The Shemwell Family

William Pinkney ShemwellAge: 26 years18501877

William Pinkney Shemwell
Given names
William Pinkney
Birth February 22, 1850 31 21
Census June 1, 1850 (Age 3 months)
Birth of a sisterMary L Shemwell
May 8, 1852 (Age 2 years)

Death of a sisterMary L Shemwell
July 19, 1853 (Age 3 years)

Note: or May 1, 1857
Birth of a brotherGeorge Washington Shemwell
November 19, 1857 (Age 7 years)
Birth of a brotherIsaac Newton Shemwell
June 6, 1859 (Age 9 years)
Historical Event
Influenza Epidemic
between 1857 and 1859 (Age 6 years)

Note: In 1857-1859, there was an extremely severe worldwide outbreak of influenza -
Census July 11, 1860 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a brotherThomas Alonzo Shemwell
February 6, 1862 (Age 11 years)
Historical Event
American Civil War
between April 1861 and May 1865 (Age 11 years)

Note: In the spring of 1861, tensions between the northern and southern United States over issues including state's right versus federal authority, westward expansion and slavery exploded into the American Civil War -
Historical Event
The Alaska Purchase
1867 (Age 16 years)
Note: The Alaska Purchase was the purchase of 586,412 square miles of new territory by the United States from the Russian Empire (a bargain at two cents an acre) -
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic
1867 (Age 16 years)
Note: 3,093 perished from yellow fever in New Orleans -
Birth of a sisterSusanna Melissa Elizabeth “Susie” Shemwell
March 4, 1868 (Age 18 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherGeorge Feezer
October 2, 1869 (Age 19 years)

Historical Event
Transcontinental Railroad completed
1869 (Age 18 years)

Note: The First Transcontinental Railroad was a 1,907-mile contiguous railroad line constructed between 1863 and 1869 across the western United States to connect the Pacific coast with the existing Eastern U.S. rail network -
Census September 9, 1870 (Age 20 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherRoly Ann “Mary” Ivy
April 1, 1875 (Age 25 years)

Death January 9, 1877 (Age 26 years)
Burial 1877 (Age 26 years)
Cemetery: Doom's Chapel Cemetery
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by: Barry Shemwell
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elder brother
John Wesley Shemwell
Birth: February 6, 1848 29 19Kentucky, United States
Death: March 17, 1933Western State Hospital, Christian, Kentucky, United States
2 years
William Pinkney Shemwell
Birth: February 22, 1850 31 21Graves, Kentucky, United States
Death: January 9, 1877Graves, Kentucky, United States
2 years
younger sister
6 years
younger brother
19 months
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
6 years
younger sister

William Pinkney Shemwell has 38 first cousins recorded

Father's family (38)

Parents David Alexander Shemwell + Permelia J Roach
Parents Lovelace Wellington Shemwell + Luvenia “Vena” Roach
2Mary Emma Shemwell18541881
Parents Pinkney H Shemwell + Sarah E Williamson
1Lynn Boyd Shemwell18591906
4Ella N Shemwell18691940
Parents Henry Cox Shemwell + Eliza Jane Reed
3Willie Shemwell18611862
5Calvin R Shemwell18671939
7Pinkney P Shemwell18691894
Parents Willis Washington Breezeel + Nancy Shemwell
3Jamie Lee Breezeel18601860
6Henry Lee Breezeel18681952
Parents Milous R “Miles” Shemwell + Amanda Lee Wright

Mother's family (0)

Census1850 United States - Census transcript - Isaac Shemwell - Household

Graves, Kentucky

Isaac Shemwell35MWNC
Martha Shemwell22FWTN
John Shemwell2MWKY
Pinkney Shemwell5mMWKY
Milous Shemwell12MWNC

Notes: Dist. 2 farmer w 150 acres - Living with oldest brother Isaac

Census1860 United States - Census transcript - Isaac Shemwell - Household

Graves, Kentucky

Isaac Shemwellhead42MWFNC
Mattie Shemwellwife31FWHWTN
John Shemwellson12MWKY
William Shemwellson11MWKY
George Shemwellson3MWKY
Isaac Shemwellson1MWKY
D W ThompsonSame as Gua?? for18MWFNC

Census1870 United States - Census transcript - Isaac Shemwell - Household

Symsonia, Graves, KY

Isaac Shemwellhead52MWFarmerNC
Martha A Shemwellwife41FWKeeping HouseTN
John W Shemwellson22MWWorks on farmKY
William P Shemwellson20MWWorks on farmKY
George W Shemwellson14MWWorks on farmKY
Isaac N Shemwellson9MWKY
Thomas A Shemwellson8MWKY
Susanna Shemwelldaughter2FWKY

Note: Returned from California unwed.

According to the Mayfield Monitor newspaper, January 13, 1877, "Mr. Pink Shemwell died Monday at age 22." He was killed by a falling tree. Per Elizabeth Shemwell Skerritt, he was born in 1849. Other records show his date of birth as April, 1850. The newspaper death notice, however, places his date of birth at ca. 1855.