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On this day
Dennis Euell BeairdDecember 8, 20202Death
Robert Wylie RushinDecember 8, 20175Death
Roberta Jeanne MusgraveDecember 8, 20166Death
Charlene Elizabeth “Betty” ShemwellDecember 8, 200814Death
Maranda Raelynn MinterDecember 8, 200715Death
Lady Pearl FitzhughDecember 8, 200715Death
Calvin Edward SmithDecember 8, 200220Death
Lavinia Joan McFallDecember 8, 200022Death
Hazel ReedDecember 8, 199923Death
Hershal Raymond MathisDecember 8, 199626Death
James Stewart Tatum Jr.December 8, 199626Death
Bertha Clemons RossDecember 8, 198240Death
Ella Mae ClarkDecember 8, 197349Death
Eliza Jane SwaffordDecember 8, 197250Death
Lawrence Elias ColemanDecember 8, 197151Death
Ada Glenn HendricksonDecember 8, 197052Death
Herbert Hobson ShemwellDecember 8, 196656Death
Minnie Louise BrowningDecember 8, 196458Death
Leone Gwendolen ShillingDecember 8, 196458Death
Mamie Lou MooneyDecember 8, 196359Death
Claude Donald PayneDecember 8, 196359Death
Charles Lee WalkerDecember 8, 196359Death
John Bartee SuddarthDecember 8, 196062Death
Ida B LovelessDecember 8, 195468Death
Attie G SpeeceDecember 8, 195468Death
William Henry LevanDecember 8, 195270Death
Clarence Franklin DiermanDecember 8, 195171Death
Edna Jane BicknellDecember 8, 194973Death
Nancy Eileen JerinDecember 8, 194676Birth
Brenda Lois PenrodDecember 8, 194676Birth
John Thomas CannonDecember 8, 194478Death
Phyllis Ann MegeheeDecember 8, 194379Birth
Zebulon Vance HarrisDecember 8, 194082Death
Cecil Ray McPhersonDecember 8, 193785Birth
Eudoxia RobersonDecember 8, 193389Death
Lawrence Arnold MusickDecember 8, 193191Death
William Robert “Bill” McGeheeDecember 8, 193092Birth
Virginia Louise ReederDecember 8, 192795Birth
Doyle Raymond WardenDecember 8, 192795Birth
Alice WebbDecember 8, 192597Birth
Mollie Juanita WalkerDecember 8, 1922100Birth
Lelton Glen HesterDecember 8, 1921101Birth
Howard Dale ChristianDecember 8, 1921101Birth
Sydna LaVelle DoddDecember 8, 1920102Birth
Talmadge Burton PearsonDecember 8, 1919103Birth
Martha M BeshearsDecember 8, 1918104Birth
Alfred Monroe WebbDecember 8, 1918104Death
Benoni Smith HuntDecember 8, 1918104Death
Mary Virginia BarnesDecember 8, 1917105Birth
Rita Jeanette PearsonDecember 8, 1917105Birth
Charles C BriganceDecember 8, 1917105Birth
John L ShemwellDecember 8, 1917105Death
John William ShemwellDecember 8, 1917105Death
Frances Edgar WilliamsDecember 8, 1913109Birth
Edward Raymond FelberDecember 8, 1913109Birth
Samuel Vanmeter ShemwellDecember 8, 1911111Death
Robert Hoke LoftinDecember 8, 1911111Birth
Jewel Marie FrenchDecember 8, 1910112Death
Sarah Lee BryantDecember 8, 1906116Birth
John T Ellis Jr.December 8, 1904118Death
Theodore Max TaylorDecember 8, 1904118Birth
Mary Janice McAllisterDecember 8, 1904118Birth
Raymond Almus EppsDecember 8, 1903119Birth
Mary C CarltonDecember 8, 1903119Death
Gertrude TaylorDecember 8, 1902120Birth
Alva C TroutmanDecember 8, 1902120Death
Nancy Jane LongDecember 8, 1901121Death
Dillie Gladys GeorgeDecember 8, 1899123Birth
Martha Ann “Annie” McMillanDecember 8, 1899123Birth
Elias FrenchDecember 8, 1897125Death
Tommie Hobert McNuttDecember 8, 1897125Birth
Martha Ellen AndrewsDecember 8, 1892130Birth
Jane Lee WyattDecember 8, 1891131Birth
Emory Ray JohnsDecember 8, 1890132Birth
Alma L BrustDecember 8, 1890132Birth
William Stanley CoxDecember 8, 1888134Birth
Erma Ida MartinDecember 8, 1888134Birth
Dorathea BezjakDecember 8, 1887135Birth
Joseph Conrad ShemwellDecember 8, 1887135Birth
Ollie Shaw GlennDecember 8, 1884138Birth
William Tony AdamsDecember 8, 1881141Death
John William Robey FrostDecember 8, 1881141Birth
Moses ComerDecember 8, 1880142Death
Girtha Mattie StallsDecember 8, 1879143Birth
Allen James “A J” ShemwellDecember 8, 1879143Death
Mary E EdwardsDecember 8, 1878144Birth
John HallDecember 8, 1878144Death
Ella DialDecember 8, 1870152Birth
Arena JohnsonDecember 8, 1865157Birth
Analiza Alice “Annie” JonesDecember 8, 1863159Birth
Mary Caroline MoodyDecember 8, 1855167Birth
Emily KellyDecember 8, 1850172Birth
Felix M DulinDecember 8, 1850172Birth
Thomas W TabbDecember 8, 1847175Birth
William H DowlenDecember 8, 1844178Birth
Charles J McGeheeDecember 8, 1840182Birth
Eliza BurgessDecember 8, 1827195Birth
Elizabeth AcuffDecember 8, 1821201Birth
Nancy Reeder WalkerDecember 8, 1817205Birth
Sarah Downer RedfordDecember 8, 1767255Birth
Robert DayDecember 8, 1697325Death
Lady Marion MacDonaldDecember 8, 1678344Death
George Berry McNair + Virginia Mae ChristensenDecember 8, 196161Marriage
Henry Shelton Morrison + Martha Ann “Annie” McMillanDecember 8, 1918104Marriage
Joseph Martin Richardson + Flora Belle DoatyDecember 8, 1912110Marriage
Norburn Ragon Farris + Emma Elizabeth ShemwellDecember 8, 1909113Marriage
Franklin D Smith + Rosanna Elmira GallowayDecember 8, 1892130Marriage
David Obediah Chism + Nellie Eldora HarringtonDecember 8, 1892130Marriage
Russel Curt Lee Sr. + Eliza Louise CartwrightDecember 8, 1887135Marriage
Henry Clay Stanley + Margaret Maria SmartDecember 8, 1877145Marriage
Brigham Young Sr. + Hannah Dorcas TapfieldDecember 8, 1872150Marriage
Zeddock Keelin + Mary A CleaudandDecember 8, 1861161Marriage
Sterling Davis + Martha ApplewhiteDecember 8, 1831191Marriage
Daniel McGehee + Appa Jane PowellDecember 8, 1828194Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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