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Johann Peter TrautmannAge: 70 years17381809

Johann Peter Trautmann
Given names
Johann Peter
Birth May 12, 1738 48 43
Death of a sisterAnna Margaretha Trautmann
August 7, 1741 (Age 3 years)
Immigration September 24, 1751 (Age 13 years)
Note: Pennsylvania German Pioneers; Lists of Trautmann arrivals in Philadelphia from 1738 to 1772
MarriageEva Elizabeth MeyerView this family
about 1759 (Age 20 years)
Death of a sisterAnna Elisabetha Trautmann
November 30, 1763 (Age 25 years)
Death of a half-brotherJohann Leonhardt Trautmann
after 1769 (Age 30 years)
Death of a brotherJohann Melchior Trautmann
about 1778 (Age 39 years)
Death of a motherAnna Margaretha Hartman
about 1788 (Age 49 years)
Death of a brotherWilhelm “William” Trautmann
about 1790 (Age 51 years)
Death of a half-brotherJohann Peter Trautmann
February 27, 1799 (Age 60 years)
Death February 12, 1809 (Age 70 years)

Burial February 1809 (Age 70 years)
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Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: October 26, 1718Hessen, Germany
21 months
elder brother
Johann Philip Trautmann
Baptism: July 30, 1720 30 26Hessen, Germany
Birth: July 28, 1720 30 26Hessen, Germany
Death: March 27, 1728Hessen, Germany
19 months
elder sister
Anna Elisabetha Trautmann
Baptism: March 6, 1722 32 27Hessen, Germany
Birth: March 5, 1722 32 27Hessen, Germany
Death: November 30, 1763Hessen, Germany
3 years
elder sister
Anna Catharina Trautmann
Baptism: February 21, 1725 35 30Hessen, Germany
Birth: February 19, 1725 35 30Hessen, Germany
Death: 1725Hessen, Germany
22 months
elder brother
Johann Adam Trautmann Jr
Baptism: December 18, 1726 36 32Hessen, Germany
Birth: December 15, 1726 36 32Hessen, Germany
Death: 1728Hessen, Germany
2 years
elder brother
Johann Melchior Trautmann
Baptism: April 26, 1729 39 34Hessen, Germany
Birth: April 24, 1729 39 34Hessen, Germany
Death: about 1778Rowan, North Carolina, United States
20 months
elder brother
3 years
elder sister
Anna Margaretha Trautmann
Baptism: June 29, 1732 42 38Hessen, Germany
Birth: June 29, 1732 42 38Hessen, Germany
Death: August 7, 1741Hessen, Germany
6 years
Father’s family with Anna Katharina Treusch - View this family
Marriage: August 4, 1712Hessen, Germany
2 years
15 months
Johannes Trautmann
Birth: April 12, 1715 25 19Hessen, Germany
Death: April 30, 1715Hessen, Germany
16 months
Johann Peter Trautmann
Baptism: August 4, 1716 26 20Hessen, Germany
Birth: August 3, 1716 26 20Hessen, Germany
Death: February 27, 1799Rockwell, Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Family with Eva Elizabeth Meyer - View this family
Eva Elizabeth Meyer
Birth: about 1738Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States
Death: February 1814Northumberland, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage: about 1759Pennsylvania, United States

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Pennsylvania German Pioneers; Lists of Trautmann arrivals in Philadelphia from 1738 to 1772 In summary, various Trautmanns immigrated via Ship from Germany to Pennsylvannia. The following Trautmanns made the trip.: Hans Trautman (1738 Robert & Alice), Heronimus Troutman (1743 St Andrew 1743), Johann Petter Trautmann (1751 Neptune), Melchior Trautman (1751 Neptune), Johann Leonhart Trautman (1751 Neptune), Willhelm Trautmann (1752 Neptune), Christian Trautmann (Sally 1772). It is presumable that their families accompanied them on the trip. The following are excerpts from the above reference: 1. [List 55 A] A List of Palatines on Board the Ship Robt & Alice, Walter Goodman, Mast, from Rotterdam. [Qualified Sept II, 1738.] Hans Trautman - Page 213 2. [List 103 A] List of Mens Names p*" the St Andrew, Capt Robt Brown. [Qualified October 7, 1743.] Heronimus Troutman - Page 348 3. [List 172 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, Tuesday, the 24th September 1751. Present: William Peters, Esqr. The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Neptune, John Mason, Commander, from Rotterdam & last from Cowes, did this day take the usual Qualifications & subscribe them. By List 144. Whole Freights 300. Messrs Shoemaker. Johann Petter Trautmann - Page 468 Melchior Trautman - Page 468 Johann Leonhart Trautman - Page 469 4. [List 187 C] At the Courthouse in Philadelphia, Wednesday, the 4 October, 1752. Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire. The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten. Imported in the Ship Neptune, Captn John Mason, from Rotterdam and last from Cowes in England, did this day take and subscribe the Oaths and Affirmations to the Government in the usual Form. No. 169. Willhelm Trautmann - Page 493 5. [List 299 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, the 3d of November, 1772. Present: The Worshipful John Gibson, Esquire, Mayor. The Foreigners whose Names are hereunder written, imported in the Sally, John Osmond, Master, from Rotterdam but last from Portsmouth, did this Day take the foregoing Oaths and Qualifications in the usual Form, Consigned to Samuel Howell. 65 in the List. (Mr. Howell for 64 a 1/6 is L4.16.0, ye 31 Decemr 1772) Christian Trautmann - Page 743