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On this day
Jason Luke WilsonMarch 22, 20221Death
William Kerlin Delaplane JrMarch 22, 201310Death
Patricia Louise HealeyMarch 22, 201112Death
William E DillMarch 22, 201013Death
John Lessily DouglasMarch 22, 200815Death
Carmelle Jeanette BeckMarch 22, 200815Death
Eileen M FosterMarch 22, 200617Death
Erma H PerkinsMarch 22, 200617Death
Frank King AndersonMarch 22, 200419Death
Nellie Mae SimsMarch 22, 200320Death
Carl Livingston HarrisMarch 22, 199231Death
Joe Quanah “Slim” CherryMarch 22, 198637Death
Hallie Blanche CarrMarch 22, 198538Death
Mable Doskey FrankMarch 22, 197944Death
Harry Certland LambertMarch 22, 197647Death
William McKinley GreeneMarch 22, 197548Death
Jeddie Walker GreerMarch 22, 197350Death
Bishop Wilson ShemwellMarch 22, 197251Death
Guy Norris “Texas Tiny” CherryMarch 22, 197152Death
Ollie Shaw GlennMarch 22, 197053Death
James Randolph “Randy” MooreMarch 22, 196360Death
Vernon WhitescarverMarch 22, 196261Death
John Frederick HollandMarch 22, 196063Death
Brenda Kay GrayMarch 22, 195271Death
America Paralee BrevardMarch 22, 194776Death
Lottie Cosette BakerMarch 22, 194677Death
Laura Porter CampbellMarch 22, 194380Death
Ernest Eugene RichmondMarch 22, 193687Birth
Anne Allen FordMarch 22, 193390Birth
Ruth JacksonMarch 22, 193192Death
Albert Richard RuthenbergMarch 22, 193192Birth
Sarah Caroline DriskillMarch 22, 193093Death
J D SandersMarch 22, 192895Birth
Dorothy “Dot” ReardenMarch 22, 192697Birth
Jesse Leon DayMarch 22, 192598Birth
Evelyn JarvisMarch 22, 192499Birth
Marjorie Rose BurnettMarch 22, 1923100Birth
John Patrick “J P” ShemwellMarch 22, 1922101Birth
Mary Linnitta FrenchMarch 22, 1920103Birth
Virginia Ellyn TwistMarch 22, 1919104Birth
Robert Warren FrenchMarch 22, 1919104Birth
Wilbur Dayton ShemwellMarch 22, 1918105Birth
James Lee “Jimmy” ShemwellMarch 22, 1918105Birth
Reva Maebelle McNuttMarch 22, 1918105Birth
Clarence Harry ChanceMarch 22, 1913110Birth
Henry Jesse CarneyMarch 22, 1911112Death
Joseph H CarneyMarch 22, 1911112Death
Julia Lee WallaceMarch 22, 1911112Birth
Dorothy J CannonMarch 22, 1909114Birth
Otha Ray ShawMarch 22, 1909114Birth
Virgil Martin DeBaunMarch 22, 1905118Birth
Ether Mack JonesMarch 22, 1905118Birth
Lois Lovie LongMarch 22, 1905118Birth
Martha Viola MegeeMarch 22, 1905118Birth
Ardis Inez MusickMarch 22, 1904119Birth
Annie Mable StewartMarch 22, 1903120Death
William Arthur DicksonMarch 22, 1903120Birth
Michael SnyderMarch 22, 1903120Birth
Fay Beatrice BrownMarch 22, 1901122Birth
Tinnie Jane LeinneweberMarch 22, 1899124Birth
Willie May NealMarch 22, 1897126Birth
Walter Galway BrowningMarch 22, 1896127Birth
Jacob AbbottMarch 22, 1896127Death
Mary Elizabeth HollandMarch 22, 1896127Death
Gay Harvey PenlandMarch 22, 1895128Birth
William Simpson HurstMarch 22, 1894129Birth
Cheatie Lee BoleyMarch 22, 1894129Birth
Charlie Edward HancockMarch 22, 1892131Birth
Carroll Estel EppsMarch 22, 1889134Death
Margaret Ruth CarterMarch 22, 1888135Birth
Mary Midland DaughertyMarch 22, 1888135Birth
Zula Ann WeaksMarch 22, 1886137Birth
Alma Lottie McMillanMarch 22, 1885138Birth
Albert Lloyd McMillanMarch 22, 1885138Birth
Josiah HallMarch 22, 1885138Death
Maggie RogersMarch 22, 1885138Birth
Mary Ann ClarkMarch 22, 1881142Death
Thomas William BarnettMarch 22, 1880143Birth
Henry SaftMarch 22, 1879144Birth
John L LewisMarch 22, 1878145Death
Dempsey Hezekiah HarringtonMarch 22, 1873150Birth
Robert Thomas AdamsMarch 22, 1872151Death
Emma Ann EppsMarch 22, 1872151Birth
Joseph Henry KnightonMarch 22, 1871152Birth
Edward Newton LongMarch 22, 1868155Birth
Sarah Elizabeth SheetsMarch 22, 1864159Birth
Lieu A ShemwellMarch 22, 1864159Death
George Washington SullivanMarch 22, 1862161Birth
Martha Spring HallMarch 22, 1861162Death
Mary Amanda TerrierMarch 22, 1860163Birth
Eliza GraysonMarch 22, 1859164Birth
Nabbie Howe YoungMarch 22, 1852171Birth
John Curtis HinchMarch 22, 1852171Birth
James Henry PulleyMarch 22, 1848175Birth
Henry Chariton JacobsMarch 22, 1846177Birth
Susan M ReidMarch 22, 1843180Birth
James GreerMarch 22, 1843180Birth
George Algernon LightnerMarch 22, 1842181Birth
Sarah “Sallie” BestMarch 22, 1834189Death
Ann Elizabeth “Annie” SollersMarch 22, 1828195Birth
James HancockMarch 22, 1826197Birth
Sarah Ann WhitneyMarch 22, 1825198Birth
Abel IsenhowerMarch 22, 1823200Birth
Thomas ColeMarch 22, 1815208Birth
Susannah “Susan” LyonMarch 22, 1766257Birth
Raymond Earl Henkel + Cecile Era KentfieldMarch 22, 194281Marriage
Hubert Bert Stigall + Madeline Lee McGeeMarch 22, 193687Marriage
Reuben E Blehm + Velma I HollandMarch 22, 193291Marriage
Paul Eugene Madden + Fern Gladys RoperMarch 22, 193093Marriage
William Inman + Dorothy C “Dolly” ParhamMarch 22, 1897126Marriage
George Edgar Maloney + Olivia PageMarch 22, 1885138Marriage
Lewis Atkins + Elizabeth Jane AtkinsMarch 22, 1851172Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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