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On this day
Ivy Irl SimpsonOctober 200814Death
Margie Rosalie GillmoreOctober 200022Death
David Lee YerkeyOctober 199923Death
Carl Dexter KeithOctober 199131Death
William Henry Moore Jr.October 198834Death
Arletta Jean FreeOctober 198834Death
Ella Myrtle RouchOctober 198636Death
Chester Courtney TrivettOctober 198537Death
Jotham Setzer TrivettOctober 198537Death
Guy Willard DewittOctober 198537Death
Annie ShawOctober 198339Death
LaVelle C October 198339Death
Phillip C MillerOctober 198042Death
Grace Thomas McElroyOctober 197844Death
Mary Eunice WardOctober 197844Death
Ovella Audrey HooperOctober 197844Death
Clara MedlinOctober 197745Death
James Edgar MillerOctober 197547Death
Emory Ray JohnsOctober 197448Death
Geneva HodgesOctober 197250Death
Kathryn Brown EvansOctober 197250Death
Elma GarrisonOctober 197250Death
Lonnie Franklin PruittOctober 197151Death
Lennie Mae SelvidgeOctober 197052Death
Kate Lillian HewellOctober 196755Death
Charles Ferdinand “Charlie” KennerlyOctober 196656Death
William Lester PruittOctober 196557Death
Opal Alice RallsOctober 196458Death
Hiram Emory RichardsonOctober 196359Death
Bertram Otis LockwoodOctober 196359Death
Enos Sutherland BurnettOctober 196161Death
Thomas Franklin PollardOctober 195963Death
Thomas Elmer ShemwellOctober 195270Death
Sally Forrest LashOctober 193290Birth
Grace BuckleyOctober 193092Death
Sarah “Sally” ParkeOctober 192795Death
Edward M Richardson Jr.October 1905117Death
Minnie Beck TaylorOctober 1900122Death
Ann May JonesOctober 1899123Birth
Hettie E JohnsonOctober 1899123Birth
Florence “Pet” CornettOctober 1898124Birth
Ethel ShawOctober 1898124Birth
Nettie RigginsOctober 1898124Birth
Mahalia Adeline Doddbefore October 1896126Death
Lottie H HillOctober 1896126Birth
John Nooe GardnerOctober 1896126Birth
Ewing Cole StitesOctober 1895127Death
Lloyd D TraversOctober 1895127Birth
Noah H MaxwellOctober 1894128Birth
Freddie FreemanOctober 1894128Birth
Hugh BurrageOctober 1894128Birth
Jerry CookOctober 1893129Birth
Samuel Lee KittrellOctober 1893129Birth
Margaret E “Marjorie” HudspethOctober 1892130Birth
Bonnie E. PenlandOctober 1890132Birth
Alvin Elmer “Pete” SissellOctober 1889133Birth
Pearl GardnerOctober 1889133Birth
Wade Hampton “Hamp” AdamsOctober 1888134Birth
Temperance H BrownOctober 1888134Birth
Cary R AllenOctober 1888134Birth
Clara H TabbOctober 1888134Birth
Melba LancasterOctober 1886136Birth
Charles L GuytherOctober 1886136Birth
Martha Early “Mattie” PuckettOctober 1886136Birth
Ethel ShemwellOctober 1886136Birth
Marie McVeigh “Veigh” HutchinsonOctober 1886136Birth
Walter AcuffOctober 1885137Birth
Lewis C DeWeesOctober 1885137Birth
Rena Viola HendrixOctober 1885137Birth
Cora L KittrellOctober 1885137Birth
Eva May GregoryOctober 1884138Birth
Thomas NashOctober 1884138Death
James W TraversOctober 1883139Death
Zennie E DeWeesOctober 1882140Birth
Horace HightowerOctober 1881141Birth
Anna L “Annie” HaleyOctober 1881141Birth
Lucy O FreemanOctober 1881141Birth
