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Gracie Lois EppsAge: 79 years19091988

Gracie Lois Epps
Given names
Gracie Lois
Birth July 10, 1909 23 24
Birth of a brotherHerbert Stanlie Epps
August 9, 1911 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a brotherCharles Elmer Epps
July 8, 1913 (Age 3 years)
Census January 21, 1920 (Age 10 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherMarion Lafayette Epps
February 12, 1924 (Age 14 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherMary Adeline Jemison
May 24, 1940 (Age 30 years)
Death of a fatherLee Roy Epps
November 7, 1949 (Age 40 years)
Death of a brotherJoshua Daniel Epps Sr.
December 13, 1976 (Age 67 years)
Death of a motherMary Lillian Louisa Owen
June 17, 1978 (Age 68 years)
Death December 16, 1988 (Age 79 years)
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elder brother
Julian Lester Epps
Birth: May 4, 1906 19 21Texas, United States
Death: March 13, 1996San Marcos, San Diego, California, United States
22 months
elder brother
16 months
Gracie Lois Epps
Birth: July 10, 1909 23 24Rockwall, Coleman, Texas, United States
Death: December 16, 1988Napa, Napa, California, United States
2 years
younger brother
Herbert Stanlie Epps
Birth: August 9, 1911 25 26New Mexico, United States
Death: April 1, 2002Ontario, San Bernardino, California, United States
23 months
younger brother
Charles Elmer Epps
Birth: July 8, 1913 27 28Texas, United States
Death: February 5, 1997Orange, California, United States

Gracie Lois Epps has 3 first cousins recorded

Father's family (3)

Parents Harry James Epps + Alena Faye Cosgrove
1Marion Allen Epps19161985
3Mildred June Epps19211997

Mother's family (0)

Census1920 United States - Census transcript - Lee Roy Epps - Household

Precinct 9, ED 222 Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa, United States

NameRelationHomeMortSexRaceAgeConditionImmNatNatYSchoolRWBPLangFBPFather langMBPMother langEngOccupationIndEmp
Epps, Lee RoyheadOMMW33MYesYesKSMOMOYesCarpenterHouseW
Epps, LillianwifeFW34MYesYesTXTXTXYesNone
Epps, WilliamsonMW13SYesYesYesTXKSTXYesNone
Epps, Jasanay DsonMW11SYesYesYesTXKSTXYesNone
Epps, Gracie LdaughterFW10SYesYesYesTXKSTXYesNone
Epps, Herbert SsonMW8SYesNMKSTXNone
Epps, Charles EsonMW6SYesTXKSTXNone
Epps, Marion LfatherMW64MYesYesMOMOMOYesNone
Epps, Mary AmotherFW57MYesYesMOMOMOYesNone
Epps, Harry JbrotherMW25MYesYesOKMOMOYesBookeeperWholesale Dry GoodsW
Epps, Alena Fsister-in-lawFW22MYesYesTXARARYesNone
Epps, Marion AnephewMW3 years 8 monthsSTXOKTXNone
Epps, Freddie JnieceFW0 years 6 monthsSOKOKTXNone
Epps, Edward LbrotherMW16SYesYesYesTXMOMOYesStenographerWholesale GroceryW