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Elizabeth NolinAge: 25 years18211846

Elizabeth Nolin
Given names
Married name
Elizabeth Shemwell
Birth about 1821 25 24
Birth of a brotherDr. Jonathan Tubbs Nolin
Historical Event
Cholera Epidemic
1832 (Age 11 years)
Note: Cholera killed 4,340 people in New Orleans & over 3,000 in New York City -
Historical Event
The Texas Revolution
between October 1835 and April 1836 (Age 14 years)
Note: The Texas Revolution (or Texas War of Independence) was fought from October 2, 1835 to April 21, 1836 between Mexico and the Texas (Tejas) portion of the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas. The Texas Revolution erupted in 1836, after Texas declared its independence from Mexico. Mexico responded by invading Texas, where General Santa Anna won decisive victories in the battles of the Alamo and Goliad. The war ended at the Battle of San Jacinto (about 20 miles) east of modern day downtown Houston) where General Sam Houston led the Texas Army to victory in 18 minutes over a portion of the Mexican Army under Santa Anna, who was captured shortly after the battle. The conclusion of the war resulted in the creation of the Republic of Texas -
Death of a motherKarenhappuck “Cary” Tubb
before 1838 (Age 17 years)

Marriage of a parentCapt. Phillip B NolinSarah V OutlawView this family
August 30, 1838 (Age 17 years)
MarriageDr. James Jackson “J J” ShemwellView this family
July 13, 1843 (Age 22 years)
Note: Justice of Peace-James T. Morris
Birth of a son
#1Dr. Jonathan Nolin Shemwell
April 9, 1844 (Age 23 years)
Historical Event
Mexican-American War
from 1846 to 1848 (Age 25 years)
Note: The Mexican-American War was an armed conflict between the United States of America and the United Mexican States from 1846 to 1848 in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas, which Mexico considered part of its territory despite the 1836 Texas Revolution -
Death March 17, 1846 (Age 25 years)
Will March 1848 (23 months after death)
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by: Brian Shemwell
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 1817Tennessee, United States
5 years
1 year
twin brother
Dr. Jonathan Tubbs Nolin
Birth: 1821 25 24Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Death: 1877Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States
Father’s family with Sarah V Outlaw - View this family
Marriage: August 30, 1838Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Family with Dr. James Jackson “J J” Shemwell - View this family
Marriage: July 13, 1843Stewart, Tennessee, United States
9 months
Dr. Jonathan Nolin Shemwell
Birth: April 9, 1844 28 23Christian, Kentucky, United States
Death: April 16, 1920Brookport, Massac, Illinois, United States
Dr. James Jackson “J J” Shemwell + Olivia “Ollie” McCauley - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: July 4, 1848Pope, Illinois, United States
10 months
6 years
Edward Shemwell
Birth: November 1854 38 25Pope, Illinois, United States
Death: May 19, 1917Charleston, Mississippi, Missouri, United States
4 years
14 months
3 years
3 years
15 months
Emma Jane Shemwell
Birth: April 6, 1864 48 35Pope, Illinois, United States
Death: April 12, 1944Massac, Illinois, United States

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Justice of Peace-James T. Morris
Elizabeth Shemwell Bond Know all men by these presents that we J.J. Shemwell, Nathan G. Morris, and Z.T. Shemwell all of the State of Tennessee and County of Stewart are held and firmly bound unto the governor in and over the State aforesaid or his successors in office in the sum of six hundred dollars to be paid to the said Governor or his successors in office or their assigns which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 6th day of March 1848. The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bounder, J.J. Shemwell, administrator of all and singular the Goods and chattels Rights and credits of Elizabeth Shemwell deceased do make or cause to be made a True and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods and chattle rights and credits of the deceased which have or shall come unto the hands, knowledge or possession of said J.J. Shemwell or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him and the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited unto our ensuring County court and the same goods chattels rights and credits and all other goods, chattels rights and credits of the dead at the time of her death which at any time hereafter may come into the hands of any person or persons for him do will and truly administer according to Law and further do make or cause to be made a True and just account of the administration within Two years after the date of these presents and all the Rest and Residue of said Goods, chattels and credits which may be found Remaining on said administration account the same being first examined and allowed agreeably to Law shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectively as the same shall be due pursuant to the true interest and meaning of this administration and if it shall appear that any will or testament was made by the deceased and an executor or executrix thereto named do exhibit the same unto Court making it allowed and apparent of accordingly if the said J.J. Shemwell thereunto be Requested do Render and deliver said Letters of Administration approbation of said Testament being first had and made in our said court; then this obligation to be void else to Remain in full force and Law. Taken and acknowledged)J.J. Shemwell (LS) In Open Court March Term 1848)Z.T. Shemwell (LS) Approved by the Court)N.G. Morris (LS) James Chambers, Chairman)
SHEMWELL, Mrs. Elizabeth, died in Stewart County on 17th inst. After a short and severe illness; daughter of Capt. P. B. NOLIN and consort of Dr. James J. SHEMWELL. (Clarksville Jeffersonian, 28 March 1846.)