The Shemwell Family

1880 United States - Census transcript - John Thomas Shemwell - Household

Shared note 1880 United States - Census transcript - John Thomas Shemwell - Household

Dist. 7 Dover, Stewart, Tennessee, United States

Shemwell, Thos.WM31headTN
Shemwell, LizzieWF27wifeTNNCTN
Shemwell, LuellaWF9daughterTNTNTN
Shemwell, LutherWM6sonTNTNTN
Shemwell, GeorgeWM3sonTNTNTN
Shemwell, WF1daughterTNTNTN

Notes: Enem. by W. M. McElroy Daughter 1 yo. no name.. Florence is in the 1900 census as 19 yo.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Angie Elizabeth “Bettie” McElroy
Angie Elizabeth Shemwell
about 1853170Stewart, Tennessee, United States8before 189512842-Unknown
George Shemwell
about 1877146Stewart, Tennessee, United States0-Unknown
John Thomas Shemwell
May 1849174Stewart, Tennessee, United States9April 15, 19418291Houston, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
Luella “Ella” Shemwell
Luella Kelly
Luella Hager
January 1871152Erin, Houston, Tennessee, United States519645993Obion, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
Luther Edgar Shemwell
September 24, 1874149Tennessee, United States2August 8, 19358860Paris, Henry, Tennessee, United States-Unknown
Sarah Florence Shemwell
Sarah Florence Weaks
December 23, 1879143Stewart, Tennessee, United States5August 1, 19586578Stewart, Tennessee, United States-Unknown