The Shemwell Family

1910 United States - Census transcript - James Thomas “Pop” Pulley - Household

Shared note 1910 United States - Census transcript - James Thomas “Pop” Pulley - Household

Ricket Ave. Dickson, Dickson, Tennessee

Pulley, JimheadMW31M23TNTNTNLaborStandard Oil
Pulley, MinniewifeFW22M2322TNARTN
Pulley, LeonardsonMW14STNTNGADelivery boyGrocery Store
Pulley, JohnsonMW12STNTNGALaborerBottle Works
Pulley, EarnestsonMW10STNTNGA
Pulley, LuciledaughterFW7STNTNGA
Pulley, HarrysonMW1-4mSTNTNTN

Says Minnie has been married 2x, married to Jim 3yrs. and has 2 living children. where/who is 2nd child. -b

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Minnie Ballard Murphy
Minnie Ballard Pulley
Minnie Ballard Cain
January 3, 1888135Bell Buckle, Bedford, Tennessee, United States5November 3, 19438055Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
Earnest Edgar Pulley
January 12, 1899124Erin, Houston, Tennessee, United States4September 13, 19428143Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
Harry Pulley
December 30, 1908114Dickson, Tennessee, United States0October 25, 19141095Dickson, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
James Leonard Pulley
March 9, 1896127Houston, Tennessee, United States1April 23, 19645968Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, United States-Unknown
James Thomas “Pop” Pulley
March 10, 1878145Erin, Houston, Tennessee, United States8September 21, 19636085Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
John Herbert Pulley
February 16, 1898125Erin, Houston, Tennessee, United States0November 30, 19507352Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
Nannie Lucille Pulley
Nannie Lucille Harris
May 21, 1903120Tennessee, United States4December 17, 19903287Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States-Unknown