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On this day
Jerry Wayne LancasterJanuary 20, 20166Death
Dorothy Louise HaeseJanuary 20, 20166Death
Versie Lorena PollardJanuary 20, 20139Death
Michael Phillip DewaldJanuary 20, 201210Death
Carl Everett HesterJanuary 20, 201111Death
Elsie Mae January 20, 201012Death
Ruby Jewell BensonJanuary 20, 200715Death
William Charles MasseyJanuary 20, 200715Death
Wanda Lee RussJanuary 20, 199824Death
Joseph Cooper “Mike” ShemwellJanuary 20, 199725Death
Audrey Kay LowensteinJanuary 20, 199626Death
Oscar Benjamin PhillipsJanuary 20, 199428Death
Joseph Voris ArvinJanuary 20, 198042Death
Susan Louise “Susie” SmithJanuary 20, 197547Death
James Thomas HughesJanuary 20, 197349Death
Mary Margaret SatterwhiteJanuary 20, 197349Death
Ota AbneyJanuary 20, 197052Death
Carl D GunnJanuary 20, 196953Death
Totsie Latin McNuttJanuary 20, 196854Death
George Bennett CrowderJanuary 20, 195468Death
Margaret Romancy VailJanuary 20, 195369Death
John Thomas WrightJanuary 20, 194973Death
John William BakerJanuary 20, 194874Death
Paula Johnette PercicJanuary 20, 194874Birth
John Daniel CookJanuary 20, 194775Death
Genevieve ShemwellJanuary 20, 194775Death
Lester WattsJanuary 20, 194676Death
James Robert “Jim” PowersJanuary 20, 194181Birth
Eliza Jane “Babe” HigginsJanuary 20, 194082Death
John Wesley HendricksonJanuary 20, 194082Death
Larry Thomas UzzleJanuary 20, 194082Birth
Sidney Thruston ManningJanuary 20, 193785Death
Caroline Virginia “Carrie” DareJanuary 20, 193686Death
Jewel Cleon McPhersonJanuary 20, 193587Birth
Clarence Harvey CullJanuary 20, 193488Death
Gerald W PulleyJanuary 20, 193092Birth
William Wallace MorganJanuary 20, 193092Birth
Sue Frances McGinnisJanuary 20, 192795Birth
Lillian Maxine StewartJanuary 20, 192498Birth
Mavis Udell GaleJanuary 20, 192498Birth
Martha Virginia HallJanuary 20, 1920102Birth
Cecil Everett CookJanuary 20, 1917105Birth
James ButlerJanuary 20, 1915107Birth
Myra Belle “Oulie” HerndonJanuary 20, 1915107Death
James Francis McGeheeJanuary 20, 1914108Birth
Robert Austin SwanJanuary 20, 1911111Birth
Leslie Bond RigginsJanuary 20, 1911111Birth
Jesse AbneyJanuary 20, 1910112Death
Vera Mabel HarrisJanuary 20, 1910112Birth
Ruby Evelyn ThompsonJanuary 20, 1910112Birth
Ephriam B BilbreyJanuary 20, 1908114Death
Arnie Frances ParhamJanuary 20, 1905117Birth
James Riley AsherJanuary 20, 1904118Death
Ruth Evelyn LewisJanuary 20, 1904118Birth
Darthula Jane JohnsonJanuary 20, 1902120Death
John Thomas CampbellJanuary 20, 1898124Birth
John Thomas CampbellJanuary 20, 1898124Death
Etta E HollandJanuary 20, 1895127Birth
Inez Belinda GreenJanuary 20, 1894128Birth
Richard WhitakerJanuary 20, 1891131Birth
Willie Lee JohnsonJanuary 20, 1890132Birth
Murray Levi ChadwickJanuary 20, 1888134Birth
Martha Rebecca CarltonJanuary 20, 1885137Birth
Willie Fossie ShemwellJanuary 20, 1884138Birth
Willaim Taylor OrmeJanuary 20, 1883139Death
Dallas Bache Wainwright JrJanuary 20, 1881141Birth
William Edward HathcockJanuary 20, 1879143Birth
Walter Edwin McMillanJanuary 20, 1878144Birth
Emma Grace HendrixJanuary 20, 1871151Birth
Cyrus Frost DaughteryJanuary 20, 1868154Death
John ParhamJanuary 20, 1865157Death
William Harrison MillerJanuary 20, 1865157Birth
Eugenia C BurenJanuary 20, 1852170Birth
Joel N HarrisJanuary 20, 1849173Birth
Samuel T AtkinsJanuary 20, 1847175Birth
Elizabeth J FergusonJanuary 20, 1839183Birth
Rachal R RobertsonJanuary 20, 1832190Birth
Joseph B FrostJanuary 20, 1829193Birth
Harriet Miranda “Mary” ShemwellJanuary 20, 1826196Birth
Mary Louisa WatkinsJanuary 20, 1814208Birth
Patsy FieldsJanuary 20, 1805217Birth
Elijah DowellJanuary 20, 1805217Birth
Jacob StoutJanuary 20, 1802220Death
Thomas S SherrodJanuary 20, 1793229Birth
Robert TabbJanuary 20, 1737285Birth
Samuel Christian Shemwell + Julie HambyJanuary 20, 195072Marriage
Glenerver Reid Gillmore + Gladys Evelyn AndersonJanuary 20, 193290Marriage
William Arthur Burrus + Mattie L HuffmanJanuary 20, 1908114Marriage
John Ervin Arant + Etta Adaline ShemwellJanuary 20, 1907115Marriage
David Samuel Lawrence + Nicy Elizabeth GreeneJanuary 20, 1902120Marriage
James H Shemwell + Eudoxia RobersonJanuary 20, 1890132Marriage
James Leonard Smith + Carrie J WilliamsJanuary 20, 1887135Marriage
George W Lefler + Rebecca Eliza CogginJanuary 20, 1878144Marriage
Daniel Webster Wilkerson Sr. + Sara Jane WeeverJanuary 20, 1867155Marriage
Littleberry “Berry” Wallace + Rebecca Susan WhitehurstJanuary 20, 1859163Marriage
Elias Travers + Mary E WarnerJanuary 20, 1855167Marriage
John J Underwood + Elizabeth CookJanuary 20, 1842180Marriage
Joseph Greene + Elizabeth ShearerJanuary 20, 1807215Marriage
Jesse Smith + Hannah PeabodyJanuary 20, 1793229Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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