The Shemwell Family

1850 United States - Census transcript - Jemimah Whatley Household

Shared note 1850 United States - Census transcript - Jemimah Whatley Household

14 Sept 1850 Stewart County

Jemimah Shemwell68FWFarmerGA
William Shemwell25MWTN
Mary Shemwell20FWTN
Rice Shemwell4MWTN
John Shemwell11MWTN
John Shemwell38MWTN

We think John 11 is only 1. -b & d Notes: William Ellis-Asst. Marshall P-389

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Mary Demarious Gray
Mary Demarious Shemwell
about 1827196Tennessee, United States5-Unknown
Hiram Rice Shemwell
Henry Rice Shemwell
July 7, 1846177Tennessee, United States6August 11, 188513839Stewart, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
John Paul Shemwell
about 1815208Illinois, United States6after 188014365-Unknown
John Thomas Shemwell
May 1849174Stewart, Tennessee, United States9April 15, 19418291Houston, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
William Alexander Shemwell
about 1825198Illinois, United States5between 1870 and 187515345-Unknown
Susan Jemimah Whatley
Susan Jemimah Shemwell
1782241Georgia, United States6about 185317071Stewart, Tennessee, United States-Unknown