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Fannie Tennesee DriskellAge: 86 years18651951

Fannie Tennesee Driskell
Given names
Fannie Tennesee
Married name
Fannie Tennesee Tackson
Birth estimated 1865 36 36
Historical Event
The Alaska Purchase
1867 (Age 2 years)
Note: The Alaska Purchase was the purchase of 586,412 square miles of new territory by the United States from the Russian Empire (a bargain at two cents an acre) -
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic
1867 (Age 2 years)
Note: 3,093 perished from yellow fever in New Orleans -
Death of a maternal grandfatherJohn Patrick Shemwell
July 1869 (Age 4 years)
Cause: Inflammation of bowels
Historical Event
Transcontinental Railroad completed
1869 (Age 4 years)

Note: The First Transcontinental Railroad was a 1,907-mile contiguous railroad line constructed between 1863 and 1869 across the western United States to connect the Pacific coast with the existing Eastern U.S. rail network -
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878
1878 (Age 13 years)

Note: Over 13,000 deaths occurred from yellow fever in lower Mississippi Valley -
Death of a half-sisterMartha E “Mattie” Driskell
November 4, 1891 (Age 26 years)
Death of a motherNancy Isabella Shemwell
August 21, 1893 (Age 28 years)
Historical Event
Spanish-American War
between April 1898 and August 1898 (Age 33 years)
Note: The Spanish-American War was a conflict in 1898 between Spain and the United States, the result of American intervention in the Cuban War of Independence -
Death of a fatherJohn Franklin Driskell
April 18, 1902 (Age 37 years)
Historical Event
Polio Epidemic
1916 (Age 51 years)

Note: Over 7,000 deaths and 27,363 cases reported in America's worst polio (infantile paralysis) epidemic -
Historical Event
World War I
between 1917 and November 1918 (Age 52 years)

Note: The United States enters 'The Great War' where more than nine million combatants were killed-
Historical Event
Spanish Influenza Epidemic
1918 (Age 53 years)

Note: Spanish Influenza killed over 500,000 people in the United States, and somewhere between 20 and 40 million in what has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in history -
Death of a half-sisterMiranda Isabel “Belle” Driskell
January 31, 1924 (Age 59 years)
Historical Event
The Great Depression
October 1929 (Age 64 years)

Note: The Wall Street Crash sets off the Great Depression, the most severe worldwide economic depression in the 20th century -
Death of a half-sisterBarbara Jane Driskell
September 11, 1942 (Age 77 years)
Historical Event
World War II
between December 1941 and August 1945 (Age 76 years)

Note: The United States enters World War II after the attack at Pearl Harbor, a global war that involved the vast majority of the world's nations and including all of the great powers -
Death of a brotherGeorge Clark Driskell
May 21, 1946 (Age 81 years)
Historical Event
Korean War
between 1950 and 1953 (Age 85 years)
Note: The Korean War was a war between the Republic of Korea (South Korea), supported by the United Nations, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), at one time supported by the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union -
Historical Event
Vietnam War
between 1946 and 1975 (Age 81 years)
Note: The Vietnam War was a long, costly armed conflict that pitted the communist regime of North Vietnam and its southern allies, known as the Viet Cong, against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. The divisive war, increasingly unpopular at home, ended with the withdrawal of U.S. forces in 1973 and the unification of Vietnam under Communist control two years later. More than 3 million people, including 58,000 Americans, were killed in the conflict. -
Death April 22, 1951 (Age 86 years)
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Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: April 3, 1857Todd, Kentucky, United States
4 years
elder brother
George Clark Driskell
Birth: November 6, 1860 32 31Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: May 21, 1946Greenville, Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States
5 years
Fannie Tennesee Driskell
Birth: estimated 1865 36 36Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States
Death: April 22, 1951Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States
Father’s family with Barbara Jane Shemwell - View this family
Marriage: January 31, 1850Todd, Kentucky, United States
11 months
4 years
Martha E “Mattie” Driskell
Birth: July 12, 1854 26 28Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States
Death: November 4, 1891Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States
16 months
F A Driskell
Birth: October 1855 27 29Todd, Kentucky, United States
1 month
Barbara Jane Driskell
Birth: October 1855 27 29Todd, Kentucky, United States
Death: September 11, 1942Greenville, Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States
Mother’s family with William Pidcock - View this family
Marriage: April 23, 1856Todd, Kentucky, United States
3 years

Fannie Tennesee Driskell has 44 first cousins recorded

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Parents John Franklin Driskell + Barbara Jane Shemwell
4F A Driskell1855
Parents John L Tabb + Martha Ellen Shemwell
1Thomas W Tabb18471906
3Mary Jane Tabb18521917
4John R Tabb18561945
5Joseph Warner Tabb18561933
6Susan E Tabb1859
Parents William Henry Shemwell + Elizabeth Jane Tomerlin
3Leroy J Shemwell18581906
4James H Shemwell18611906
7Mattie V Shemwell18741914
Parents Samuel Black Shemwell + Martha Jane “Mattie” Pidcock
3John L Shemwell18541917
6Samuel M Shemwell18611935
Parents John Pidcock + Mary Ann Shemwell
3Miranda E Pidcock18631900
Parents John Patrick Shemwell Jr. + Mary Hester Sherrod
2Willie Shemwell18711875
3Etta Bell Shemwell18721942
Parents James Lewis Shemwell + Eliza Ann “Lizia” Latham