Florence DeWeesOctober 1880142Birth
Ora B O'NealOctober 1879143Birth
Nettie B LancasterOctober 1879143Birth
Hattie May ThompsonOctober 1879143Birth
Matilda A “Tilda” LeeOctober 1879143Death
Mary Malinda CarltonOctober 1878144Birth
Matilda Annie “Tilda” HollandOctober 1878144Birth
Lee W FrostOctober 1878144Birth
Martha B KittrellOctober 1878144Birth
Thomas Yateman WallaceOctober 1877145Birth
Sarah “Sally” ShemwellOctober 1877145Death
Harriet A HaleyOctober 1877145Birth
Martha Emma ThompsonOctober 1877145Birth
Mamie NooeOctober 1876146Birth
Tempie Ann “Annie” O'NealOctober 1875147Birth
Laura E V Greenabout October 1875147Birth
Frederick H BradleyOctober 1875147Birth
Hiram R HooksOctober 1874148Death
Lillian HudspethOctober 1872150Birth
Addie Lucy ClaryOctober 1871151Birth
Isaac Mason “Tobe” KellyOctober 1871151Birth
Nathan McGeheeabout October 1871151Death
Edward Lee O'NealOctober 1871151Birth
Sarah O October 1869153Birth
Desmond Franklin HargisOctober 1869153Birth
Frank M RagsdaleOctober 1867155Birth
Roselina Conceicao AlamadaOctober 1865157Birth
Robert H JacksonOctober 1864158Birth
Lycurgus EmmettOctober 1864158Birth
Margaret D “Maggie” BaldridgeOctober 1863159Birth
Alvina H WartmanOctober 1860162Birth
Joseph Richard McGeheeOctober 1859163Birth
Thomas Hansell MurrayOctober 1858164Death
Edward David MushetOctober 1858164Death
Joseph NealOctober 1857165Death
Mary Crossnoeabout October 1856166Birth
Almon Whiting BabbittOctober 1856166Death
Nancy Louisa “Eliza” GreeneOctober 1853169Birth
Nancy Rebecca BreezeelOctober 1851171Birth
Martha H WallerOctober 1850172Birth
Sophia Virginia GraysonOctober 1849173Birth
Lewis William TriplettOctober 1846176Birth
Thomas BrunetOctober 1844178Birth
Joel A SchuckOctober 1843179Birth
James W VermillionOctober 1843179Birth
Roswell MurrayOctober 1840182Death
Elizabeth CollisOctober 1837185Birth
Louisa GraggOctober 1834188Birth
Josiah Kansas “Joe” GentryOctober 1833189Birth
Mildred M SatterfieldOctober 1832190Birth
Polly ColeOctober 1831191Death
Stephen Cox WittOctober 1829193Birth
William S ShemwellOctober 1826196Birth
Sarah Melinda RayOctober 1825197Birth
Wyatt Macon CannadyOctober 1825197Birth
John Stewart McGeheebefore October 1824198Death
Anne ButlerOctober 1817205Death
Robert LockridgeOctober 1809213Death
Benjamin BeislyOctober 1803219Death
Gilbert W McMillanOctober 1783239Birth
Isaac Hornabout October 1781241Death
James Mackgeheebefore October 1774248Death
Anna Margaret Shemwellabout October 1771251Birth
Sarah Mackgeheeabout October 1770252Death
Francis Virginia “Ginger” ShemwellOctober 1, 20166Death
Dorothy M ShemwellOctober 1, 20139Death
Claudine ShemwellOctober 1, 200319Death
Ila Ruby ScottOctober 1, 200220Death
Viona RameyOctober 1, 200121Death
Dorothy PulleyOctober 1, 199824Death
Eleanor Allene RileyOctober 1, 199428Death
Barbara Jeanne PomeroyOctober 1, 199230Death
Dewees PorterOctober 1, 199032Death
Cara JosephOctober 1, 198834Death
Walter Max HollandOctober 1, 198735Death
Harry Andrew “Bugger” Ritterskamp Jr.October 1, 198636Death
