The Shemwell Family

William Frank HincheyAge: 83 years18611945

William Frank Hinchey
Given names
William Frank
Birth April 2, 1861 36 32
Birth of a sisterFrancis Ann “Fannie” Hinchey
February 20, 1863 (Age 22 months)
Birth of a sisterSarah Catherine “Kate” Hinchey
October 26, 1867 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a sisterLucy Hinchey
estimated July 1869 (Age 8 years)
Note: See Notes.
Census June 20, 1870 (Age 9 years)
Birth of a sisterPauline Caroline “Callie” Hinchey
July 1870 (Age 9 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherIsaac Holmes Waller
May 11, 1876 (Age 15 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherRebecca Vines Singleton
July 10, 1876 (Age 15 years)
MarriageIcedore KennonView this family
December 17, 1879 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a son
#1Arthur James Hinchey
October 5, 1881 (Age 20 years)
Birth of a son
#2Shellie Ottis “Shurley” Hinchey
November 10, 1883 (Age 22 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherJames Bartlett Hinchey
December 17, 1883 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a son
#3William Otto Hinchey
October 10, 1885 (Age 24 years)
Birth of a daughter
#4Blanche O Hinchey
December 1887 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a daughter
#5Joy O Hinchey
April 1890 (Age 28 years)
Death of a wifeIcedore Kennon
about April 1890 (Age 28 years)

MarriageNancy Ella BarnettView this family
March 21, 1893 (Age 31 years)
Birth of a daughter
#6Maggie Jane Hinchey
March 8, 1894 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a daughter
#7Ida Mae “Idie” Hinchey
October 28, 1896 (Age 35 years)
Death of a sisterMary Jane “Sis” Hinchey
June 28, 1897 (Age 36 years)
Census June 14, 1900 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a son
#8Oscar Lee Hinchey
May 4, 1901 (Age 40 years)
Death of a sisterPauline Caroline “Callie” Hinchey
March 25, 1904 (Age 42 years)
Cause: Consumption - Tuberculosis
Birth of a daughter
#9Ocie Ola Hinchey
June 14, 1905 (Age 44 years)
Death of a fatherJoshua Crudup “Crude” Hinchey
March 18, 1907 (Age 45 years)
Marriage of a childShellie Ottis “Shurley” HincheyMaude CorbinView this family
January 16, 1908 (Age 46 years)
Marriage of a childJohn David MarlarBlanche O HincheyView this family
estimated 1908 (Age 46 years)

Birth of a son
#10James William “J W” Hinchey
December 3, 1911 (Age 50 years)
Marriage of a childHomer Alex Corbin Sr.Maggie Jane HincheyView this family
estimated 1911 (Age 49 years)

Death of a motherMary Jane Waller
May 26, 1912 (Age 51 years)
Marriage of a childWilliam Luther GillamIda Mae “Idie” HincheyView this family
August 5, 1912 (Age 51 years)
Birth of a grandson
#1Russell E Marlar
about 1913 (Age 51 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
#2Mavis Helen Hinchey
November 19, 1918 (Age 57 years)
Marriage of a childArthur James HincheyMyrtle WhiteView this family
about 1918 (Age 56 years)

Death of a wifeNancy Ella Barnett
June 26, 1922 (Age 61 years)
Marriage of a childOscar Lee HincheyEthie Moody ClarkView this family
October 14, 1923 (Age 62 years)
Marriage of a childClarence Franklin SmithOcie Ola HincheyView this family
estimated 1924 (Age 62 years)

