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Odie Darrell PruittAge: 80 years19222003

Odie Darrell Pruitt
Given names
Odie Darrell
Birth May 23, 1922 38 39
Birth of a brotherWalter Dean Pruitt
October 2, 1923 (Age 16 months)
Death of a paternal grandmotherNancy Parlee Curtis
December 27, 1924 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterGussie Helen Pruitt
February 28, 1925 (Age 2 years)
Census April 12, 1930 (Age 7 years)
Birth of a sisterNorma Lee Pruitt
June 27, 1930 (Age 8 years)
Death of a half-sisterOlive Pruitt
October 17, 1933 (Age 11 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherJames Potter Pruitt Sr.
December 16, 1936 (Age 14 years)
Census April 13, 1940 (Age 17 years)
Death of a half-brotherAusborn W Pruitt
June 19, 1940 (Age 18 years)
Death of a motherSusan Rebecca Roberson
September 29, 1977 (Age 55 years)
Death of a fatherJohn Robert Pruitt
October 8, 1982 (Age 60 years)
Death of a brotherWalter Dean Pruitt
January 3, 1985 (Age 62 years)
Death of a half-sisterVernie Opal Pruitt
May 31, 1995 (Age 73 years)
Death of a half-sisterSarah Mae Pruitt
May 21, 2002 (Age 79 years)
Death January 19, 2003 (Age 80 years)
Cemetery - also add to Place of burial: Greenlawn Southwest Mortuary and Cemetery
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Marriage: January 1, 1920Limestone, Newton, Arkansas, United States
2 years
Odie Darrell Pruitt
Birth: May 23, 1922 38 39Limestone, Newton, Arkansas, United States
Death: January 19, 2003Bakersfield, Kern, California, United States
16 months
younger brother
Walter Dean Pruitt
Birth: October 2, 1923 39 40Limestone, Newton, Arkansas, United States
Death: January 3, 1985Ten Sleep, Washakie, Wyoming, United States
17 months
younger sister
Gussie Helen Pruitt
Birth: February 28, 1925 41 42Limestone, Newton, Arkansas, United States
Death: May 24, 2020Shiatook, Osage, Oklahoma, United States
5 years
younger sister
Norma Lee Pruitt
Birth: June 27, 1930 46 47Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Death: October 5, 2021Collinsville, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
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Marriage: December 31, 1905Newton, Arkansas, United States
11 months
Olive Pruitt
Birth: December 15, 1906 23 16Arkansas, United States
Death: October 17, 1933Arkansas, United States
22 months
Orville Pruitt
Birth: September 1908 24 18Arkansas, United States
Death: September 1918Arkansas, United States
2 years
6 months
Ausborn W Pruitt
Birth: March 30, 1911 27 20Arkansas, United States
Death: June 19, 1940Arkansas, United States
4 years
Vernie Opal Pruitt
Birth: February 19, 1915 31 24Newton, Arkansas, United States
Death: May 31, 1995Bakersfield, Kern, California, United States
3 years
Macie M Pruitt
Birth: 1917 33 26Arkansas, United States
Death: 1920Arkansas, United States

Odie Darrell Pruitt has 74 first cousins recorded

Father's family (74)

Parents George Washington Reeves + Mary Arizona “Zona” Pruitt
2Vernon Reeves19051990
Parents James Anderson Davison + Omie Elizabeth Pruitt
1Willie Davison18941914
2Ethel Davison18971980
3Hobert Davison19011970
4Nancy Emma Davison19041987
5Velmer Davison19091909
7Lorene Davison19151998
Parents Charles Anderson “Charley” Pruitt + Lula J Davis
1Glover D Pruitt19071998
3Onvie A Pruitt19122008
4Edith Olla Pruitt19162007
5Onema A Pruitt19192012
Parents Charles Anderson “Charley” Pruitt + Charlotte Clayborn
2Lola Pruitt19031956
Parents James Franklin Pruitt + Sarah Elizabeth Cooksey
1Angie Pruitt19011908
2Otis Lee Pruitt19041990
3Grace Ethel Pruitt19061989
5Nora Alice Pruitt19101991
7Meda Esther Pruitt19151973
10Ruby Pearl Pruitt19222013
12James Argus Pruitt19271995
Parents Amos Farris Pruitt + Etta Mae Ashlock
1Infant Pruitt19111911
2Infant Pruitt19111911
3Orpha May Pruitt19121989
4Jessie A Pruitt19131997
6Willard A Pruitt19182008
7Jewell M Pruitt19201991
8Harold E Pruitt19241994
9Ava Irene Pruitt19272015
Parents James Blaine Sparks + Genora Ellen “Nora” Pruitt
4Darce Ervin Sparks19151980
5Eltra Oma Sparks19171980
7Doyle Arvin Sparks19222004
8Wilma Newel Sparks19252015
Parents Claude Forrester Pruitt + Julia Pink Breedlove
7Claude Elmo Pruitt19261946
8Betty Jo Pruitt19302021
9Douglas Lee Pruitt19352022
Parents Dave Pruitt + Emma Jane Davis
1Jim Ewell Pruitt19201996
4Delmer Pruitt19251979
5Ollie Mae Pruitt19272010
6Archie Pruitt19292014
7Hazel Ora Pruitt19332011
Parents William Lester Pruitt + Ida Celeste Breedlove
1John Henry Pruitt19171993
2Paul David Pruitt19191989
6Muriel Jane Pruitt19282011
7Alice Maud Pruitt19311933
9Joyce L Pruitt19382014

Mother's family (0)

Census1930 United States - Census transcript - John Robert Pruitt - Household

ED 26 Union, Newton, Arkansas, United States

Pruitt, John RheadO800YesMW46M22NoYesARARARYesFarmerGeneral FarmEYes
Pruitt, Susie RwifeFW47M36NoYesARARARYesNone
Pruitt, Ausham WsonMW17SNoYesARARARYesNone
Pruitt, Opal VdaughterFW15SYesYesARARARYesNone
Pruitt, Darrell OsonMW7SYesNoARARARYesNone
Pruitt, Dean WsonMW6SNoNoARARARYesNone
Pruitt, Gussie HdaughterFW5SNoNoARARARYesNone

Census1940 United States - Census transcript - John Robert Pruitt - Household

Brown, Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States

Pruitt, John RheadR10YesMW56MNoARFarmerFarmOA400
Pruitt, Susie RxwifeFW57MNoAR00
Pruitt, Darrell OsonMW17SYesAR00
Pruitt, Dean WsonMW16SYesAR00
Pruitt, Gussie HdaughterFW15SYesAR00
Pruitt, Ausbon WsonMW27MNoARFarmerFarmOA400
Pruitt, Euseba Idaighter-in-lawFW30MNoAR00