Virgil Junior RogersOctober 1, 198636Death
Ida Lillian RheaOctober 1, 198042Death
Roy Lester HollandOctober 1, 197745Death
James Leo HancockOctober 1, 197745Death
Howard W ShemwellOctober 1, 197349Death
Nellie Bly FerrellOctober 1, 197151Death
Carson Oren McGeheeOctober 1, 197151Death
Homer Huston McGeheeOctober 1, 196854Death
Gentry Nadine HollandOctober 1, 196656Death
Mary Bess “Bess” RaganOctober 1, 196557Death
Gus Wood McClearyOctober 1, 196260Death
Darthula Lula FrostOctober 1, 196260Death
Lewis E MunnOctober 1, 195963Death
Margaret M “Maggie” ReidOctober 1, 195864Death
Lloyd Irwin TabbOctober 1, 195765Death
Nannie Bell DialOctober 1, 195765Death
James Reid HallOctober 1, 195666Death
Seth Thomas ParkeOctober 1, 195270Death
Judith Ann ShemwellOctober 1, 195270Birth
George Penich EdwardsOctober 1, 194775Death
John Frederick RumpffOctober 1, 194775Death
David Obediah ChismOctober 1, 194478Death
Greenberry “Doc” TurnerOctober 1, 194379Death
Shirley A ReevesOctober 1, 194082Birth
Ray Landon GreeneOctober 1, 193686Birth
Nancy Jane “Nannie” ShemwellOctober 1, 193686Death
Robert Leon “Bobby” ShemwellOctober 1, 193389Birth
Nancy M WallsOctober 1, 193290Birth
Cynthia May GreeneOctober 1, 193092Death
Millie Frankie “Mollie” GreeneOctober 1, 193092Death
Flossie ReynoldsOctober 1, 193092Death
Eloise WaldenOctober 1, 192894Birth
Henry MusickOctober 1, 192894Death
Elizabeth ParkeOctober 1, 192894Death
Claude William AtkinsOctober 1, 192894Birth
Velma Lea GreeneOctober 1, 192696Birth
Morris C HeflinOctober 1, 1922100Birth
Hilered Lee HundleyOctober 1, 1917105Birth
Dean Hobert RadleOctober 1, 1917105Birth
Jesse Wade FerrelOctober 1, 1915107Birth
Mark Monroe WeaksOctober 1, 1915107Death
George Washington HuntOctober 1, 1914108Death
Bentley Eugene BarnettOctober 1, 1914108Birth
Allen Dodd StanleyOctober 1, 1913109Birth
Homer Alston RossOctober 1, 1913109Death
Lucy WalkerOctober 1, 1910112Death
Muriel Lee WarrenOctober 1, 1909113Birth
Mildred C HowardOctober 1, 1908114Birth
Wayne Purser FrostOctober 1, 1908114Birth
Edith Odessa MusickOctober 1, 1905117Birth
Earl Byron McCraryOctober 1, 1901121Birth
John McMillanOctober 1, 1899123Death
Elmer Dink ChambersOctober 1, 1899123Birth
Claud ReidOctober 1, 1897125Birth
Ruth Elizabeth BakerOctober 1, 1897125Birth
Emma E PruittOctober 1, 1895127Death
Banks Holt ArendellOctober 1, 1895127Birth
James Orbit CampbellOctober 1, 1893129Birth
Naomi Ann HoggOctober 1, 1892130Death
Joshua Marsden BennettOctober 1, 1892130Birth
Charles Clifford GlassOctober 1, 1892130Birth
Henry Harold “Hal” FinleyOctober 1, 1891131Birth
Baxter Rae YarbourghOctober 1, 1890132Birth
Alma L CampbellOctober 1, 1889133Birth
Francis Marion Skurlock Jr.October 1, 1889133Birth
Andrew Jackson Taylor JrOctober 1, 1888134Birth
Hallie Blanche CarrOctober 1, 1887135Birth
Ernest HinchOctober 1, 1885137Birth
Clarence David “Fritz” DriskillOctober 1, 1884138Birth
Mary BozarthOctober 1, 1882140Birth
Bertha Helen GoodrichOctober 1, 1882140Birth
Edward McGeheeOctober 1, 1880142Death
