The Shemwell Family

Alice Dowell PurcellAge: 74 years18751949

Alice Dowell Purcell
Given names
Alice Dowell
Married name
Alice Dowell Connor
Birth January 26, 1875
MarriageJohn Ira ConnorView this family
estimated 1902 (Age 26 years)

Birth of a daughter
#1Bessie Irene Connor
September 25, 1904 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a son
#2James Ira Connor
October 19, 1909 (Age 34 years)
Census April 25, 1910 (Age 35 years)
Census January 10, 1920 (Age 44 years)
Census April 4, 1930 (Age 55 years)
Marriage of a childJames Ira ConnorElvira Marie YagerView this family
September 17, 1939 (Age 64 years)
Census April 7, 1940 (Age 65 years)
Death November 20, 1949 (Age 74 years)
Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Lee Cemetery
Family with John Ira Connor - View this family
Alice Dowell Purcell
Birth: January 26, 1875Black Hawk, Carroll, Mississippi, United States
Death: November 20, 1949Winnsboro, Wood, Texas, United States
Marriage: estimated 1902
3 years
Bessie Irene Connor
Birth: September 25, 1904 36 29Texas, United States
Death: November 11, 1977Winnsboro, Wood, Texas, United States
5 years
James Ira Connor
Birth: October 19, 1909 41 34Texas, United States
Death: July 30, 1960Texarkana, Bowie, Texas, United States
John Ira Connor + Sarah E Tatum - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: February 22, 1891Lafayette, Arkansas, United States
3 years
2 months
Merle Connor
Birth: November 17, 1893 25 26Cotton Belt, Greene, Arkansas, United States
Death: July 2, 1967Washington, District of Columbia, United States
2 years
Zoie Fred Connor
Birth: December 12, 1895 27 28Stamps, Lafayette, Arkansas, United States
Death: May 21, 1964Houston, Harris, Texas, United States

No family available

Census1910 United States - Census transcript - John Ira Connor - Household

Marion, Texas

Connor, John IheadMW42M28NCNCNCOwnerLumber Mill
Connor, Alice CwifeFW35M1822MSMSMS
Connor, MerldaughterFW18SARNCAR
Connor, Paul HsonMW16SARNCARLaborerLumber Mill
Connor, Zora FsonMW14SARNCARLaborerLumber Mill
Connor, Bessie IdaughterFW5STXNCMS
Connor, James IsonMW6mSTXNCMS

There are also boarders

Census1920 United States - Census transcript - John Ira Connor - Household

Winnsboro, Franklin, Texas

NameRelationHomeMortSexRaceAgeConditionImmNatNatYSchoolRWBPLangFBPFather langMBPMother langEngOccupationIndEmp
Connor, John IheadMW51MNCNCNCGeneralMerchant Line
Connor, Alice DwifeFW44MMSALAL
Connor, PaulsonMW26SARNCAR
Connor, BessiedaughterFW15STXNCMS
Connor, J I Jr.sonMW10STXNCMS

Census1930 United States - Census transcript - John Ira Connor - Household

Main Street Winnsboro, Franklin, Texas

Connor, John IheadMW61M22NCNCNCMerchantGroceries
Connor, AlicewifeFW55M28MSALAL

Census1940 United States - Census transcript - John Ira Connor - Household

North Main Street Winnsboro, Franklin, Texas

Connor, John IXheadMW72MNCSame houseSalesmanRetail Grocery
Connor, Alice DwifeFW66MMSSame house