The Shemwell Family

William Henry “Willie” TomerlinAge: 24 years18981923

William Henry “Willie” Tomerlin
Given names
William Henry
Birth December 24, 1898 47 29
Census June 6, 1900 (Age 17 months)
Birth of a sisterBeulah Tomerlin
June 4, 1903 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherWinford Dudley Tomerlin
1909 (Age 10 years)
Census April 2, 1910 (Age 11 years)
Historical Event
Polio Epidemic
1916 (Age 17 years)

Note: Over 7,000 deaths and 27,363 cases reported in America's worst polio (infantile paralysis) epidemic -
Historical Event
World War I
between 1917 and November 1918 (Age 18 years)

Note: The United States enters 'The Great War' where more than nine million combatants were killed-
Historical Event
Spanish Influenza Epidemic
1918 (Age 19 years)

Note: Spanish Influenza killed over 500,000 people in the United States, and somewhere between 20 and 40 million in what has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in history -
Death of a maternal grandfatherFinis Washington Sherrod
April 30, 1919 (Age 20 years)
Census January 14, 1920 (Age 21 years)
Death January 11, 1923 (Age 24 years)

Cause of death: diabetes mellitus
Cemetery: Gant Cemetery
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by: Barry Shemwell
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Marriage: October 30, 1884Todd, Kentucky, United States
15 months
elder sister
Lola T Tomerlin
Birth: February 4, 1886 35 16Sharon Grove, Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: March 2, 1962Todd, Kentucky, United States
19 months
elder sister
19 months
elder brother
Oscar O Tomerlin
Birth: March 25, 1889 38 19Sharon Grove, Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: January 10, 1950Bakersfield, Kern, California, United States
2 years
elder brother
Caskey Lewis Tomerlin
Birth: July 5, 1891 40 22Kentucky, United States
Death: May 27, 1959Christian, Kentucky, United States
20 months
elder brother
Walton W Tomerlin
Birth: March 12, 1893 42 23Kentucky, United States
Death: 1968Newport Beach, Orange, California, United States
4 years
elder sister
Cora “Cokie” Tomerlin
Birth: November 27, 1896 45 27Sharon Grove, Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: March 27, 1974Todd, Kentucky, United States
2 years
4 years
younger sister
Beulah Tomerlin
Birth: June 4, 1903 52 34Sharon Grove, Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: January 29, 1995Elkton, Todd, Kentucky, United States
7 years
younger brother
Winford Dudley Tomerlin
Birth: 1909 58 39Sharon Grove, Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: June 16, 1936Fresno, California, United States

William Henry “Willie” Tomerlin has 15 first cousins recorded

Census1900 United States - Census transcript - William Isom Tomerlin - Household

Sharon Grove, Todd, Kentucky

Tomerlin, William IheadWMDec185049M15TNNCNCFarmer
Tomerlin, Nannie HwifeWFApr186931M1577KYKYKY
Tomerlin, LoliedaughterWFFeb188614SKYTNKY
Tomerlin, GertiedaughterWFAug188712SKYTNKY
Tomerlin, OscarsonWMMar188911SKYTNKYFarm laborer
Tomerlin, CaskeysonWMJul18918SKYTNKY
Tomerlin, WaltonsonWMMar18937SKYTNKY
Tomerlin, CocadaughterWFNov18963SKYTNKY
Tomerlin, WilliesonWMDec18981SKYTNKY

Census1910 United States - Census transcript - William Isom Tomerlin - Household

Sharon Grove, Todd, Kentucky

Tomerlin, William IheadMW59M127TNNCNCFarmerGeneral farm
Tomerlin, Nannie HwifeFW41M127KYKYKY
Tomerlin, GertiedaughterFW22SKYKYKY
Tomerlin, Oscar OsonMW21SKYKYKY
Tomerlin, Caskey LsonMW18SKYKYKY
Tomerlin, Walton WsonMW17SKYKYKYIn School
Tomerlin, CoradaughterFW13SKYKYKYIn School
Tomerlin, WilliesonMW11SKYKYKYFarm LaborHome farm
Tomerlin, BeulahdaughterFW7SKYKYKY
Tomerlin, WinfredsonMW10mSKYKYKYFarm LaborHome farm

Census1920 United States - Census transcript - William Isom Tomerlin - Household

Sharon Grove, Todd, Kentucky

NameRelationHomeMortSexRaceAgeConditionImmNatNatYSchoolRWBPLangFBPFather langMBPMother langEngOccupationIndEmp
Tomerlin, WilliamheadMW69MKYNCKYFarmerGeneral Farm
Tomerlin, NanniewifeFW50MKYKYKY
Tomerlin, WaltonsonMW26SKYKYKY
Tomerlin, WilliesonMW21SKYKYKY
Tomerlin, BeulahdaughterFW16SKYKYKY
Tomerlin, WinfordsonMW10SKYKYKY