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Edna Pearl ThurmanAge: 73 years19181991

Edna Pearl Thurman
Given names
Edna Pearl
Birth January 29, 1918 43 33
Birth of a brotherDelmar Lee Thurman
October 23, 1919 (Age 20 months)
Census January 1, 1920 (Age 23 months)
Death of a brotherEarl R Thurman
1922 (Age 3 years)
Census April 21, 1930 (Age 12 years)
Death of a brotherThomas Turner Thurman
January 1, 1933 (Age 14 years)
Death of a fatherEzekiel Edwin Thurman
November 4, 1953 (Age 35 years)
Death of a brotherDelmar Lee Thurman
October 3, 1968 (Age 50 years)
Name: Delmar L Thurman Sex: Male Age: 48 Death Date: 3 Oct 1968 Death Place: Lincoln, Washington, United States Death Place (Original): Lincoln Birth Year (Estimated): 1920 Event Type: Death
Death of a sisterMattie Susan Thurman
June 28, 1969 (Age 51 years)
Death of a motherEmma Pearl Vandover
October 24, 1969 (Age 51 years)
Death of a brotherGregory A Thurman
April 9, 1976 (Age 58 years)
Death June 7, 1991 (Age 73 years)
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Marriage: November 30, 1900Butler, Missouri, United States
3 years
elder brother
Earl R Thurman
Birth: 1903 28 18Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: 1922Butler, Missouri, United States
14 months
elder sister
Mattie Susan Thurman
Birth: February 23, 1904 30 19Beaver Dam, Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: June 28, 1969Missouri, United States
13 months
elder brother
Jacob V Thurman
Birth: March 18, 1905 31 20Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: June 22, 1905Butler, Missouri, United States
15 months
elder sister
Lucy M Thurman
Birth: June 11, 1906 32 22Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: October 6, 1908Butler, Missouri, United States
16 months
elder brother
Gregory A Thurman
Birth: October 20, 1907 33 23Missouri, United States
Death: April 9, 1976Missouri, United States
5 months
elder sister
Hazel Thurman
Birth: March 28, 1908 34 23Butler, Missouri, United States
Death: August 29, 1912Butler, Missouri, United States
4 years
elder brother
Thomas Turner Thurman
Birth: August 29, 1912 38 28Missouri, United States
Death: January 1, 1933Missouri, United States
5 years
elder sister
13 months
Edna Pearl Thurman
Birth: January 29, 1918 43 33Missouri, United States
Death: June 7, 1991Missouri, United States
21 months
younger brother
Delmar Lee Thurman
Birth: October 23, 1919 45 35Missouri, United States
Death: October 3, 1968Washington, United States

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Census1920 United States - Census transcript - Ezekiel Edwin Thurman - Household

ED 4 Beaver Dam, Butler, Missouri, United States

NameRelationHomeMortSexRaceAgeConditionImmNatNatYSchoolRWBPLangFBPFather langMBPMother langEngOccupationIndEmp
Thurman, E EheadOFMW45MYesYesMOGAMOYesFarmerFarmOA
Thurman, Emma PwifeFW35MYesYesMOMOMOYesHousewife
Thurman, MattiedaughterFW15SYesYesMOMOMOYesNone
Thurman, Gregory AsonMW13SYesYesMOMOMOYesNone
Thurman, Thomas TsonMW7SMOMOMOYesNone
Thurman, Ella RobertadaughterFW3 years 8 monthsSMOMOMOYesNone
Thurman, Edna PearldaughterFW1 year 11 monthsSMOMOMONoNone
Thurman, Delmar LsonMW0 years 2 monthsSMOMOMONoNone
Willcut, Catharine(step) motherFW59MILINKYYesNone

Census1930 United States - Census transcript - Ezekiel Edwin Thurman - Household

ED 6 Beaver Dam, Butler, Missouri, United States

Thurman, Ezekiel EheadOMW56M25NoYesMOGAMOYesFarmerGeneral FarmOYes
Thurman, E PearlwifeFW46M17NoYesMOUnited StatesUnited StatesYesNone
Thurman, Thomas GsonMW17SYesYesMOMOMOYesFarm LaborerGeneral FarmNPYes
Thurman, E RobertadaughterFW13SYesYesMOMOMOYesNone
Thurman, Edna PdaughterFW12SYesYesMOMOMOYesNone
Thurman, Delmar LsonMW10SYesYesMOMOMOYesNone