The Shemwell Family

Rebecca Anne FoglesongAge: 5 months18591860

Rebecca Anne Foglesong
Given names
Rebecca Anne
Birth November 15, 1859 34 26
Birth of a brotherJohn Foglesong
about 1859
Note: Birth year/place based on 1850 Census
Death May 5, 1860 (Age 5 months)
Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Zion Methodist Church Cemetery
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Marriage: February 17, 1848Fulton, Indiana, United States
13 months
elder sister
23 months
elder sister
Martha Foglesong
Birth: February 13, 1851 25 18Harrison, Cass, Indiana, United States
Death: October 22, 1893Tipton, Cass, Indiana, United States
3 years
elder sister
Sarah Foglesong
Birth: 1853 27 19Harrison, Cass, Indiana, United States
Death: October 22, 1944Indiana, United States
2 years
elder brother
John William Foglesong
Birth: January 20, 1855 29 22Harrison, Cass, Indiana, United States
Death: May 21, 1946Los Angeles, California, United States
2 years
elder sister
Phoebe Foglesong
Birth: June 6, 1857 32 24Indiana, United States
Death: October 21, 1926Cass, Indiana, United States
3 years
John Foglesong
Birth: about 1859 33 25Harrison, Cass, Indiana, United States
10 months
Rebecca Anne Foglesong
Birth: November 15, 1859 34 26Cass, Indiana, United States
Death: May 5, 1860Cass, Indiana, United States
19 months
younger brother
Henry Levi Foglesong
Birth: June 19, 1861 36 28Rochester, Fulton, Indiana, United States
Death: December 19, 1930Indiana, United States
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Roger Whitfield
Birth: February 10, 1843England, United Kingdom
Death: February 20, 1901Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States
Marriage: September 10, 1864Cass, Indiana, United States
9 months
Elizabeth Elanor Whitfield
Birth: June 17, 1865 22 32Royal Center, Cass, Indiana, United States
Death: August 20, 1938Puyallup, Pierce, Washington, United States
2 years
Emma M Whitfield
Birth: September 25, 1867 24 34Cass, Indiana, United States
Death: June 5, 1952Cass, Indiana, United States
3 years
Rosa Whitfield
Birth: March 13, 1870 27 37Cass, Indiana, United States
Death: February 10, 1872Cass, Indiana, United States

Rebecca Anne Foglesong has 47 first cousins recorded

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Mother's family (47)

Parents John Price Teegarden Sr + Mary Ann Clark
3Malinda Teegarden18511920
4Mary Ann Teegarden18541920
5Francis Teegarden18561860
Parents Joseph Troutman + Phoebe Clark
2Jonah C Troutman18481916
3Michael Troutman18501926
6Malinda Troutman18561878
8Ella Troutman18601929
9Ezra Troutman18641931
10Darius Troutman18661900
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1Harland Clark19001965