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On this day
Ted Don McCraryJune 4, 20167Death
Stanley Warren NewmanJune 4, 20158Death
Leatha Rose GlennJune 4, 20149Death
Robert Bruce FulbrightJune 4, 20149Death
Nancy Elizabeth NoggleJune 4, 200716Death
Russell Chester GreeneJune 4, 200221Death
John Woodrow HarrisJune 4, 200221Death
Joseph Harlan LozierJune 4, 199924Death
Mattie Beatrice GreeneJune 4, 199825Death
Edward Thomas AcuffJune 4, 198934Death
William Amos “Willie” WrightJune 4, 198934Death
Mabel WilsonJune 4, 198934Death
Harold Lavern VanGundyJune 4, 198736Death
Albert Howell EdwardsJune 4, 198736Death
Nannie Mae PulleyJune 4, 198241Death
Viola EppsJune 4, 197746Death
Noah Andrew MooreJune 4, 196954Death
Oliver William “Olie” HowellJune 4, 196657Death
Thomas Henry HelmJune 4, 196657Death
Rev. Clarence Lafayette “Fate” AcuffJune 4, 195766Death
Clifton Harmon ShemwellJune 4, 195667Death
Harry Clifford FrenchJune 4, 195667Death
Bessie Marguerite McMahanJune 4, 195469Death
Larry Wayne FurrhJune 4, 195370Birth
Theophilus Melville TaylorJune 4, 194776Death
Ray FlowersJune 4, 194677Birth
Ray FlowersJune 4, 194677Death
Bobby Dean LasterJune 4, 194677Birth
John Samuel WrightJune 4, 194182Death
Marilyn Jean ShemwellJune 4, 193984Birth
David Gene LancasterJune 4, 193984Birth
Isaac C MillerJune 4, 193687Death
Martha Lorene PruittJune 4, 193489Birth
Ima Jean JohnsJune 4, 193291Birth
Robert Edward ChesserJune 4, 192796Birth
Joy Lovelle BuckJune 4, 192697Birth
Andrew Henry MahaffieJune 4, 192598Death
Sue Bell DorrisJune 4, 192598Birth
Mary E RigginsJune 4, 1922101Death
Gracie Nell BoleyJune 4, 1920103Birth
Kate Roberts PenryJune 4, 1916107Death
John Mulberry StyersJune 4, 1915108Death
Violet HarrisJune 4, 1914109Birth
Eddith Irene KittrellJune 4, 1914109Birth
Norma Lucille PressonJune 4, 1914109Birth
Mary Ethel AllenJune 4, 1906117Death
Donald Vincent RobinsonJune 4, 1906117Birth
Gertrude Almedia “Gertie” BrewerJune 4, 1905118Birth
Cora Lucy MikealJune 4, 1904119Birth
Lowell Leon ValentineJune 4, 1904119Birth
Beulah TomerlinJune 4, 1903120Birth
Helen Faye ShaverJune 4, 1902121Birth
Hilda ShaverJune 4, 1902121Birth
Hilda ShaverJune 4, 1902121Death
Ervin Chesterfield CampbellJune 4, 1902121Birth
Roy Deck ReynoldsJune 4, 1902121Birth
Lessie Corinnah BurrowJune 4, 1901122Birth
Eva Lee TurnerJune 4, 1901122Birth
Hazel B BelvealJune 4, 1898125Birth
Wilburn Calvin BrownJune 4, 1898125Birth
Anna Wilma HayesJune 4, 1896127Birth
Norma L BoleyJune 4, 1895128Birth
John ParhamJune 4, 1894129Death
Henry Clay WhitlowJune 4, 1894129Birth
Addie Bell GrahamJune 4, 1892131Birth
Margaret Catherine WaltersJune 4, 1890133Death
Mary EstesJune 4, 1888135Death
Grooms HallJune 4, 1887136Birth
Caroline C SteffeyJune 4, 1885138Death
Wilma Dalie DanielJune 4, 1882141Birth
Martha G WebbJune 4, 1879144Birth
Dona HinchJune 4, 1878145Birth
Ellis SwinfordJune 4, 1875148Birth
Albert Aston PenlandJune 4, 1867156Birth
Nancy Ann “Anna” McMillanJune 4, 1865158Birth
Edward CrouchJune 4, 1854169Death
Samuel Mack HodgeJune 4, 1854169Birth
Susan Orlena MitchellJune 4, 1852171Birth
Johnson M ParhamJune 4, 1851172Birth
Lavinia Virginia FerrellJune 4, 1848175Birth
Enos VaughnJune 4, 1842181Birth
John March McGehee JrJune 4, 1825198Death
Jeremiah O “Jerry” HollandJune 4, 1804219Birth
Hannah HarveyJune 4, 1802221Birth
James Henry PrewittJune 4, 1722301Death
Richard GreenJune 4, 1696327Birth
Gerald Eugene “Jerry” Haines + Norma Jo CrowellJune 4, 197746Marriage
Roy Lynton Welch + Wanda Joyce BaldwinJune 4, 197449Marriage
Glenn Dariel French + Lena Mae WestJune 4, 193489Marriage
Charlie G Blankenship + Hettie Lee AtkinsJune 4, 1921102Marriage
Nicholas Brown Parham + Lennie Mae SelvidgeJune 4, 1918105Marriage
Carl Logan Smith + Mattie E ShemwellJune 4, 1911112Marriage
John C Troutman + Lydia Jane MorrisonJune 4, 1882141Marriage
Willis C Chambers + Nancy Adeline JohnsonJune 4, 1875148Marriage
Richard Henderson Hood + Amanda SaulsJune 4, 1868155Marriage
Arthur Millikin + Lucy SmithJune 4, 1840183Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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