The Shemwell Family

Bettie Ann ShemwellAge: 6 months19391940

Bettie Ann Shemwell
Given names
Bettie Ann
Birth September 26, 1939 30 27
Death March 28, 1940 (Age 6 months)
Cemetery: New Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery
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Marriage: November 24, 1932Todd, Kentucky, United States
3 years
elder brother
Loyce Alpha Shemwell Jr.
Birth: April 1936 27 23Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: May 7, 1936Todd, Kentucky, United States
22 months
elder brother
20 months
Bettie Ann Shemwell
Birth: September 26, 1939 30 27Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: March 28, 1940Todd, Kentucky, United States
17 months
younger brother
Donald Joseph Shemwell
Birth: March 8, 1941 32 28Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: February 8, 2005Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
15 months
younger brother
Paul Dean Shemwell
Birth: May 25, 1942 33 30Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States
Death: October 2, 1984Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States
3 years
younger sister
Peggy Sue Shemwell
Birth: January 7, 1945 36 32Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, United States
Death: September 3, 2018Owensboro, Daviess, Kentucky, United States
5 years
younger sister
Sherry Lynn Shemwell
Birth: August 14, 1949 40 37Christian, Kentucky, United States
Death: March 3, 2019Owensboro, Daviess, Kentucky, United States
-6 years
younger sister
Rhonda Alvena Shemwell
Birth: February 5, 1944 35 31Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, United States
Death: February 14, 1944Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, United States
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Marriage: estimated 1925Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, United States
Divorce: before 1932
23 months
Clarence Loyce Shemwell
Birth: December 4, 1926 17 20Knight, Vanderburgh, Indiana, United States
Death: July 31, 2000Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States

Bettie Ann Shemwell has 4 first cousins recorded