The Shemwell Family

Sarah V Outlaw1855

Sarah V Outlaw
Given names
Sarah V
Married name
Sarah V Nolin
Married name
Sarah V West
MarriageCol. William H WestView this family

Death of a husbandCol. William H West
before October 3, 1836
MarriageCapt. Phillip B NolinView this family
August 30, 1838
Death of a husbandCapt. Phillip B Nolin
December 4, 1853
Death about 1855

Family with Capt. Phillip B Nolin - View this family
Marriage: August 30, 1838Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Family with Col. William H West - View this family
Col. William H West
Birth: about 1799Tennessee, United States
Death: before October 3, 1836Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Capt. Phillip B Nolin + Karenhappuck “Cary” Tubb - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: 1817Tennessee, United States
9 months
Elizabeth Nolin
Birth: September 17, 1817 21 20Dickson, Tennessee, United States
Death: March 17, 1846Stewart, Tennessee, United States
4 years
Dr. Jonathan Tubbs Nolin
Birth: 1821 25 24Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Death: 1877Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, United States

No family available

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