The Shemwell Family

Chlorus Marion EppsAge: 26 years18961923

Chlorus Marion Epps
Given names
Chlorus Marion
Birth October 31, 1896 23 29
Birth of a brotherFreddie Epps
about 1898 (Age 14 months)
Death of a brotherFreddie Epps
before 1900 (Age 3 years)
Note: In the 1900 census, Stephen and Rosa Epps were listed as have bore 4 children with 3 still living. The living children would have been Asa, William, and Chlorus. It is presumed that Freddie had died before 1900. He would have been born after Stephen/Rosa's wedding in 1890. The name "Freddie" came from a Helm family member from FamilySearch.
Census June 15, 1900 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a brotherLawrence Carroll Epps
February 5, 1901 (Age 4 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherMartha Jane Emerson
June 7, 1903 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a brotherWallas Morgan Epps
January 3, 1908 (Age 11 years)
Census April 24, 1910 (Age 13 years)
Birth of a sisterRosa Grace Epps
June 8, 1911 (Age 14 years)
Census January 28, 1920 (Age 23 years)
Death of a brotherAsa Arthur Epps
November 6, 1922 (Age 26 years)
Death September 21, 1923 (Age 26 years)
Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Black Creek Cemetery
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Marriage: November 23, 1890Butler, Missouri, United States
10 months
elder brother
Asa Arthur Epps
Birth: October 2, 1891 18 24Missouri, United States
Death: November 6, 1922Missouri, United States
2 years
elder brother
William Byrd Epps
Birth: February 4, 1894 21 27Poplar Bluff, Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: April 1, 1978Missouri, United States
3 years
Chlorus Marion Epps
Birth: October 31, 1896 23 29Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: September 21, 1923Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas, United States
2 years
younger brother
Freddie Epps
Birth: about 1898 25 31Missouri, United States
Death: before 1900Missouri, United States
3 years
younger brother
Lawrence Carroll Epps
Birth: February 5, 1901 28 34Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: September 12, 1956Butler, Missouri, United States
7 years
younger brother
Wallas Morgan Epps
Birth: January 3, 1908 35 41Missouri, United States
Death: June 13, 1925Missouri, United States
3 years
younger sister
Rosa Grace Epps
Birth: June 8, 1911 38 44Missouri, United States
Death: January 14, 1995Los Angeles, California, United States

Chlorus Marion Epps has 18 first cousins recorded

Census1900 United States - Census transcript - Stephens Alonza Conner Epps - Household

ED 12 Beaver Dam, Butler, Missouri, United States

Epps, Connor SheadWMNov187727M9MOMOMOFarmer0YesYesYesOFF
Epps, Rosa EwifeWFNov186632M943ILTNILYesYesYes
Epps, Asa AsonWMOct18918SMOMOILYesYesYes
Epps, William BsonWMFeb18946SMOMOIL
Epps, Chlorus MsonWMOct18963SMOMOIL

Census1910 United States - Census transcript - Stephens Alonza Conner Epps - Household

ED 3 Beaver Dam, Butler, Missouri, United States

Epps, Connor LheadMW37M119MOMOMOEnglishFarmerEmpYesYesOMF
Epps, Rosa EwifeFW43M11975ILTNILEnglishNoneYesYes
Epps, William BsonMW16SMOMOILEnglishWorking on home farmWNo0YesYesYes
Epps, Chlourus MsonMW13SMOMOILEnglishWorking on home farmWNo0YesYesYes
Epps, Lawrence CsonMW9SMOMOILNoneYes
Epps, Wallace MsonMW2SMOMONone

Census1920 United States - Census transcript - Stephens Alonza Conner Epps - Household

ED 10 Poplar Bluff, Butler, Missouri, United States

NameRelationHomeMortSexRaceAgeConditionImmNatNatYSchoolRWBPLangFBPFather langMBPMother langEngOccupationIndEmp
Epps, Conrad SheadOMMW47MYesYesMOMOMOYesHelperStore HouseW
Epps, Rosa EwifeFW53MYesYesILTNILYesNone
Epps, Chlorus MsonMW23SYesYesMOMOILYesLaborer
Epps, Lawrence CsonMW18SYesYesYesMOMOILYesLaborerHandle MillW
Epps, Wallace MsonMW12SYesYesYesMOMOILYesHandle MillW
Epps, Grace FdaughterFW8SYesMOMOILYes