The Shemwell Family

Lucy HincheyAge: 57 years18691926

Lucy Hinchey
Given names
Married name
Lucy Bradford
Birth estimated July 1869 44 40
Note: See Notes.
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Census June 20, 1870 (Age 11 months)
Birth of a sisterPauline Caroline “Callie” Hinchey
July 1870 (Age 12 months)
Death of a maternal grandfatherIsaac Holmes Waller
May 11, 1876 (Age 6 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherRebecca Vines Singleton
July 10, 1876 (Age 7 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherJames Bartlett Hinchey
December 17, 1883 (Age 14 years)
Death of a sisterMary Jane “Sis” Hinchey
June 28, 1897 (Age 27 years)
Death of a sisterPauline Caroline “Callie” Hinchey
March 25, 1904 (Age 34 years)
Cause: Consumption - Tuberculosis
Death of a fatherJoshua Crudup “Crude” Hinchey
March 18, 1907 (Age 37 years)
Census May 10, 1910 (Age 40 years)
Death of a motherMary Jane Waller
May 26, 1912 (Age 42 years)
Death August 24, 1926 (Age 57 years)
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Marriage: December 1, 1850Henry, Tennessee, United States
5 years
elder brother
23 months
elder sister
3 years
elder brother
15 months
elder brother
23 months
elder sister
5 years
elder sister
Sarah Catherine “Kate” Hinchey
Birth: October 26, 1867 42 38Henry, Tennessee, United States
Death: March 28, 1944Henry, Tennessee, United States
21 months
Lucy Hinchey
Birth: estimated July 1869 44 40Henry, Tennessee, United States
Death: August 24, 1926Henry, Tennessee, United States
13 months
younger sister
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Lucy Hinchey
Birth: estimated July 1869 44 40Henry, Tennessee, United States
Death: August 24, 1926Henry, Tennessee, United States

Lucy Hinchey has 14 first cousins recorded

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Census1870 United States - Census transcript - Joshua Crude Hinchey - Household

Dist. 2 Paris, Henry, Tennessee, USA

J C Hinchey45MWFarmerNC
M J Hinchey41FWVA
Jas J Hinchey14MWTN
M J Hinchey12FWTN
I M Hinchey10MWTN
W F Hinchey8MWTN
A E Hinchey6FWTN
C Hinchey3FWTN
Levis Hinchey11mFWTN

Notes: Living in same household with brother William & family

Census1910 United States - Census transcript - Isaac Marion “Pute” Hinchey - Household

Henry, Tennessee

Hinchey, Isaac MheadMW52M2TNNCVAFarmer
Hinchey, ClaudiedaughterFW22STNTNTN
Hinchey, WilliesonMW19STNTNTNFarm Labor
Hinchey, OciedaughterFW7STNTNTN
Hinchey, LeonsonMW4MTNTNTN
Hinchey, MarymotherFW80Wd75TNNCVA
Bradford, Lucyyounger sisterFW49Wd00TNTNTN
Williamson, CrudenephewMW12STNALTN

Who is Lucy? Mary Waller 1900 - Hinchey, Mary J., wife, age 71, born June 1829 in Virginia; parents born in Virginia; married 50 years; 7 children, 6 living. Sis died in 1897. 1910 - Hinchey, Mary, mother, age 80, born in Tennessee; father born in North Carolina; mother born in Virginia; widow; 7 children, 5 living. Pauline "Callie" died in 1904 - no Lucy? We have 1 too many daughters.. Crude Hinchey died in 1907 his obit says survived by wife 3 sons and 2 daughters... all 3 sons, Fannie & Kate are living - no Lucy? 1850 No kids 1860 - 3 Children J J Hinchey - M-4 (James) Mary Hinchey -F-3 (Mary) Pewt? Hinchey -M -1 (Isaac) 1870 - 7 children (all according to 1900-1910) Jas J Hinchey -M-14 (James) M J Hinchey -F-12(Mary) I M Hinchey-M-10(Isaac) W F Hinchey-M-8 (William) A E Hinchey-F-6(Francis Ann) C Hinchey - F-3(Katherine) Levis Hinchey - F-11m (Caroline or Lucy) 1880 - Boys and Mary gone Ann Hinchey F-17 (Francis Ann) Catherine Hinchey F-13 (Katherine) Carlene Hinchey F-10 (Caroline or Lucy) 1910 Isaac Hinchey, Mary-mother -80- Wd 75 Bradford, Lucy sister -49 - Wd 0 0 (Caroline died in 1904) Is Lucy sister in law? So... is Lucy the daughter of a son? illigitimate from daughter? -b