The Shemwell Family

Lola Bell LacyAge: 90 years18831973

Lola Bell Lacy
Given names
Lola Bell
Married name
Lola Bell Forster
Birth March 1, 1883 23 21
Birth of a brotherShandy Holland Lacy
January 28, 1886 (Age 2 years)
Death of a brotherShandy Holland Lacy
October 26, 1888 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a brotherElvin Milton Lacy
March 24, 1892 (Age 9 years)
Census June 12, 1900 (Age 17 years)
MarriageRobert Emmett ForsterView this family
calculated 1910 (Age 26 years)

Birth of a son
#1Lacy Edward Forster
November 29, 1910 (Age 27 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherShandy Walker Holland
March 11, 1919 (Age 36 years)
Cause: typhoid fever
Death of a maternal grandmotherClara Dent
July 8, 1919 (Age 36 years)
Census January 24, 1920 (Age 36 years)
Death of a husbandRobert Emmett Forster
March 8, 1923 (Age 40 years)
Census April 22, 1930 (Age 47 years)
Census May 18, 1940 (Age 57 years)
Marriage of a childLacy Edward ForsterDorothy Caroline MooreView this family
June 5, 1946 (Age 63 years)
Death of a fatherEthan Hannibal Lacy
May 17, 1948 (Age 65 years)
Death of a motherMary Adeline “Addie” Holland
January 14, 1949 (Age 65 years)
Death October 30, 1973 (Age 90 years)

Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Versailles Cemetery
Family with parents - View this family
Ethan Hannibal Lacy
Birth: March 28, 1859Quincy, Hickory, Missouri, United States
Death: May 17, 1948Versailles, Morgan, Missouri, United States
Marriage: December 23, 1880Missouri, United States
2 years
3 years
younger brother
Shandy Holland Lacy
Birth: January 28, 1886 26 23Quincy, Hickory, Missouri, United States
Death: October 26, 1888Quincy, Hickory, Missouri, United States
6 years
younger brother
Elvin Milton Lacy
Birth: March 24, 1892 32 30Quincy, Hickory, Missouri, United States
Death: January 12, 1979Claremore, Rogers, Oklahoma, United States
Family with Robert Emmett Forster - View this family
Robert Emmett Forster
Birth: April 18, 1879 60 38Morgan, Missouri, United States
Death: March 8, 1923Versailles, Morgan, Missouri, United States
Marriage: calculated 1910
11 months
Lacy Edward Forster
Birth: November 29, 1910 31 27Morgan, Missouri, United States
Death: January 11, 1998Jessup, Howard, Maryland, United States

Lola Bell Lacy has 15 first cousins recorded

Census1900 United States - Census transcript - Ethan Hannibal Lacy - Household

Wheatland, Hickory, Missouri

Lacy, Ethan HheadWMMar185941M19MOALMOFarmer
Holland, Mary AwifeWFJan186238M1932MOKYMO
Lacy, Lola BdaughterWFMar188317SMOMOMOAt School
Lacy, Elvin MsonWMMar18928SMOMOMOAt School

Census1920 United States - Census transcript - Robert Emmett Forster - Household

Gum Spring Road Moreau, Morgan, Missouri

NameRelationHomeMortSexRaceAgeConditionImmNatNatYSchoolRWBPLangFBPFather langMBPMother langEngOccupationIndEmp
Forster, Robert EheadMW41MMOENGWIFarmerGeneral Farm
Forster, Lola BwifeFW37MMOMOMO
Forster, Lacy EsonMW9SMOMOMO

Census1930 United States - Census transcript - Ethan Hannibal Lacy - Household

Wheatland, Hickory, Missouri

Lacy, E HannibalheadMW71M21MOALMOFarmerGeneral Farm
Lacy, Mary AwifeFW68M18MOKYMO
Forster, Lola BdaughterFW47M27MOMOMO
Forster, LacygrandsonMW19SMOMOMO

Census1940 United States - Census transcript - Lola Bell Lacy - Household

Moreau, Morgan, Missouri

Forster, LolaXheadFW57WdMOSame HouseFarmerFarm
Forster, LacysonMW29SMOSame HouseFarm LaborerFarm