The Shemwell Family

Meverell LockeAge: 48 years17161764

Meverell Locke
Given names
Birth between February 17, 1716 and 1717 36 36
Death of a fatherPhilip Locke
August 16, 1722 (Age 6 years)
Death of a sisterMary Locke
after 1722 (Age 5 years)
Death of a brotherPhilip Locke
after 1722 (Age 5 years)
MarriageElizabeth EdwardsView this family
about 1738 (Age 21 years)
Historical Event
The French & Indian War
between 1754 and 1763 (Age 37 years)

Note: The French and Indian War is the American name for the North American theater of the Seven Years War, fought primarily between the colonies of British America and New France -
Death May 5, 1764 (Age 48 years)