The Shemwell Family

1850 United States - Census transcript - John McGehee - Household

Shared note 1850 United States - Census transcript - John McGehee - Household

Union, Conway, Arkansas

John McGeheehead50MWFarmerNC
Milly McGeheewife35FWMO
Emeline McGeheedaughter14FWMO
Nancy McGeheedaughter12FWMO
Joseph McGeheeson7MWAR
Tennessee McGeheedaughter5MWAR
Ranson McGeheeson3MWAR
Thomas McGeheeson2MWAR

Next door to father

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Milly McGehee
about 1815208Missouri, United States7about 185816543-Unknown
Emaline McGehee
Emaline Johnson
Emaline Tilley
April 7, 1837186Wayne, Missouri, United States6September 11, 189912462Conway, Arkansas, United States-Unknown
John McGehee
1800223North Carolina, United States9about January 187514875Conway, Arkansas, United States-Unknown
Joseph McGehee
about 1843180Arkansas, United States0-Unknown
Nancy Adaline McGehee
Nancy Adaline McKee
about 1838185Missouri, United States0-Unknown
Ransom B McGehee
May 3, 1846177Conway, Arkansas, United States5January 30, 191810571Aplin, Perry, Arkansas, United States-Unknown
Tennessee McGehee
Tennessee Pruitt
Tennessee Durham
March 18, 1843180Arkansas, United States9December 1, 191810575Arkansas, United States-Unknown
Thomas McGehee
about 1848175Arkansas, United States0December 10, 186415816Arkansas, United States-Unknown