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John Conrad SmithAge: 68 years18491918

John Conrad Smith
Given names
John Conrad
Birth September 30, 1849
Historical Event
Influenza Epidemic
between 1857 and 1859 (Age 7 years)

Note: In 1857-1859, there was an extremely severe worldwide outbreak of influenza -
Historical Event
American Civil War
between April 1861 and May 1865 (Age 11 years)

Note: In the spring of 1861, tensions between the northern and southern United States over issues including state's right versus federal authority, westward expansion and slavery exploded into the American Civil War -
MarriageMartha GlassView this family
estimated 1866 (Age 16 years)

Birth of a son
#1George E Smith
May 10, 1867 (Age 17 years)
Historical Event
The Alaska Purchase
1867 (Age 17 years)
Note: The Alaska Purchase was the purchase of 586,412 square miles of new territory by the United States from the Russian Empire (a bargain at two cents an acre) -
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic
1867 (Age 17 years)
Note: 3,093 perished from yellow fever in New Orleans -
Historical Event
Transcontinental Railroad completed
1869 (Age 19 years)

Note: The First Transcontinental Railroad was a 1,907-mile contiguous railroad line constructed between 1863 and 1869 across the western United States to connect the Pacific coast with the existing Eastern U.S. rail network -
MarriageMartha Jane KittrellView this family
August 12, 1875 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a daughter
#2Flora B Smith
about 1878 (Age 28 years)
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878
1878 (Age 28 years)

Note: Over 13,000 deaths occurred from yellow fever in lower Mississippi Valley -
Birth of a daughter
#3Anne Louise Smith
January 17, 1879 (Age 29 years)
Census June 1, 1880 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a daughter
#4Della Photine Smith
June 5, 1880 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a daughter
#5Margaret Mae “Maggie” Smith
March 30, 1882 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a son
#6Oda Lee Smith
August 27, 1889 (Age 39 years)
Marriage of a childGeorge E SmithViola PorchView this family
December 14, 1897 (Age 48 years)
Historical Event
Spanish-American War
between April 1898 and August 1898 (Age 48 years)
Note: The Spanish-American War was a conflict in 1898 between Spain and the United States, the result of American intervention in the Cuban War of Independence -
Death of a daughterFlora B Smith
before 1900 (Age 50 years)

Census June 8, 1900 (Age 50 years)
Marriage of a childRiley Abraham HensonDella Photine SmithView this family
February 23, 1902 (Age 52 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
#1Bula May Henson
November 5, 1902 (Age 53 years)
Marriage of a childJohn N NewmanAnne Louise SmithView this family
December 19, 1903 (Age 54 years)
Marriage of a childAndrew Jackson HopkinsMargaret Mae “Maggie” SmithView this family
April 24, 1904 (Age 54 years)
Birth of a grandson
#2Aubrey Lee Newman
July 19, 1905 (Age 55 years)
Marriage of a childJoseph Johnson AusinAnne Louise SmithView this family
between 1906 and 1920 (Age 56 years)

Marriage of a childOtto W WitteDella Photine SmithView this family
July 30, 1906 (Age 56 years)
Census April 28, 1910 (Age 60 years)
Marriage of a childOda Lee SmithHettie EllisView this family
February 20, 1914 (Age 64 years)
Historical Event
Polio Epidemic
1916 (Age 66 years)

Note: Over 7,000 deaths and 27,363 cases reported in America's worst polio (infantile paralysis) epidemic -
Birth of a grandson
#3Hardin Otto Witte
January 1918 (Age 68 years)
Historical Event
World War I
between 1917 and November 1918 (Age 67 years)

Note: The United States enters 'The Great War' where more than nine million combatants were killed-
Historical Event
Spanish Influenza Epidemic
1918 (Age 68 years)

Note: Spanish Influenza killed over 500,000 people in the United States, and somewhere between 20 and 40 million in what has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in history -
Death August 11, 1918 (Age 68 years)
Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Black River Cemetery
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by: Barry Shemwell
Family with Martha Glass - View this family
Marriage: estimated 1866
16 months
George E Smith
Birth: May 10, 1867 17Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: September 26, 1948Butler, Missouri, United States
Family with Martha Jane Kittrell - View this family
Marriage: August 12, 1875Butler, Missouri, United States
3 years
Flora B Smith
Birth: about 1878 28 22Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: before 1900
13 months
Anne Louise Smith
Birth: January 17, 1879 29 23Poplar Bluff, Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: August 31, 1960Butler, Missouri, United States
17 months
22 months
Margaret Mae “Maggie” Smith
Birth: March 30, 1882 32 26St Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri, United States
Death: March 9, 1981Miami, Dade, Florida, United States
7 years

No family available

Census1880 United States - Census transcript - John Conrad Smith - Household

Epps, Butler, Missouri

Smith, John CWM30headMFarmerOHGermanyGermany
Smith, Martha JWF25wifeMHouse KeepingMOKYNC
Smith, Flora BWF2daughterSMOOHMO
Smith, Anne LWF1daughterSMOOHMO
Kittrell, LouisaWF62mother in lawWdNCNCNC

Census1900 United States - Census transcript - John Conrad Smith - Household

Epps, Butler, Missouri

Smith, JohnheadWMSep184950M24PAFarmer
Smith, Martha JwifeWFJun185544M2454MOTNNC
Smith, Anne LdaughterWFJan187921SMOPAMO
Smith, Della PdaughterWFJun188118SMOPAMO
Smith, Maggie MdaughterWFMar188218SMOPAMO
Smith, Oda LsonWMAug188910SMOPAMO
Stevens, JohnservantFarm Hand

Census1910 United States - Census transcript - John Conrad Smith - Household

Near Van Buren Road Epps, Butler, Missouri

Smith, John CheadMW60M134PAGermanyGermanyFarmingGeneral Farm
Smith, Martha JwifeFW55M13454MOTNNCMerchantRetail Groceries Dry Goods
Smith, Oda LsonMW20SMOPAMOFarmingHome Farm
Padget, LizzieorphanFW15SMO
Kittrell, Lemuel Cbrother in lawMW64SMOTNMO