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MarriageMax JacobsonView this family

Historical Event
Mexican-American War
from 1846 to 1848
Note: The Mexican-American War was an armed conflict between the United States of America and the United Mexican States from 1846 to 1848 in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas, which Mexico considered part of its territory despite the 1836 Texas Revolution -
Historical Event
Influenza Epidemic
between 1857 and 1859

Note: In 1857-1859, there was an extremely severe worldwide outbreak of influenza -
Historical Event
American Civil War
between April 1861 and May 1865

Note: In the spring of 1861, tensions between the northern and southern United States over issues including state's right versus federal authority, westward expansion and slavery exploded into the American Civil War -
Historical Event
The Alaska Purchase
Note: The Alaska Purchase was the purchase of 586,412 square miles of new territory by the United States from the Russian Empire (a bargain at two cents an acre) -
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic
Note: 3,093 perished from yellow fever in New Orleans -
Birth of a daughter
#1Annie Jacobson
November 1869
Historical Event
Transcontinental Railroad completed

Note: The First Transcontinental Railroad was a 1,907-mile contiguous railroad line constructed between 1863 and 1869 across the western United States to connect the Pacific coast with the existing Eastern U.S. rail network -
Historical Event
Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878

Note: Over 13,000 deaths occurred from yellow fever in lower Mississippi Valley -
Birth of a granddaughter
#1Katherine “Kay” Weinberg
July 18, 1886
Marriage of a childMarcus WeinbergAnnie JacobsonView this family
calculated 1886
Birth of a grandson
#2David “Dave” Weinberg
November 10, 1890
Note: Not sure of Birthplace. -b
Birth of a granddaughter
#3Bessie Weinberg
November 15, 1892
Birth of a grandson
#4Tom Weinberg
January 18, 1896
Birth of a grandson
#5Louis Weinberg
December 17, 1897
Historical Event
Spanish-American War
between April 1898 and August 1898
Note: The Spanish-American War was a conflict in 1898 between Spain and the United States, the result of American intervention in the Cuban War of Independence -
Birth of a granddaughter
#6Hannah Weinberg
April 25, 1900
Birth of a grandson
#7Harry E Weinberg
March 24, 1903
Birth of a grandson
#8Robert “Bob” Weinberg
August 4, 1905
Birth of a granddaughter
#9Hilda Weinberg
January 13, 1909
Birth of a granddaughter
#10Belle Joyce Weinberg
Historical Event
Polio Epidemic

Note: Over 7,000 deaths and 27,363 cases reported in America's worst polio (infantile paralysis) epidemic -
Historical Event
World War I
between 1917 and November 1918

Note: The United States enters 'The Great War' where more than nine million combatants were killed-
Historical Event
Spanish Influenza Epidemic

Note: Spanish Influenza killed over 500,000 people in the United States, and somewhere between 20 and 40 million in what has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in history -
Historical Event
The Great Depression
October 1929

Note: The Wall Street Crash sets off the Great Depression, the most severe worldwide economic depression in the 20th century -
Death of a daughterAnnie Jacobson
April 20, 1943
Cause: Pneumonia
Burial of a daughterAnnie Jacobson
April 22, 1943
Cemetery: Baron Hvisch Cemetery
Note: Name: Annie Weinberg
Death of a grandsonDavid “Dave” Weinberg
February 5, 1945
Address: Baptist Memorial Hospital
Cause: Cardiac Failure
Historical Event
World War II
between December 1941 and August 1945

Note: The United States enters World War II after the attack at Pearl Harbor, a global war that involved the vast majority of the world's nations and including all of the great powers -
Historical Event
Vietnam War
between 1946 and 1975
Note: The Vietnam War was a long, costly armed conflict that pitted the communist regime of North Vietnam and its southern allies, known as the Viet Cong, against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. The divisive war, increasingly unpopular at home, ended with the withdrawal of U.S. forces in 1973 and the unification of Vietnam under Communist control two years later. More than 3 million people, including 58,000 Americans, were killed in the conflict. -

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