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On this day
Evelyn Mae KeySeptember 22, 201310Death
John W HollandSeptember 22, 201211Death
Alberta Stine “Peaches” IsenhowerSeptember 22, 200914Death
Marlin Loyd DaughertySeptember 22, 200914Death
Carolyn Sue GrimsleySeptember 22, 200518Death
Brenda Diane McPhersonSeptember 22, 200419Death
Jeddie Leon GreerSeptember 22, 200023Death
Loy Alton SikesSeptember 22, 199924Death
David Eddleman ReedSeptember 22, 199924Death
Thedis HodgesSeptember 22, 199825Death
Glenn Franklin BakerSeptember 22, 199429Death
Pauline Muriel PowersSeptember 22, 199330Death
Dr. Robert Allen SebreeSeptember 22, 198835Death
Peggy Jean RigginsSeptember 22, 198736Death
Guy FrostSeptember 22, 198043Death
Kenneth Eugene Phillips Jr.September 22, 197746Death
Jessie Frank CombsSeptember 22, 197647Death
Liston D McGeheeSeptember 22, 197449Death
John Lloyd ShemwellSeptember 22, 197350Death
William Arthur ZeigelSeptember 22, 197251Death
Minnie Jane TroutmanSeptember 22, 197053Death
Helen Vetta MitchellSeptember 22, 196756Death
Lola Mae MartinSeptember 22, 196657Death
Joseph KrulockSeptember 22, 196360Death
Shannon Michelle WilliamsSeptember 22, 196261Birth
Elvis Hayes DriskillSeptember 22, 196063Death
Arthur Clinton HesterSeptember 22, 195667Death
Anthony “Tony” ShemwellSeptember 22, 195370Birth
John William KeltonSeptember 22, 195271Death
Myrtle Viola BarrowSeptember 22, 194083Birth
Cleo White HickeySeptember 22, 194083Death
Mary S TrouttSeptember 22, 193984Death
Theodore Roosevelt “T R” Newman Jr.September 22, 193687Birth
John Marion “Johnnie” ColeSeptember 22, 193588Death
Reps ArvinSeptember 22, 193489Death
Lois Nell BelcherSeptember 22, 193192Birth
Roland Chrittenden TabbSeptember 22, 193093Birth
James Edward PulleySeptember 22, 192697Birth
Nancy Virgina MillerSeptember 22, 1923100Birth
Thomas William BennettSeptember 22, 1919104Death
Beatrice LoftinSeptember 22, 1918105Birth
Susannah Charlotte EmersonSeptember 22, 1918105Death
J T ShemwellSeptember 22, 1914109Birth
James Richardson RandolphSeptember 22, 1914109Birth
Roy Newton WhitfieldSeptember 22, 1914109Birth
Zebulon William JacobsSeptember 22, 1914109Death
Thedis HodgesSeptember 22, 1913110Birth
Margaret Lorene RigginsSeptember 22, 1913110Birth
Lewis D “L D” NewmanSeptember 22, 1912111Birth
Victor Eugene ShemwellSeptember 22, 1911112Birth
Robert McDonell EasleySeptember 22, 1910113Death
Velmer DavisonSeptember 22, 1909114Birth
John Hastings BlackSeptember 22, 1908115Death
Leraun Alene WeaksSeptember 22, 1908115Birth
Leona L KehlerSeptember 22, 1906117Birth
John Jacob AllenSeptember 22, 1905118Birth
Myrtle CarneySeptember 22, 1905118Birth
Roy PerkinsSeptember 22, 1905118Death
Miles Dave BillingsleySeptember 22, 1903120Birth
Lester Otis WeisonSeptember 22, 1901122Birth
Thelma ShySeptember 22, 1901122Birth
Pearl “Pearlie” ShemwellSeptember 22, 1900123Birth
Eldon CorneliusSeptember 22, 1900123Birth
Floy Tessie BodenhammerSeptember 22, 1898125Birth
Jettie Mae CarrSeptember 22, 1896127Birth
John Wesley CommersSeptember 22, 1895128Birth
Lennie Belle NewmanSeptember 22, 1892131Birth
Laura Jane LaswellSeptember 22, 1889134Birth
Freda Venie BeanSeptember 22, 1888135Birth
Geneva Bell GilbertSeptember 22, 1888135Birth
Della May BurnettSeptember 22, 1886137Birth
Helen MeadowsSeptember 22, 1885138Birth
Mathew RustSeptember 22, 1882141Death
Pallie LoftinSeptember 22, 1878145Birth
William Young WilkersonSeptember 22, 1877146Birth
Evelyn Isabelle FrostSeptember 22, 1872151Birth
Fallin Spencer Woodmore Jr.September 22, 1871152Birth
Sarah Emmaline WainscottSeptember 22, 1871152Birth
Amelia ReedSeptember 22, 1870153Birth
Mary Jane BurnettSeptember 22, 1864159Birth
Charles HinchSeptember 22, 1860163Birth
Lorenzo Dow YoungSeptember 22, 1856167Birth
Samuel R ClarkSeptember 22, 1854169Birth
Dr. Frank Allen ShemwellSeptember 22, 1847176Birth
Thomas Henry “Tom” ShemwellSeptember 22, 1844179Birth
Pvt Napoleon RenvilleSeptember 22, 1844179Birth
Johannes TrautmannSeptember 22, 1842181Death
Catherine Elizabeth RobinsonSeptember 22, 1841182Birth
Margaret BrownSeptember 22, 1840183Birth
Chiles McGeheeSeptember 22, 1838185Death
Mary HillSeptember 22, 1837186Death
George Washington Dowell Sr.September 22, 1803220Birth
William TroutmanSeptember 22, 1802221Birth
Ann ShemwellSeptember 22, 1802221Birth
Cornelius Peter LottSeptember 22, 1798225Birth
Jane SmartSeptember 22, 1774249Birth
William J Sherwood + Mayme Lee ShemwellSeptember 22, 192499Marriage
Melvin Emanuel Whitworth Sr + Loca Viola McGeheeSeptember 22, 1923100Marriage
Moses Lee Loftin + Chapel Ellen SurrattSeptember 22, 1920103Marriage
Arthur Oscar Truelson + Euphemia Sophie “Effie” ClarkSeptember 22, 1896127Marriage
Charles Lott Carney + Nellie A ShemwellSeptember 22, 1889134Marriage
Joseph Remillard Sr. + Emelie RegnierSeptember 22, 1850173Marriage
John Alexander Hunt + Elizabeth TiltSeptember 22, 1849174Marriage
John Preston Goforth Jr. + Isabella SmartSeptember 22, 1803220Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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