The Shemwell Family

Dennis Raymond MeffordAge: 90 years19142004

Dennis Raymond Mefford
Given names
Dennis Raymond
Birth April 20, 1914 33 29
Death of a paternal grandfatherIsaiah Tevis Mefford Jr
December 30, 1914 (Age 8 months)
Birth of a brotherGarrison Mefford
June 6, 1916 (Age 2 years)
Census January 16, 1920 (Age 5 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherCelia Beckham
August 23, 1928 (Age 14 years)
Census April 23, 1930 (Age 16 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherWilliam Auburn “Willie” Pruitt
April 8, 1938 (Age 23 years)
Death of a brotherGarrison Mefford
October 13, 1962 (Age 48 years)
Death of a motherOma Alice Pruitt
February 23, 1968 (Age 53 years)
Death of a fatherLewis Izara Mefford
May 28, 1970 (Age 56 years)
Death of a brotherAlbert Franklin Mefford
May 5, 1976 (Age 62 years)
Death of a sisterZetta Mae Mefford
June 21, 1990 (Age 76 years)
Death of a sisterEffie Ellen Mefford
April 25, 1992 (Age 78 years)
Death June 24, 2004 (Age 90 years)
Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Mount Vernon Memorial Park
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Marriage: January 30, 1902Pittsburg, Oklahoma, United States
9 months
elder sister
Effie Ellen Mefford
Birth: November 5, 1902 21 17Arkansas, United States
Death: April 25, 1992Bluejacket, Craig, Oklahoma, United States
3 years
elder brother
Albert Franklin Mefford
Birth: May 18, 1905 24 20Arkansas, United States
Death: May 5, 1976Sacramento, Sacramento, California, United States
2 years
elder sister
Zetta Mae Mefford
Birth: May 20, 1907 26 22Lead Hill, Boone, Arkansas, United States
Death: June 21, 1990Prairie Grove, Drew, Arkansas, United States
7 years
Dennis Raymond Mefford
Birth: April 20, 1914 33 29Lead Hill, Boone, Arkansas, United States
Death: June 24, 2004Rio Linda, Sacramento, California, United States
2 years
younger brother
Garrison Mefford
Birth: June 6, 1916 35 31Arkansas, United States
Death: October 13, 1962Oklahoma, United States

Dennis Raymond Mefford has 14 first cousins recorded

Census1920 United States - Census transcript - Lewis Izara Mefford - Household

ED 50 Sugar Loaf, Boone, Arkansas, United States

NameRelationHomeMortSexRaceAgeConditionImmNatNatYSchoolRWBPLangFBPFather langMBPMother langEngOccupationIndEmp
Mefford, Lewis IheadMW37MYesYesMOUnited StatesUnited StatesYesFarmerGeneral FarmOA
Mefford, Oma AwifeFW34MYesYesARARARYesNone
Mefford, Effie EdaughterFW17SYesYesYesOKARARYesNone
Mefford, Albert FsonMW13SYesYesYesARARARYesNone
Mefford, Etta MdaughterFW12SYesYesYesARARARYesNone
Mefford, Dennis RsonMW5SYesARARARNone
Mefford, GarrisonsonMW3SARARARNone

Census1930 United States - Census transcript - Lewis Izara Mefford - Household

ED 27 Sugar Loaf, Boone, Arkansas, United States

Mefford, Louis TheadO1000YesMW48M19NoYesMOUnited StatesUnited StatesYesFarmerGeneral FarmO
Mefford, AlicewifeFW45M16NoYesARUnited StatesUnited StatesYesNone
Mefford, DennissonMW16SNoYesARMOARYesLaborerGeneral Farm
Mefford, GarrisonsonMW13SYesYesARMOARYesNone