Death of a sisterLucy Hinchey
August 24, 1926 (Age 65 years)
Marriage of a childJames William “J W” HincheyAugusta Marie “Gussie” JenningsView this family
December 16, 1933 (Age 72 years)
Death of a brotherJames Joshua Hinchey
February 16, 1936 (Age 74 years)
Death of a sonShellie Ottis “Shurley” Hinchey
July 7, 1937 (Age 76 years)
Death of a brotherIsaac Marion “Pute” Hinchey
April 1, 1940 (Age 78 years)
Death of a sisterSarah Catherine “Kate” Hinchey
March 28, 1944 (Age 82 years)
Death February 8, 1945 (Age 83 years)
Address: 2469 Harvard St.
Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Little Prairie Cemetery
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: December 1, 1850Henry, Tennessee, United States
5 years
elder brother
23 months
elder sister
3 years
elder brother
15 months
23 months
younger sister
5 years
younger sister
Sarah Catherine “Kate” Hinchey
Birth: October 26, 1867 42 38Henry, Tennessee, United States
Death: March 28, 1944Henry, Tennessee, United States
21 months
younger sister
Lucy Hinchey
Birth: estimated July 1869 44 40Henry, Tennessee, United States
Death: August 24, 1926Henry, Tennessee, United States
13 months
younger sister
Family with Icedore Kennon - View this family
Marriage: December 17, 1879Henry, Tennessee, United States
22 months
Arthur James Hinchey
Birth: October 5, 1881 20 19Tennessee, United States
Death: February 9, 1958Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States
2 years
Shellie Ottis “Shurley” Hinchey
Birth: November 10, 1883 22 21Humphreys, Tennessee, United States
Death: July 7, 1937Caruthersville, Pemiscot, Missouri, United States
23 months
William Otto Hinchey
Birth: October 10, 1885 24 23Arkansas, United States
Death: March 17, 1971Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States
2 years
2 years
Family with Nancy Ella Barnett - View this family
Marriage: March 21, 1893Henry, Tennessee, United States
1 year
Maggie Jane Hinchey
Birth: March 8, 1894 32 22Paris, Henry, Tennessee, United States
Death: October 15, 1983Caruthersville, Pemiscot, Missouri, United States
3 years
Ida Mae “Idie” Hinchey
Birth: October 28, 1896 35 24Paris, Henry, Tennessee, United States
Death: June 28, 1983Hazelwood, St. Louis, Missouri, United States
5 years
Oscar Lee Hinchey
Birth: May 4, 1901 40 29Paris, Henry, Tennessee, United States
Death: August 24, 1965Micola, Pemiscot, Missouri, United States
4 years
Ocie Ola Hinchey
Birth: June 14, 1905 44 33Steele, Pemiscot, Missouri, United States
Death: May 17, 1994Hayti, Pemiscot, Missouri, United States
7 years
James William “J W” Hinchey
Birth: December 3, 1911 50 40Henderson, Tennessee, United States
Death: March 14, 1989Hillsboro, Jefferson, Missouri, United States

William Frank Hinchey has 2 first cousins recorded

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Census1870 United States - Census transcript - Joshua Crude Hinchey - Household

Dist. 2 Paris, Henry, Tennessee, USA

J C Hinchey45MWFarmerNC
M J Hinchey41FWVA
Jas J Hinchey14MWTN
M J Hinchey12FWTN
I M Hinchey10MWTN
W F Hinchey8MWTN
A E Hinchey6FWTN
C Hinchey3FWTN
Levis Hinchey11mFWTN

Notes: Living in same household with brother William & family

Census1900 United States - Census transcript - William Frank Hinchey - Household

Henry, Tennessee

Hinchey, WilliamheadWMApr186238M6TNVANCFarmer
Hinchey, EllawifeWFDec187128M622TNTNTN
Hinchey, Arthur JsonWMOct188118STNTNTNFarm Laborer
Hinchey, Shellie OsonWMOct188316STNTNTNFarm Laborer
Hinchey, OttosonWMOct188514SARTNTNFarm Laborer
Hinchey, BlanchedaughterWFDec188712STNTNTN
Hinchey, JoydaughterWFApr189010STNTNTN
Hinchey, MaggiedaughterWFMar18946STNTNTN
Hinchey, IdadaughterWFOct18963STNTNTN