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On this day
Lena Jenelle JacobsFebruary 23, 20177Death
Nazelle SmartFebruary 23, 201113Death
Clarence Julian Gieseke Jr.February 23, 201113Death
Isabelle B HustonFebruary 23, 200816Death
Basil Kenneth “Kenny” Foster JrFebruary 23, 200816Death
Etta Irene PittmanFebruary 23, 200816Death
Danny Ray ComptonFebruary 23, 200519Death
William Raymond DaughertyFebruary 23, 200321Death
Marguerite G “Peggy” WingFebruary 23, 200222Death
Lori Leanne LillardFebruary 23, 200123Death
Pauline BryanFebruary 23, 200024Death
Mary Margaret “Becky” CokerFebruary 23, 200024Death
Charles J HesterFebruary 23, 199925Death
Carlene Reed ShemwellFebruary 23, 199925Death
Ransom Foster SmithFebruary 23, 199529Death
Opal Gertrude AbneyFebruary 23, 199529Death
Ann M WeirFebruary 23, 199529Death
Oleta Veigh LambethFebruary 23, 199331Death
Jane Minette GreenburgFebruary 23, 199331Death
Margaret Frances SouthFebruary 23, 198935Death
Marjorie Louise FinleyFebruary 23, 198836Death
Floyd Irene GilbertFebruary 23, 198836Death
Nellie Bell HarrisFebruary 23, 198539Death
Margaret Katherine GregoryFebruary 23, 198539Death
Emma Frances KnightFebruary 23, 198539Death
Francis Laura “Fannie” DeBerryFebruary 23, 198242Death
John Alemer AllenFebruary 23, 198242Death
Herman JacobsFebruary 23, 198143Death
Dossie Catherine KerleyFebruary 23, 198143Death
Eltra Oma SparksFebruary 23, 198044Death
Richard Miller MurianFebruary 23, 197846Death
Claude Rafer BannonFebruary 23, 197846Death
Gladys Jaqualean DavisFebruary 23, 197450Death
Alta E TuckerFebruary 23, 197450Death
Elbert C ShemwellFebruary 23, 197351Death
James Edward TurnerFebruary 23, 197351Death
Geneva Bell GilbertFebruary 23, 197351Death
George Lloyd “Loy” CarterFebruary 23, 197351Death
William Franklin UnderwoodFebruary 23, 197351Death
Glanos “Glen” CoxFebruary 23, 197351Death
Oma Alice PruittFebruary 23, 196856Death
Samuel Franklin ShemwellFebruary 23, 196856Death
Vern Otis GreeneFebruary 23, 196658Death
Philip Medford BrooksFebruary 23, 195965Death
Betsy Mae GreeneFebruary 23, 195668Birth
Nora Helena Ethel MaddenFebruary 23, 195569Death
Cora Adele LaneFebruary 23, 195569Death
William Henry RohrerFebruary 23, 194579Death
Leroy LaylandFebruary 23, 194480Death
Douglas Michael MonteFebruary 23, 194480Birth
Herbert E WileyFebruary 23, 194381Death
Virginia Frances McGeheeFebruary 23, 194282Death
Barbara Mae WalkerFebruary 23, 194183Death
Willard Dale WebbFebruary 23, 194183Birth
William Christy TurleyFebruary 23, 193886Death
Brownita A WeathersFebruary 23, 193886Birth
Ella Bell McGeheeFebruary 23, 193886Death
Vera Margaret ShemwellFebruary 23, 193886Birth
Flora Frances CrowFebruary 23, 193391Birth
George James RobertsFebruary 23, 193292Death
Edwin Howard McDougleFebruary 23, 193193Death
Bobby Gene CookFebruary 23, 193094Birth
Robert Lee JacksonFebruary 23, 192896Birth
David FrenchFebruary 23, 192896Death
Wanda Marie WelchFebruary 23, 192896Birth
Daisy Juanita PattersonFebruary 23, 192797Birth
John David “J. D.” LasterFebruary 23, 192797Birth
Betty Lou JonesFebruary 23, 192797Birth
Elizabeth Claudia RaglandFebruary 23, 192698Birth
Ruth Ellen “Ruthie” ShemwellFebruary 23, 192698Death
Robert Lathrop “Bob” WheelerFebruary 23, 192599Birth
Nellie Mae BruceFebruary 23, 192599Birth
Jimmie Dixon WalkerFebruary 23, 1921103Birth
Dorthy Violet BrownFebruary 23, 1921103Birth
