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On this day
Cora Sue BoothDecember 4, 20212Death
Earl Edward BenderDecember 4, 20203Death
Howard Wayne HawkinsDecember 4, 20176Death
Charles William “Chi” FowlerDecember 4, 201310Death
Elwood Charles DockhamDecember 4, 201013Death
Dorothy Virginia HedrickDecember 4, 200914Death
Darrell Ray PenrodDecember 4, 200815Death
James Buford AndersonDecember 4, 200419Death
James Thomas NooeDecember 4, 200419Death
Barbara Colleen BurrusDecember 4, 200122Death
Agatha Beatrice WeaksDecember 4, 200023Death
Thomas Douglas “Sunny boy” ShemwellDecember 4, 200023Death
Glover D PruittDecember 4, 199825Death
James R Edward HolleyDecember 4, 199726Death
Harold Paul GilleyDecember 4, 199726Death
Dorothy Mabel OverockerDecember 4, 199528Death
Ivan Eugene KeithDecember 4, 199429Death
Alvina Mae PoffenrothDecember 4, 199429Death
Ruby Florence WrightDecember 4, 199330Death
Roy Onis HinchDecember 4, 199330Death
Hazel StewartDecember 4, 199132Death
Richard Brandon LockeDecember 4, 198736Death
Reba CommersDecember 4, 198637Death
Arrel Dean FrenchDecember 4, 198043Death
Frederick William BurkertDecember 4, 197845Death
Albert Ross CrowderDecember 4, 197845Death
Elizabeth Lorena BarrettDecember 4, 197449Death
John Miller EppsDecember 4, 197449Death
Harold Edwin Frost Sr.December 4, 196954Death
David Forest SennDecember 4, 196756Death
Bennett Burton TateDecember 4, 196558Death
Marshall Bryant NicholsDecember 4, 196459Death
Susan Earl ShemwellDecember 4, 196360Death
Floyd Franklin HardwickDecember 4, 196261Death
Sharyl Elise ShemwellDecember 4, 196261Death
Claud Inman FrostDecember 4, 196063Death
Morris Alderson BritainDecember 4, 195865Death
John Robert CaldwellDecember 4, 195667Death
Leonard Carroll ShaverDecember 4, 195667Death
Ersie CordellDecember 4, 195667Death
Linda Faye ChristianDecember 4, 195568Death
Betty Lou ShemwellDecember 4, 195568Birth
Cecil Welons HarrisDecember 4, 195469Death
John Osburn HoodDecember 4, 195370Death
Cynthia Ellen BabbDecember 4, 195271Death
Braden Hill DuncanDecember 4, 195073Death
James Alfred RansDecember 4, 195073Death
Clyde ShemwellDecember 4, 194974Death
John C WatkinsDecember 4, 194776Birth
Patsie K ShemwellDecember 4, 194578Birth
Stephen Dennis “Steve” FetcherDecember 4, 194182Birth
Henrietta HarrisDecember 4, 194182Death
Barton Aquilla RobyDecember 4, 194182Death
Jerry Allan WilliamsDecember 4, 194083Birth
Francis Virginia “Ginger” ShemwellDecember 4, 193984Birth
James Albert ChambersDecember 4, 193786Death
Charles Evans JonesDecember 4, 193588Death
James Mitchell GunnDecember 4, 193489Birth
Amy Ora EverettDecember 4, 193489Death
Samuel Allen ParhamDecember 4, 193291Death
Telsie Iverson GreeneDecember 4, 193192Death
Christine Irene GentryDecember 4, 193192Birth
Clarence Loyce ShemwellDecember 4, 192697Birth
Edward Lee BallingerDecember 4, 192598Birth
Mary Adlene ShemwellDecember 4, 192598Birth
Isabell JulianDecember 4, 192499Death
Frank E ManceDecember 4, 192499Birth
Mary E Van CleafDecember 4, 1923100Death
Celia GreeneDecember 4, 1921102Death
Cleo BurrusDecember 4, 1921102Death
John William CurtisDecember 4, 1919104Birth
Solomon Linbird GouldsDecember 4, 1918105Death
Robert Bruce BarrDecember 4, 1917106Death
George Alvin Kenney JrDecember 4, 1917106Birth
Dorothy Elizabeth JohnsonDecember 4, 1914109Birth
A D McDougalDecember 4, 1914109Birth