Burt Leslie ParhamOctober 1, 1879143Birth
Lilly ParhamOctober 1, 1879143Birth
Able Leander McGeheeOctober 1, 1878144Death
Harrison Higgs “Harry” ShemwellOctober 1, 1878144Death
Emily BakerOctober 1, 1877145Death
William J WarnerOctober 1, 1875147Death
Greene Riley MichaelOctober 1, 1874148Birth
Albert B LoftinOctober 1, 1873149Birth
Franklin Warren RallsOctober 1, 1872150Birth
Lillian A “Lillie” BatchelorOctober 1, 1871151Birth
John LoftinOctober 1, 1870152Death
Laura Taylor GantOctober 1, 1866156Birth
Aaron Washington CunninghamOctober 1, 1866156Birth
Whitson Berry ShemwellOctober 1, 1864158Death
James Samuel GrishamOctober 1, 1859163Birth
Martha Hewell “Mattie” HesterOctober 1, 1859163Birth
Francis Marion Skurlock Sr.October 1, 1854168Birth
Henry MusickOctober 1, 1853169Birth
Amelia C “Mele” TheobaldOctober 1, 1849173Birth
Thomas J PhillipsOctober 1, 1849173Birth
Mary JohnsOctober 1, 1849173Death
Lewis Cass WilkersonOctober 1, 1848174Birth
Isaac Free SexsonOctober 1, 1846176Birth
John Willard YoungOctober 1, 1844178Birth
Sarah Jane HumphreyOctober 1, 1843179Birth
Mary Elizabeth HooksOctober 1, 1842180Birth
Christian Peter VanGundyOctober 1, 1836186Death
Chancy Dressor BuellOctober 1, 1836186Death
William Lowery ChastainOctober 1, 1836186Birth
John Quincy LeavittOctober 1, 1834188Birth
George P BurrageOctober 1, 1807215Birth
Silas SmithOctober 1, 1779243Birth
Arthur Acker + Gladys Virginia RogersOctober 193785Marriage
John Robert Foster Sr + Elizabeth Shieldsabout October 1917105Marriage
Fred Fitzsimmons + Julia Myrtle RigginsOctober 1910112Marriage
George Alonzo Thomas + Ida Mae ShemwellOctober 1907115Marriage
Fred Moore Carver + Maude Greek WelbornOctober 1906116Marriage
Alexander Taylor Shemwell + Melvina Pamelia ThompsonOctober 1889133Marriage
Jesse Franklin Parham + Amanda BarnardOctober 1889133Marriage
William M. Reed Jr. + Mary R StrowOctober 1872150Marriage
Marion Kittrell + Louisana Arena “Dixie” TomlinOctober 1869153Marriage
William Harrison Miller + Mary GreeneOctober 1857165Marriage
William Morgan + Lucinda PendletonOctober 1819203Marriage
William Henry Carney + Vinnie Louise BrownOctober 1, 192399Marriage
Robert Newton True + Emma HollandOctober 1, 1905117Marriage
Lynn M Dever + Eliza CampbellOctober 1, 1901121Marriage
J B McKee + Mary Frances “Dink” DialOctober 1, 1891131Marriage
Elias French + Izora Vinena ShamelOctober 1, 1882140Marriage
John P Crockett + Ruth JacksonOctober 1, 1882140Marriage
Eli Harris Coggins + Florence A PenningtonOctober 1, 1873149Marriage
William Lafayette Thompson + Sarah A AdamsOctober 1, 1871151Marriage
Benjamin Bruce + Mary Jane MoonOctober 1, 1868154Marriage
Michael W Moore + Sarah Jeanette “Sallie” OldhamOctober 1, 1865157Marriage
R A Taylor + Amanda Caroline StubblefieldOctober 1, 1861161Marriage
George G Hamilton + Martha Jane “Patsy” HoodOctober 1, 1861161Marriage
James Graham Freeman + Nancy Jane LongOctober 1, 1856166Marriage
Burrell Eaves + Izza MaloneOctober 1, 1778244Marriage
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