Grace SchaumkellFebruary 23, 1921103Birth
Camilla C GreeneFebruary 23, 1917107Death
Elizabeth A MathisFebruary 23, 1917107Death
Valera Mattie TynesFebruary 23, 1917107Birth
Gaylen Lee FrenchFebruary 23, 1917107Birth
Emily Isadora “Emma” BarnettFebruary 23, 1916108Death
Isabel BruceFebruary 23, 1916108Death
William John Riley KnightFebruary 23, 1915109Death
Norman Curtis CherryFebruary 23, 1914110Birth
Norburn Allen FarrisFebruary 23, 1912112Birth
Joe John BurnettFebruary 23, 1910114Birth
Marshall Reece StackFebruary 23, 1910114Birth
Latha Amelia ReedFebruary 23, 1910114Birth
John LaFayette AdamsFebruary 23, 1909115Death
Margaret “Peggy” AdamsFebruary 23, 1908116Death
Mollie CandlerFebruary 23, 1908116Death
Jessie Wade HarrisFebruary 23, 1907117Birth
Clara Eunice LynchFebruary 23, 1905119Birth
Margaret GreeneFebruary 23, 1904120Death
Mattie Susan ThurmanFebruary 23, 1904120Birth
Willie I DicksonFebruary 23, 1904120Birth
Dwight M OwenFebruary 23, 1902122Birth
Nancy Ann CoxFebruary 23, 1902122Death
Lorenzo Dow HarrisFebruary 23, 1902122Death
Betty TuckerFebruary 23, 1898126Birth
Clarence Monroe MillerFebruary 23, 1897127Birth
Henry Redman ShemwellFebruary 23, 1894130Birth
Carlous A FergusonFebruary 23, 1893131Birth
Sarah V SearsFebruary 23, 1892132Death
Alva M SandersFebruary 23, 1890134Birth
Blanch WhiteheadFebruary 23, 1890134Birth
Eleanor Jane “Ellen” RootFebruary 23, 1888136Death
Louise Katherine “Lula” WilsonFebruary 23, 1888136Birth
Acy Carroll EppsFebruary 23, 1886138Birth
Lou Zora PageFebruary 23, 1885139Birth
Edward O WebbFebruary 23, 1884140Death
William Harry SnyderFebruary 23, 1882142Birth
Willie Ella StallsFebruary 23, 1878146Birth
Bailey Montgomery StovallFebruary 23, 1878146Birth
Lucy O RuckerFebruary 23, 1878146Birth
Luna Elizabeth “Lizzie” McGeheeFebruary 23, 1877147Birth
Zalmon Alfons “Jack” CherryFebruary 23, 1875149Birth
William Vernon NoeFebruary 23, 1874150Birth
Ellen WhiteFebruary 23, 1870154Death
John Richard BryantFebruary 23, 1865159Birth
Joshua Heber KimballFebruary 23, 1861163Birth
Louisa Alverta “Lou” DriskillFebruary 23, 1858166Birth
Mary Aliza CherryFebruary 23, 1846178Birth
Emaline RileyFebruary 23, 1846178Birth
John W McMillanFebruary 23, 1844180Death
Michael Isaac BarnettFebruary 23, 1842182Birth
Amanda Elizabeth “Manda” ShemwellFebruary 23, 1840184Birth
Isaac Newton ThurmanFebruary 23, 1838186Birth
Rhoda P FrostFebruary 23, 1834190Birth
Milas AreyFebruary 23, 1822202Birth
William C ShipeFebruary 23, 1816208Birth
Joseph Henry ShemwellFebruary 23, 1815209Birth
Hiram TroutmanFebruary 23, 1808216Birth
Sumner WestonFebruary 23, 1806218Birth
William R RustFebruary 23, 1792232Birth
Mary StoutFebruary 23, 1775249Birth
Mary estimated February 23, 1724300Death
Joseph Velmar Howell + Grace Kathryn KeyFebruary 23, 194282Marriage
William Joseph Tonahill Jr. + Lila Mary LongFebruary 23, 192797Marriage
Clinton Jones Lupo + Emma Gladys SennFebruary 23, 1921103Marriage
Lt. Richard Trigg Davis + Mabel Elizabeth FaustFebruary 23, 1918106Marriage
Julius Miller + Etta K ShawFebruary 23, 1916108Marriage
Riley Abraham Henson + Della Photine SmithFebruary 23, 1902122Marriage
Zachariah Taylor Hildabrand + Cynthia Ann SeiberFebruary 23, 1877147Marriage
Malachi Trafton + Nancy WomackFebruary 23, 1841183Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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