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On this day
Ruby Delray RaganApril 14, 20231Death
Cora Lee “Connie” JacksonApril 14, 20204Death
Dorthy Violet BrownApril 14, 20168Death
Raney Lee Webb JrApril 14, 20159Death
Alan Mark Torres Sr.April 14, 200915Death
Thelma Dean ShemwellApril 14, 200816Death
Estel Edward OakesApril 14, 200816Death
Edith Arval BellApril 14, 200420Death
Dr. Donald Lurton AreyApril 14, 200222Death
Sarah Francis VestalApril 14, 199826Death
William Layton “Billy” AdlerApril 14, 199727Death
James Willard AllenApril 14, 199727Death
Bessie Pauline FullerApril 14, 199331Death
Bud Thomas SowellApril 14, 199034Death
Connie Lucille April 14, 198638Death
Lewis Grady ByrdApril 14, 198440Death
Earmel McKimApril 14, 198341Death
Cecil Everett CookApril 14, 198044Death
Cobertt EdwardsApril 14, 197252Death
James F McNeillApril 14, 196955Death
Virginia FlowersApril 14, 196658Death
Walter William CobbApril 14, 196658Death
Viola Lee MooreApril 14, 196163Death
Charles AbneyApril 14, 196064Death
StanleyApril 14, 196064Birth
StanleyApril 14, 196064Death
Debrah Ann LillardApril 14, 195965Birth
Lewis Guy TroutmanApril 14, 195965Death
Walter Seaborn BennettApril 14, 195866Death
Joshua Cleveland HarrisApril 14, 195767Death
Annie Belle DunnApril 14, 195668Death
Larry Wayne LathamApril 14, 195569Death
James Henry GreyApril 14, 195371Death
Leslie Ellen ConnellApril 14, 195272Death
Nancy Ann “Anna” McMillanApril 14, 195074Death
Barbara Ann WrightApril 14, 195074Birth
Genevie A YoungApril 14, 195074Birth
Laurel M HowellApril 14, 194975Birth
Betty Sue PoundsApril 14, 194876Birth
Mary Arizona “Zona” PruittApril 14, 194876Death
Lynda Fay RowlandApril 14, 194777Birth
Mary “Mollie” April 14, 194678Death
Robert Dell “Bob” ReynoldsApril 14, 194678Birth
Peggy Joann AllisonApril 14, 194381Birth
Ellison Wilburn “Ellie” Long Sr.April 14, 194183Death
Larry Lynn HulseyApril 14, 193985Birth
Elouisa Jane “Eliza” WalkerApril 14, 193787Death
Eliza CampbellApril 14, 193787Death
Cora Lee ChristianApril 14, 193589Death
James “Jim” LongApril 14, 193490Death
John Isaac RaganApril 14, 193490Death
Mary Irene YocumApril 14, 193391Death
Martin Thomas FordApril 14, 193391Birth
Martin Thomas FordApril 14, 193391Death
Marianne Frances MartinoApril 14, 193391Birth
Mary McMillanApril 14, 193292Death
Jacob TroutmanApril 14, 193292Death
Thomas Woodrow GardnerApril 14, 192797Birth
Ollie YoungApril 14, 1924100Death
Dora PettyApril 14, 1921103Death
Fillmore Shemwell BatsonApril 14, 1920104Birth
Fillmore Shemwell BatsonApril 14, 1920104Death
Ann K GriffinApril 14, 1920104Birth
Andrew Monroe GanusApril 14, 1917107Birth
George F PearsonApril 14, 1916108Death
Thelma Marie TroutmanApril 14, 1915109Birth
Nola Belle AcuffApril 14, 1914110Birth
Ruth Florence SmithApril 14, 1912112Birth
Delia May HallApril 14, 1911113Birth
Jesse Columbus HiggersonApril 14, 1910114Birth
Norvel E BaggettApril 14, 1910114Birth
Dovie E ElliottApril 14, 1908116Birth
Robert Leroy LutzApril 14, 1908116Birth
Riley Abraham HensonApril 14, 1905119Death
Ruth Agnes PlasterApril 14, 1904120Birth
Nina Pearl ShemwellApril 14, 1900124Birth
Mary Elizabeth BakerApril 14, 1900124Death
Robert Guy LoftinApril 14, 1900124Birth
Austin Lewis HudsonApril 14, 1898126Birth
Louis Allen Kenny Jr.April 14, 1896128Birth
Rex ShemwellApril 14, 1896128Birth
Charlie Malachi HardisterApril 14, 1892132Birth
Sara Idessa DavisApril 14, 1891133Birth
Robert T ArnoldApril 14, 1886138Birth
Lulu May EppsApril 14, 1886138Birth
Iva Dell FrenchApril 14, 1884140Birth
Effie ShemwellApril 14, 1884140Birth
Martin Alva EppsApril 14, 1884140Death
John Lee HodgesApril 14, 1883141Birth
Floyd Francis Fields Sr.April 14, 1882142Birth
William Arthur OwensApril 14, 1881143Birth
Dora L HarrisApril 14, 1878146Birth
Walter Winston Shemwell Sr.April 14, 1878146Birth
Vincent Davis GunnApril 14, 1876148Death
Mary Thomas CoxApril 14, 1875149Death
Frances Elizabeth BreshearsApril 14, 1872152Birth
Nannie H SherrodApril 14, 1869155Birth
A Spencer KeelinApril 14, 1865159Birth
Sarah Ann SansomApril 14, 1865159Birth
William Henry “Billy” ReedApril 14, 1863161Birth
Lynn M DeverApril 14, 1862162Birth
Sylvania Caroline SlusherApril 14, 1857167Birth
John Wesley CroftApril 14, 1852172Birth
David A Nathaniel GreeneApril 14, 1838186Birth
Henry Lewis HallApril 14, 1832192Birth
John Monroe Beaty WalkerApril 14, 1832192Birth
Marguerite Marie RegnierApril 14, 1815209Birth
Adam Lightner Jr.April 14, 1810214Birth
Richard Dunn ShacklefordApril 14, 1803221Birth
Elizabeth SmithApril 14, 1772252Birth
Samuel NixdorffApril 14, 1745279Birth
John Roland McCord + Martha DayApril 14, 192599Marriage
Elmer Albert Allen + Rhoda Kathryn RichardsonApril 14, 1920104Marriage
George Arthur Aud + Martha Mae RushinApril 14, 1917107Marriage
Roy Thomas French + Ada Mae PorterApril 14, 1916108Marriage
Jesse Samuel Gibbens + Ida Florence FeebackApril 14, 1908116Marriage
James C Shemwell + Sarah Elizabeth RoleyApril 14, 1878146Marriage
Holland Christopher Lambert + Nancy Jane TroutmanApril 14, 1872152Marriage
Samuel Swafford + Cora Emmaline “Carrie” ParhamApril 14, 1867157Marriage
Michael B Freeman + Dicy R CaltonApril 14, 1858166Marriage
Gabriel Farrell + Elizabeth McCombsApril 14, 1824200Marriage
John McCown Nichols + Ann Harrisonbetween April 8, 1745 and April 14, 1745279Marriage
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Isaac, is the 1st. Shemwell we can find in the colonies.. so far.
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