The Shemwell Family

Isaac Shemwell Jr.Age: 55 years17501805

Isaac Shemwell Jr.
Given names
Name suffix
Birth between 1750 and 1759
MarriageNancy View this family

Death of a paternal grandfatherIsaac Shemwell
after 1760 (Age 10 years)
Historical Event
The French & Indian War
between 1754 and 1763 (Age 4 years)

Note: The French and Indian War is the American name for the North American theater of the Seven Years War, fought primarily between the colonies of British America and New France -
Birth of a sisterSusanna “Susan” Shemwell
about 1766 (Age 16 years)
Birth of a sisterAnn “Nancy” Shemwell
1771 (Age 21 years)
Historical Event
Influenza Epidemic
between 1775 and 1776 (Age 25 years)

Note: In 1775, there was an epidemic of unknown cause in North America (especially New England,) followed in 1775-1776 by what is described as one of the worst worldwide influenza epidemics -
Historical Event
The American Revolution
from 1775 to 1783 (Age 25 years)

Note: The Thirteen American Colonies broke from the British Empire and formed the independent nation, the United States of America -
Marriage of parentsIsaac ShemwellNancy View this family
before 1788 (Age 38 years)

Death of a paternal grandmotherElizabeth Thorne
1788 (Age 38 years)
Birth of a son
#1Alexander Shemwell Sr.
about 1790 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a daughter
#2Rebecca Ann Shamel
December 13, 1790 (Age 40 years)
Census 1790 (Age 40 years)
1790 Slave Census
1790 (Age 40 years)

Birth of a son
#3Henry Shemwell
July 23, 1792 (Age 42 years)
Birth of a daughter
#4Sarah “Sallie” Shemwell
January 29, 1798 (Age 48 years)
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic
between 1793 and 1798 (Age 43 years)
Note: More than 4,000 Philadelphia residents died from yellow fever -
Birth of a sisterNelly Shemwell
about 1798 (Age 48 years)
Census 1800 (Age 50 years)
Birth of a daughter
#5Nancy Shemwell
June 26, 1803 (Age 53 years)
Historical Event
The Louisiana Purchase
1803 (Age 53 years)

Note: Napoleon Bonaparte agrees to sell 828,000 square miles of land to the United States for $15 million -
Death 1805 (Age 55 years)
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Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: before 1788
-28 years
17 years
younger sister
6 years
younger sister
28 years
younger sister
Nelly Shemwell
Birth: about 1798Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Death: before 1838Gibson, Tennessee, United States
Family with Nancy - View this family
11 months
Rebecca Ann Shamel
Birth: December 13, 1790 40 30Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Death: September 13, 1887Plato, Texas, Missouri, United States
19 months
6 years
5 years

Isaac Shemwell Jr. has 15 first cousins recorded