOctober 19, 1917104Birth
Melvin DriskillOctober 19, 1917104Birth
Phada Jane ChristianOctober 19, 1911110Death
James Ira ConnorOctober 19, 1909112Birth
Zena McManus HathcockOctober 19, 1908113Birth
Leona MaloneyOctober 19, 1908113Birth
Dovie C HopkinsOctober 19, 1907114Birth
Virgie A WallaceOctober 19, 1903118Birth
Mary Elizabeth CarneyOctober 19, 1901120Death
Barton Neal RobyOctober 19, 1900121Death
John CostaOctober 19, 1896125Birth
Oliver H P “Perry” ParkeOctober 19, 1892129Death
Lucretia “Creshia” ParhamOctober 19, 1889132Birth
Darthula FrostOctober 19, 1887134Birth
Minor Bird ShemwellOctober 19, 1886135Birth
Sarah E. TrivettOctober 19, 1882139Birth
Samuel W DurhamOctober 19, 1880141Birth
Elizabeth WigginsOctober 19, 1877144Birth
George Lee WeaverOctober 19, 1872149Birth
Mary “Mollie” HendricksonOctober 19, 1869152Birth
George W LeonardOctober 19, 1864157Death
William R RedwineOctober 19, 1864157Death
Laura A ShuttOctober 19, 1863158Birth
Mary Elizabeth “Molly” KirbyOctober 19, 1862159Birth
Albert Daleton YarbroughOctober 19, 1861160Birth
Mary Emily HyderOctober 19, 1861160Birth
James Edgar FoyOctober 19, 1851170Birth
Lloyd Walker WebbOctober 19, 1848173Birth
Alice Olivia ClardyOctober 19, 1845176Birth
James Marquis “Squire Jim” ShemwellOctober 19, 1810211Birth
John TroutmanOctober 19, 1799222Birth
Selden Christian Fitzhugh + Ruby Morgan LandrumOctober 19, 197447Marriage
Michael Leroy Troutman + Bertha Jane RitterOctober 19, 1920101Marriage
John Thaddeus Ellis + Grace M CrenshawOctober 19, 1892129Marriage
Edward Burrage + Margaret WallerOctober 19, 1871150Marriage
Jacob S “Bud” Tabb + Laura G “Lucy” SullivanOctober 19, 1871150Marriage
Nathan Micajah McGehee + Margaret E “Maggie” StocktonOctober 19, 1858163Marriage
Samuel McGehee + Olivia MuseOctober 19, 1778243Marriage
Bartholomai Trautmann + Anna ZieglerOctober 19, 1641380Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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