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On this day
Karen Diane CarterJanuary 18, 20174Death
Paul Wayne GiesekeJanuary 18, 20138Death
Donald Turley ShemwellJanuary 18, 20129Death
Dorothy Jean CherryJanuary 18, 201110Death
Charles Edward HaglerJanuary 18, 200516Death
Brooxie Nell SholarJanuary 18, 200417Death
Audrey Elizabeth TinsleyJanuary 18, 200318Death
Louise M January 18, 200219Death
Harold L WoodworthJanuary 18, 199922Death
Edna Mae RaymondJanuary 18, 199625Death
Ola Nettie BowenJanuary 18, 199526Death
Mamie Irene ShemwellJanuary 18, 199229Death
Coy Ray SherrodJanuary 18, 199229Death
James Harold PatmanJanuary 18, 198536Death
Beulah WrightJanuary 18, 198536Death
Otha Ray ShawJanuary 18, 198536Death
Roy K SherrodJanuary 18, 198338Death
Bertha Elizabeth CoddingtonJanuary 18, 197744Death
Mary Etta MichaelJanuary 18, 197447Death
Clara Mae “Chessie” DriskillJanuary 18, 197249Death
Lillie Elizabeth FloodJanuary 18, 196952Death
Denny Sylvester GreeneJanuary 18, 196952Death
Henry Harrison SmithJanuary 18, 196457Death
William Alexander Parran Jr.January 18, 196160Death
John Thomas CampbellJanuary 18, 195962Death
Rhoda Elizabeth ChurchJanuary 18, 195764Death
Garry Lee ShemwellJanuary 18, 195764Birth
Marinda PowersJanuary 18, 194576Death
Lucy Ruth SwicegoodJanuary 18, 194180Birth
Lucy Ruth SwicegoodJanuary 18, 194180Death
Eli Smith GreeneJanuary 18, 194180Death
Julia Frances YelvingtonJanuary 18, 193883Death
Mary Rosetta EppsJanuary 18, 193685Death
Sarah Frances FrostJanuary 18, 193487Death
Myrtle Welch WalkerJanuary 18, 193388Death
Celia Elizabeth CarltonJanuary 18, 192992Death
Elisha B TraftonJanuary 18, 192893Death
Robert Allen TraftonJanuary 18, 192893Death
Verdene “Verde” HallJanuary 18, 192695Birth
Viola Louise SmithJanuary 18, 192695Birth
J C HuntonJanuary 18, 192695Birth
Joe Clete CastleberryJanuary 18, 192596Death
Billie Claire CherryJanuary 18, 192596Birth
Laurence Merton McMillanJanuary 18, 192596Birth
Helen M SimonsJanuary 18, 192596Birth
Julia Love NeelyJanuary 18, 192299Death
George Archibald “Archie” WilliamsJanuary 18, 1921100Death
Nancy E TomlinsonJanuary 18, 1913108Death
Alexander McGee JamesJanuary 18, 1911110Death
Pearl ReeseJanuary 18, 1910111Death
Katherine Virginia MatthewsJanuary 18, 1910111Birth
Etta M HodgesJanuary 18, 1908113Birth
Alma Walter LeMasterJanuary 18, 1905116Birth
Carlos Grover RushingJanuary 18, 1905116Birth
Samuel Myrl WorleyJanuary 18, 1900121Birth
Robert Leo SheltonJanuary 18, 1900121Birth
Sarah Elizabeth “Sally” MetzkerJanuary 18, 1899122Death
Benjamin Corbett HallJanuary 18, 1897124Birth
Tom WeinbergJanuary 18, 1896125Birth
Inez Mavis BlaneJanuary 18, 1889132Birth
Warden Owens HallJanuary 18, 1888133Birth
J P CooperJanuary 18, 1883138Death
Emily D ReynoldsJanuary 18, 1879142Birth
Martha Lillie GoodmanJanuary 18, 1874147Birth
James Lulard “Linnie” GinnJanuary 18, 1874147Birth
Mary M DriskillJanuary 18, 1873148Birth
Martha Ann TraftonJanuary 18, 1870151Birth
Jemima Jane YarboroughJanuary 18, 1857164Death
Sarah Broome MorsellJanuary 18, 1855166Birth
Mary Elizabeth JacksonJanuary 18, 1848173Birth
Mary Malinda LongJanuary 18, 1830191Birth
Virlinda NelsonJanuary 18, 1824197Birth
Lemuel W HarrisJanuary 18, 1821200Birth
Eve MillerJanuary 18, 1774247Birth
Samuel Franklin Shemwell + Onie PhillipsJanuary 18, 1911110Marriage
John Richard Bryant + Genie Belle ShemwellJanuary 18, 1904117Marriage
Robert Alexander Yarborough + Margaret ShemwellJanuary 18, 1856165Marriage
Miles McGehee + Mary WadeJanuary 18, 1842179Marriage
Shemwell Parham + Christiana GibbonsJanuary 18, 1829192Marriage
Joseph Smith Jr. + Emma HaleJanuary 18, 1827194Marriage
Richard Acuff + Martha “Patsy” HaileyJanuary 18, 1802219Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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