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Lucinda KittrellAge: 26 years18401866

Lucinda Kittrell
Given names
Married name
Lucinda Low
Birth calculated 1840 20 21
Birth of a sisterEleanor Kittrell
calculated 1843 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a brotherLemuel Kittrell
calculated 1843 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a sisterEmalissa Kittrell
January 10, 1847 (Age 7 years)
Historical Event
Mexican-American War
from 1846 to 1848 (Age 6 years)
Note: The Mexican-American War was an armed conflict between the United States of America and the United Mexican States from 1846 to 1848 in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas, which Mexico considered part of its territory despite the 1836 Texas Revolution -
Birth of a brotherDaniel Rushin Kittrell
February 2, 1849 (Age 9 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherEllender “Nellie” Shemwell
before 1850 (Age 10 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherFrancis Auridel “Franky” Jordan
1850 (Age 10 years)
Census September 13, 1850 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a brotherSamuel Blake Kittrell
calculated 1851 (Age 11 years)
Marriage of a parentSamuel B KittrellSarah BarberView this family
February 20, 1853 (Age 13 years)
Death of a fatherSamuel B Kittrell
December 18, 1854 (Age 14 years)
Death of a motherAmelia Rushin
December 18, 1854 (Age 14 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherJason Rushin
1855 (Age 15 years)
MarriageDavid S LowView this family
March 3, 1859 (Age 19 years)
Historical Event
Influenza Epidemic
between 1857 and 1859 (Age 17 years)

Note: In 1857-1859, there was an extremely severe worldwide outbreak of influenza -
Historical Event
American Civil War
between April 1861 and May 1865 (Age 21 years)

Note: In the spring of 1861, tensions between the northern and southern United States over issues including state's right versus federal authority, westward expansion and slavery exploded into the American Civil War -
Death before 1866 (Age 26 years)
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by: Barry Shemwell
Family with parents - View this family
elder brother
3 years
4 years
younger sister
1 year
younger brother
4 years
younger sister
Emalissa Kittrell
Birth: January 10, 1847 27 28Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: February 13, 1883Missouri, United States
2 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
Samuel Blake Kittrell
Birth: calculated 1851 31 32Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: 1874Ripley, Missouri, United States
Father’s family with Sarah Barber - View this family
Marriage: February 20, 1853Butler, Missouri, United States
Family with David S Low - View this family
Marriage: March 3, 1859Ripley, Missouri, United States

Lucinda Kittrell has 35 first cousins recorded

Census1850 United States - Census transcript - Samuel B Kittrell - Household

Dist. 10 Butler, Missouri

Samuel Kittrellhead29MWFarmerMO
Amelia Kittrellwife31FWTN
William Kittrellson11MWMO
Lucinda Kittrelldaughter10FWMO
Eleanor Kittrelldaughter6FWMO
Emalissa Kittrelldaughter4FWMO
Daniel Kittrellson1MWMO
Lemuel Sandlin6MWMO

Lemuel Sandlin must be related? -b