Don C DennisDecember 4, 1914109Birth
Margaret Rebecca PollardDecember 4, 1912111Birth
Everett Vernon McKownDecember 4, 1912111Birth
Mary Kaye ArvinDecember 4, 1912111Birth
Charles Franklin RukesDecember 4, 1911112Death
Hazel B KingDecember 4, 1910113Birth
Edith Eva WoodDecember 4, 1910113Birth
Emily Mathilda HydeDecember 4, 1909114Death
Mildred Drue ShemwellDecember 4, 1907116Birth
Cynthia Ann “Annie” MorganDecember 4, 1902121Birth
Laura Elizabeth JacksonDecember 4, 1902121Birth
Willa Imogene HolmesDecember 4, 1898125Birth
Arthur Edward ShermanDecember 4, 1897126Birth
Laura Mae KillianDecember 4, 1895128Birth
Amanda BarnardDecember 4, 1895128Death
Roby Laflin LoflinDecember 4, 1894129Birth
Charles Bagby PoindexterDecember 4, 1892131Birth
Beulah May CunninghamDecember 4, 1891132Birth
Isaac Brandon StagnerDecember 4, 1891132Birth
Loyal McMillanDecember 4, 1891132Birth
Alta Izora CarrDecember 4, 1890133Birth
Mary BarberDecember 4, 1890133Death
Lawrence Guy TabbDecember 4, 1887136Birth
Paul TappanDecember 4, 1886137Birth
Elijah Sanford DavisDecember 4, 1886137Birth
Emma Ann JonesDecember 4, 1884139Birth
Lula HendersonDecember 4, 1884139Birth
Tina ChildersDecember 4, 1883140Birth
Henry Nelson JohnsonDecember 4, 1883140Birth
Mary Emma ShemwellDecember 4, 1881142Death
James Richard ApplingDecember 4, 1881142Birth
Charlotte C OpenshasDecember 4, 1880143Birth
Jesse DaughertyDecember 4, 1880143Death
Homer Dallas TimmonsDecember 4, 1878145Birth
William Josiah MayfieldDecember 4, 1873150Birth
Frank Mitchell CareyDecember 4, 1871152Birth
Zora Bell JonesDecember 4, 1867156Birth
Martha Frances “Fannie” HunterDecember 4, 1865158Birth
Claudius Grant NewmanDecember 4, 1862161Birth
Jane ShemwellDecember 4, 1862161Death
Salome Jane BadgettDecember 4, 1858165Birth
Peter Edmond GibbonsDecember 4, 1855168Birth
Capt. Phillip B NolinDecember 4, 1853170Death
Adelle PontonDecember 4, 1852171Birth
John Wesley AcuffDecember 4, 1852171Birth
Martha A “Mattie” ShemwellDecember 4, 1851172Birth
Mary DrakeDecember 4, 1830193Death
Martha Frances VinsonDecember 4, 1828195Birth
Anderson CourseyDecember 4, 1810213Birth
Eleanor JohnsonDecember 4, 1800223Birth
Charity Canterwood PoseyDecember 4, 1794229Birth
Daniel M TrautmannDecember 4, 1784239Birth
Major HollandDecember 4, 1777246Birth
Eugene Frank Morris + Cressie Helen RichardsonDecember 4, 198142Marriage
Cecil Clemith Mosley + Effie CashionDecember 4, 197548Marriage
Rex Maurice McGehee + Grace SchaumkellDecember 4, 194875Marriage
Dr Charles Perry Bagg + Edna Jane BicknellDecember 4, 1902121Marriage
James Isaac “Ike” Barnes + Ruth Viola “Ruthie” ChambersDecember 4, 1895128Marriage
James A “Jim” Bohannon + Doley ReedDecember 4, 1895128Marriage
George Washington Hopkins + Amanda Ellen ThomasDecember 4, 1893130Marriage
Marion Frank Sullivan + Mollie RayDecember 4, 1887136Marriage
Samual Washington Tollett + Martha Jane ThurmanDecember 4, 1873150Marriage
William Washington Crews + Henrietta Orphenia RivesDecember 4, 1866157Marriage
Rolley R Branson + Louisa Caroline “Lucy” ParhamDecember 4, 1856167Marriage
Samuel Rucker + Elizabeth “Betty” AcuffDecember 4, 1837186Marriage
Nicholas Christian + Sarah “Sally” ShemwellDecember 4, 1820203Marriage
Joseph McGehee + Martha “Patsey” WallDecember 4, 1799224Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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