The Shemwell Family

Thomas Henry HickeyAge: 70 years18581929

Thomas Henry Hickey
Given names
Thomas Henry
Birth June 11, 1858 23 31
Death of a motherNancy Ann Frost
March 18, 1860 (Age 21 months)

Census June 26, 1860 (Age 2 years)
Census July 5, 1870 (Age 12 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherAmelia Lonesome “Millie” Patterson
September 14, 1876 (Age 18 years)
MarriageAmanda Bell “Mandy” CarbaughView this family
March 5, 1885 (Age 26 years)

Birth of a son
William Sevier Hickey
March 12, 1886 (Age 27 years)
Birth of a son
Chandler Henry Hickey
April 1, 1888 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a daughter
Cleo White Hickey
September 11, 1890 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a son
Fred Ray Hickey
September 7, 1892 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a son
Newton Snow Hickey
May 26, 1895 (Age 36 years)
Birth of a daughter
Anna Bell Hickey
September 17, 1897 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a son
Dennis Frank Hickey
May 22, 1901 (Age 42 years)
Birth of a son
Ned Perry Hickey
June 11, 1903 (Age 45 years)
Census April 15, 1910 (Age 51 years)
Death June 3, 1929 (Age 70 years)
Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Washburn Prairie Cemetery
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: August 21, 1855White, Tennessee, United States
17 months
elder brother
16 months
Family with Amanda Bell “Mandy” Carbaugh - View this family
Marriage: March 5, 1885
1 year
William Sevier Hickey
Birth: March 12, 1886 27 16Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
Death: February 27, 1950Pratt, Pratt, Kansas, United States
2 years
Chandler Henry Hickey
Birth: April 1, 1888 29 19Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
Death: July 5, 1941Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States
2 years
Cleo White Hickey
Birth: September 11, 1890 32 21Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
Death: September 22, 1940Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
2 years
Fred Ray Hickey
Birth: September 7, 1892 34 23Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
Death: January 30, 1979Idaho, United States
3 years
Newton Snow Hickey
Birth: May 26, 1895 36 26Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
Death: February 2, 1937Nampa, Canyon, Idaho, United States
2 years
Anna Bell Hickey
Birth: September 17, 1897 39 28Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
Death: August 19, 1954Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States
4 years
Dennis Frank Hickey
Birth: May 22, 1901 42 32Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
Death: August 13, 1971Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, California, United States
2 years
Ned Perry Hickey
Birth: June 11, 1903 45 34Washburn, Barry, Missouri, United States
Death: November 17, 1982Odessa, Ector, Texas, United States

Thomas Henry Hickey has 93 first cousins recorded

Father's family (0)

Mother's family (93)

Parents Micajah Frost + Catherine Elizabeth Greer
1Thomas Frost1847
Parents Elijah Frost II + Amelia Abshire
Parents Elijah Frost II + Matilda Price
1Mary Frost18581861
2Houston Frost18601916
3Byron Frost18631950
5Ada Frost18691942
6Ida Frost18721949
8Vance Frost18771904
9Mae Frost18821969
10Elijah P Frost18861957
Parents William English Frost + Nancy Adeline Lacy
3Elijah Clay Frost18561909
10Clara Adeline Frost18721939
Parents Thomas Simpson Frost + Mary D Burlison
1Micajah Frost18631890
Parents Mathew Frost + Margaret C Robinson
Parents Mathew Frost + Nancy Jane Hale
2Sevier White Frost18641957
4Eugene Eli Frost18731954
5Ida M Frost18751875
Parents Mathew Frost + Henrietta Harriet Arnold
1Luther J Frost18721940
2Gay Frost18861974
Parents Joseph Frost + Deborah Acord
2Joseph Hiram Frost18521939
3Mahala Jane Frost18541882
4Amelia Emily Frost18561930
5John Wesley Frost18581931
Parents John Monroe Beaty Walker + Mary Adaline Frost
4Rhoda Emily Walker18601942
5James Young Walker18621939
7Mary White Walker18671894
8Bettie Walker18731944
Parents Mathias “Mathew” Baker + Elizabeth Jane Frost
1Mary A Baker1854
4John Bell Baker18601927
5Felix G Baker18631918
6Emelia J Baker18651884
Parents Pvt Jeremiah “Jerry” Gibson + Elizabeth Jane Frost
3Alice Lee Gibson18701964
4Hattie Gibson18731927
Parents William R Reynolds + Rhoda P Frost
Parents Sevier Frost + Elizabeth Savira McGlothlin
2William T Frost18681913
Parents Sevier Frost + Mary Rebecca “Molly” Peach
1Early Snow Frost18701927
2Hardy Late Frost18721906
3Cora Ann Frost18741953
4Charles W Frost18751917
5Lee W Frost18781914
7Cecil Sevier Frost18811957
Parents White Frost + Eugenia C Buren
1Paul Emil Frost18701945
Parents Snow Frost + Elisa Ellen “Louisa” Bradshaw
2Charley W Frost18761877
3August Snow Frost18781917
4Ernest Snow Frost18801955
5Jessie Pearl Frost18821914
6Vesta Jane Frost18851918
Parents Winter Frost + Nancy J Snyder
Parents Winter Frost + Darthula Jane Johnson
2Arthur Mack Frost18721934
3Anna Mary Frost18741955
5Infant Son Frost18791879
6Onnie Frost18811881
Parents Young Brigham Frost + Mariah Katherine “Katie” Robey
1Anna M E Frost18701900
4Mattie Lee W Frost18781917
Census1860 United States - Census transcript - Thomas Simpson Frost - Household

District 5, Cumberland, Tennessee, United States

Thomas Frosthead35MFarming1500950TN
White Frostyounger brother22MFarmingTNY
Snow Frostyounger brother21MFarmingTNY
Winter Frostyounger brother20MFarmingTNY
Young Frostyounger brother17MFarmingTNY
Milly Frost14FTN
Milly Frostmother59FHouse KeeperTNN
Sevier Hickeynephew3MTN
Thomas Hickeynephew2MTN
Isaac N Hickeybrother-in-law25MFarm LaborerTN
Minirva E Frost6FTNY

Census1870 United States - Census transcript - Mathew Frost - Household

Sugar Creek, Barry, Missouri, United States

Frost, Matthewhead45MWFarmer1000TN/
Frost, Nancy Jwife28FWNC
Frost, Emily Edaughter8FWMO/
Frost, Severe Wson6MWMO/
Frost, Young Wson2MWMO
Hickey, Thomas Hnephew11MWTNYes

Census1910 United States - Census transcript - Thomas Henry Hickey - Household

Ash, Barry, Missouri, United States

Hickey, Thomas HheadMW52 25TNTNTNEnglishFarmerGeneralEmployerYesYesOMF
Hickey, AmandywifeFW42M2588TXILTXEnglishnoneYesYes
Hickey, CleodaughterFW19SMOTNTXEnglishnoneYesYesNo
Hickey, RaysonMW17SMOTNTXEnglishnoneYesYesYes
Hickey, SnowsonMW15SMOTNTXEnglishnoneYesYesYes
Hickey, AnniedaughterFW12SMOTNTXEnglishnoneYesYesYes
Hickey, DenniesonMW9SMOTNTXnoneYes
Hickey, NedsonMW7SMOTNTXnoneYes
Frost, ThomasuncleMW86WdTNTNTNEnglishOwn IncomeYesYes